Non-Polluting E-Rickshaws Leading the EV Revolution in India

With increasing pollution levels and depleting resources like petrol and diesel, there is a dire need for groundbreaking innovations in the Indian automobile industry. One such innovation that is gaining momentum these days is the introduction of electric rickshaws in India. These environment-friendly three-wheelers due to their eco-friendliness are set to lead the electric revolution in India.

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The Emergence of Electric Rickshaws in India

Emergence of Electric Rickshaw

Starting gaining popularity in 2011, India is now a home to 1.5 million e-rickshaws spread across the country. Due to their low maintenance cost, eco-friendly nature and higher efficiency, e-rickshaws have become an essential part of the Indian mobility ecosystem. Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities like Lucknow, Dehradun, Ranchi, Varanasi, etc have been contributing the most to the EV revolution brought by these e-rickshaws in India.

Moreover, these battery-operated rickshaws have also become last-mile commuters for people in Tier 1 cities like Delhi, Gurugram and Noida.

Since their inception in India, India's fleet of e-rickshaw has surpassed all the electric cars sold in China. The emergence of e-rickshaw manufacturing companies has also increased since then. When compared with auto-rickshaws, these e-rickshaws have many advantages. Some of these include lower fuel costs, less manpower, lightweight, environment-friendly, affordable costs and more.

Thus, electric rickshaws are proving to be a successful substitute for petrol/diesel-driven autos thus leading to a greener, pollution-free India.

How are E-Rickshaws Contributing to EV Revolution in India?

Electric rickshaws are already leading the commercial EV market in India. They are not only eco-friendly but also have several factors contributing to this new-age wave of electric vehicles. These benefits are:

Zero Pollution

 Zero Pollution

One of the biggest reasons why electric rickshaws are gaining popularity is their environmental friendly nature. Since e-rickshaws use batteries instead of petroleum or diesel, they practically create no smoke and no pollution. Amazing, isn't it?

Moreover, with less usage of depleting resources like petrol and diesel, these e-rickshaws also pave the way for a better, cleaner future.

Driving an e-rickshaw that is contributing to a sustainable ecosystem can prove to be a trendsetter in one of the highest polluted cities.

Low Maintenance Cost

When it comes to maintaining an e-rickshaw you are required to pay a very meagre amount. E-rickshaws are operated by Li-ion batteries that can be charged at any time thus making them a low-maintenance vehicle. It does not require expensive fuels like petrol and diesel. Moreover, the batteries are available almost anywhere at a very nominal cost. Thus, the use of batteries in e-rickshaws makes them a lot cheaper than usual auto-rickshaws.

Also, as per the IRDAI guidelines, electric vehicles enjoy a 15% discount when insured. Thus, you will also be charged a lesser premium when you purchase e-rickshaw insurance for your three-wheeler.

Cheaper Cost

With the growing demand for e-rickshaws in India, the EV market in India is also gaining momentum. A large number of manufacturers like Mahindra, Bajaj, and Piaggio alongwith some indigenous manufacturers like Yatri, J.S. Auto, Mayuri, etc. have started selling different types of e-rickshaw at really affordable costs. You can buy an e-rickshaw in India for as low as Rs. 1,50,000 which is an affordable purchase.

Thus, another major reason why electric rickshaws are ready to set a trend in the Indian EV industry is their higher availability and cheaper cost.

Low-Cost Livelihood

Driving e-Rickshaw

Due to their low operating cost and cheaper rates, e-rickshaws have become a major mode of transport for commuters. Owning an e-rickshaw is a lot profitable as they do not require petrol or diesel to run.

Moreover, e-rickshaws are also a great source of income for wage earners who cannot afford to buy an auto-rickshaws or any other passenger-carrying vehicle.

Due to their increasing popularity in small and big cities alike, e-rickshaws have become a favourable choice for passengers and high income earning mode of transport for owners.

Rechargeable Batteries

Imagine driving a vehicle with batteries that you can recharge anywhere and anytime. You can easily charge these batteries after shorter periods at your home or in a nearby EV charging station at a very low cost.

Recently manufactured e-rickshaws have also become more advanced with features like double chassis, heavy-duty shockers, alloy wheels, metal roof with a carrier and no combustion engine making them a better alternative for the Indian transport system.

Comfortable Drive

Comfortable Drive

An electric rickshaw is also very suitable for congested Indian roads and offers a comfortable drive to both drivers and passengers. Its affordability, higher efficiency and durability make it a significant investment.

Moreover, with the introduction of passenger-carrying and cargo-carrying e-rickshaws, these electric vehicles can be used for commercial businesses as well. They run on batteries, emit no smoke, and their open structure makes it a more user-friendly vehicle.

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E-Rickshaws: Powering India’s EV Revolution

Due to modernisation, pollution and climatic change, e-rickshaws can prove to be a great option in bringing a balance to the ecosystem. They are not only efficient in terms of cost, but also emit no smoke thus reducing pollution to a great extent. Thus, promoting this source of transport can be beneficial in promoting the much-needed EV revolution in our country.

Moreover, due to their diverse benefits, if you are looking to buy this vehicle, you must also consider purchasing a commercial vehicle insurance policy for it. You can simply compare insurance quotes of the best commercial vehicle insurance companies on and choose the desired plan for your three-wheeler.

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