Know Everything about Electric Buses in India

Electric buses or e-buses are the new faces of an advanced public transport system that is constantly working towards reducing the pollution. The rise of electric vehicles in India is a move towards a sustainable and green future. 

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Why Electric Buses are the New Buzz in the Town?

Electric vehicles have gained popularity and achieved new heights of success by introducing several models in every segment and people have also started accepting them. From electric scooters to electric buses, automobile companies have launched all kinds of electric vehicles in India.

The Indian electric buses will soon grow and grab the attention of daily travellers as the central government is putting all its efforts to launch them on roads to be used as public transport. As per the recent statement of Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the Minister for Road Transport & Highways of India, soon, the price of electric vehicles will be equal to the price of any petrol-diesel engine vehicles.

Features of Indian Electric Bus 

Public transportation is one of the most crucial problems in India. To solve this problem, automobile manufacturers of India are launching electric-powered buses for a sustainable future. Some of the features of the Indian transportation system after the introduction of the electric bus are the following-

  • Nickel–metallic hydride (NMC) batteries are gaining huge popularity because they are a renewable source of energy and promote a greener environment.
  • The Government of India is working effortlessly to expand the market with e-buses. 
  • The Northern states are showing interest in buying electric buses. However, the Southern states have already witnessed the power of e-vehicles. 
  • Indian auto manufacturers are launching e-buses with longer running hours and high-powered engines.

Current Market Trend of Electric Buses in India 

As per the JBM Auto’s Fiscal Year 20 Annual Report, India's bus utilisation rate is less than 2 buses per 1000 individuals, and it is believed to boom in the coming years. 

During National E-Mobility Mission 2011, the plan for the fastest introduction and production (commonly known as FAME I) was launched aiming at the growth of affordable, reliable, and efficient electric vehicles. 

In the year 2019, the authorities launched Phase II under which Rs 10 Crore was financed for the next three years to grow this electric vehicle sector. 

According to the research, if 4 out of 10 buses sold are electric buses, our nation will emerge as the second-largest e-bus market globally by 2030. 

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Best 5 Electric Bus Manufacturers of India 

Below is the list of top electric bus manufacturers in India with their successful models-

1. Ashoka Leyland Limited 

Ashoka Leyland is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturer and has become popular for its famous electric-power buses. This automobile company was launched in 1948 with the name Ashoka Motors, and later they renamed it, Ashoka Leyland, in 1955.

In the year 2016, they launched their first electric-powered bus giving tough competition to many international automakers. 

Specifications of Ashoka Versa EV Electric Bus

Seating- 44 + Driver Seat

Engine Type- Magtec P144 zero-emission electric engine 

Maximum Torque- (NM@RPM)- 600@500

Maximum Output- (HP@RPM)- 200@500

2. Tata Motors Limited 

Tata Motors is a leading global automobile manufacturer founded by Mr. Ratan Tata. The current value of Tata is around $35 billion, and they have expertise in designing cars, buses, SUVs, trucks, and military vehicles. 

Tata Motors has launched its first 35-seater Tata Starbus electric AC bus in India. 

Specifications of Tata Starbus EV 4/12 AC 

Seating- 35 + Driver Seat

Maximum Power- 328 HP

Maximum Speed- 75kmph

3. Deccan Auto Limited 

Deccan Auto Limited is India's first Telangana-based automaker that manufactures buses, trucks, electric buses, and other commercial vehicles. The company is located in Hyderabad and produces 3000 buses a year. 

Deccan Auto Limited launched its SKYPARK Electric Bus which gained huge popularity. 

Specifications of Deccan Auto SKYPARK Electric Bus

Seating- 36 + Driver Seat

GVW (KG)- 16200 

Length(Meter)- 12 

4. JBM Motors Limited 

JBM Motors Limited is one of the top electric vehicle manufacturers in India. Their electric buses are designed with new technology that aims at delivering convenience, high quality, and excellent safety features. Their JBM Ecolife Electric Bus model is running successfully because of its utility and performance to reduce pollution. 

Specifications of JBM Ecolife Electric Bus

Seating- 42 + Driver Seat

Battery Type- Advance lithium-ion liquid-cooled battery type

Length (Meter)- 12 

5. Eicher Motor Limited 

Eicher Motors is the flagship automobile firm of the Eicher Group and is a leader in the Indian automotive industry. They manufacture all types of commercial vehicles, including e-buses. They launched their first electric bus named Skyline Pro which is popular in the Indian market.

Specifications of Eicher Skyline Pro 

Seating- 25-60 seats, including driver's seat

Maximum Torque- (NM@RPM)- 400@1400-1600

Maximum Power- (BPH@RPM)- 90@2600

Importance of Insuring Your Electric Buses

The Indian automobile sector is booming with the rise of electric buses on the roads. With the latest models, features, and technology they are attracting many potential buyers. Also, the government is working restlessly to increase its production at a mass level.

As per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandated for all commercial vehicle owners to have at least third-party commercial vehicle insurance online. Not having a valid bus insurance policy can lead you into trouble. 

An electric bus is a prized possession that needs to be protected from several risks. As an electric bus owner, you can buy a comprehensive bus insurance policy that gives you cover in case of an accident, damages to the bus due to natural calamities or man-made disasters, theft, total loss, fire, and third-party liabilities.

Many commercial vehicle insurance companies are offering customised plans as per your budget. Also, to know the bus insurance cost, you must do a bit of research, and find appropriate bus insurance plans that suit your need & your e-bus in the best possible way.


The future of electric buses or any electric vehicle in India will witness a boom. In case you are planning to buy an electric bus, this article will help you. Also, you must adopt a technology that is constantly working towards the betterment of the environment. 

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