Top 6 Best Agriculture Thresher Machine With Price In India

Mechanisation in farming has resulted in the extensive use of threshers by the Indian farmers. Thresher is a primary farming machine that is used to remove seeds from husks & straws and thresh the grains. Also, it threshes other crops like maize, beans, wheat, peas, etc. To find the best thresher machines, read the article along with the tractor insurance policy to protect your farming implements from several risks.

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Significance of Thresher

There are several types of threshers available as per the crop type, functional components, and threshing cylinders. A thresher is machinery that makes the process easier, convenient, produces quality, and saves time. It threshes the ears, separates the cover, and cleans impurities from the grains. The cleaned grains are transferred to separate containers with the help of elevators. So, basically, threshers have simplified the working of farmers and automated a job that was once labour intensive.

Top 6 Farming Threshers in India

Here is a list of the top 6 farming threshers models in India. Have a look and choose them according to your preferences.

1. Swaraj P-550 Multicrop

Swaraj is one of the well-established farming equipment manufacturing brands in India. Swaraj P-550 is a multi-crop thresher brand offering effective working capacity and enhanced productivity. The thresher is equipped with a 40 HP tractor engine, therefore, it works efficiently with the same HP tractor. Moreover, to clean the machine it has an Oscillating 3-stage Sieve cleaning system.

Unfortunately, farmers are extremely exposed to natural calamities and it can increase their financial stress. With a help of the right tractor insurance policy, you can protect multiple farming implements attached to your tractors like threshers, harvesters, reapers, cutters, etc.

2. Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra & Mahindra offers an M55 Mahindra thresher for paddy crops with a spike tooth type. It is categorised in post-harvesting activities with a power of 35-55 HP. It is one of the popular models in India with a semi-cylindrical type oscillating concave and centrifugal type fan. It also has four blades. The Mahindra M55 thresher is an affordable thresher fulfilling all the needs of the farmers.

However, accidental damages to the tractor are common in India. Therefore, a farmer must have a standard tractor insurance policy to shield own damages (OD) caused to the tractor in a collision.

3. KS Group Thresher

The KS Group thresher is a paddy crop thresher perfect for the 45 HP tractor model. The threshers are available in a budget-friendly price range so that all the marginal farmers can buy them. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable speed to make farmer’s work more manageable.

Generally, tractors used for agriculture are insured under the goods carrying commercial insurance category. With the rise in the number of tractor accidents, it is essential to insure it is on time.

4. Landforce Harambha Thresher

The Landforce Harambha thresher is multi-functional machinery suitable for large-scale farmers or vast land areas. This thresher model is more demanded among the farmers due to its availability of customisation. It is also categorised under the post-harvester for wheat crops. It has 2-3 blades to remove the seeds from stalks. The thresher is one of the modern machines designed to give profitable output and is offered in an affordable price range.

However, to protect your tractor and its implements, you should buy a comprehensive tractor insurance policy. For further help, you can visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited to compare and choose from different commercial vehicle insurance plans provided by different commercial vehicle insurance companies and choose a plan that suits you the best.

5. Dashmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher 

Dashmesh 641 is a paddy thresher that is categorised under the post-harvesting category. It is equipped with a 35 HP power engine and consumes around 2 litres of fuel per ton. The machine is durable and ensures enhanced productivity with 1-1.5 per hour metric ton of the total output. It has many attractive features that make it more demanding among the farmers. Also, it is available in a budget-friendly price bracket. 

To protect your tractor and its implements from accidental damages or other common occurrences, you must buy a comprehensive tractor insurance policy.

6. Dashmesh 423 – Maize Thresher

As the name suggests, the Dashmesh 423 is one of the most popular thresher machines designed for maize crops. The machine is equipped with a powerful engine of 35 HP and is compatible with the same tractor model. It has 2 blowers to produce an output of 4000-6000 kg/hour.

If you are looking for an affordable option, this thresher model fits in the farmer’s budget. However, you must buy goods carrying vehicle insurance to protect them from unforeseen circumstances.

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A thresher is an important attachment used by farmers to separate the small crops or seeds from their straw and chaff. To make your next purchase successful, you can refer to the above-mentioned thresher models. Moreover, opt for a comprehensive tractor insurance policy to safeguard your tractor and its implements from several risks that might arise at any time.

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