Tata Ace Gold Vs Mahindra Supro Mini Trucks

As per the increasing demand for mini-trucks, the logistics industry has become the most profit-making business. However, several questions are associated with it, and one of the crucial questions is the selection of the right vehicle for the business and commercial vehicle insurance to protect your precious possession from several risks. Read on to find a comparative study between the Tata Ace Gold versus Mahindra Supro Minitruck, the most popular mini-truck models in the industry.

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Mahindra Supro Minitruck VS Tata Ace Gold

Features Mahindra Supro Minitruck Tata Ace Gold
Engine power 26 HP 30 HP
Fuel tank capacity 30 Liter 26 Liter
Engine norms BS-VI BS-VI
Maximum torque 58 NM 55 NM
Engine cylinder 2 2
Payload capacity 900 KG 750 KG
Ground clearance 170 MM 160 MM
Length 3927 MM 3800 MM
Width 1540 MM 1500 MM
Height 1915 MM 1840 MM
Wheelbase 1950 MM 2100 MM
Brakes type Disc or drum brakes Disc or drum brakes
Parking brakes Yes Yes
Front suspension Leaf spring 8 Parabolic leaf spring
Rear suspension Leaf spring 7 Semi-elliptical leaf spring
Gearbox 4-speed gear type GBS 65-5 S
Transmission Manual Manual
Price Rs 5.24 – 5.51 lakh Rs 4.41 – 5.47 lakh

Both of these models deliver exemplary power and reliability. This is why they have become the most demanded models in the transportation business. Below we have discussed the features, so you can compare their specifications, mileage, and features.

  1. Engine

    Both the models have a power-packed engine and are very popular in the mini-truck segment. These truck models are suitable for rough terrain, and that's how they have become the top competitors in their mini truck categories.

    In Mahindra Supro Minitruck, you can get a 26 HP power engine with the four-stroke DI, TCICI engine, and 2 cylinders. On the other hand, Tata Ace Gold has a 30 HP power engine with the 275 Gasoline MPFI 4 strokes to generate 55 NM of torque. Both models are running as per the BS-VI norms and deliver enhanced performance at low maintenance.

    The payload capacity of Tata Ace Gold is 750 KG and 26 liters of fuel tank capacity. Whereas Mahindra Supro Minitruck has a maximum payload capacity of 900 KG and a fuel tank capacity of 30 liters.

    However, to protect both the mini-trucks, you must have commercial vehicle insurance. It gives extensive financial protection from several unpredicted road emergencies.

  2. Dimensions of the Minitruck

    Mahindra Supro and Tata Ace Gold come with a robust and spacious cabin to transport goods on short and long distances. The Supro is designed with 3927 lengths, 1540 width, 1915 MM height, and a wheelbase of 1950 MM. It has a GVW of 1975 KG and has a ground clearance of 177 MM. While the Ace Gold has a length of 3800 MM, a height of 1840, a width of 1500, and a wheelbase of 2100 MM. The GVW of this model is 1615 KG and ground clearance of 160 MM. However, both models deliver a speed of 60 KMS - 80 KMS with a full load capacity.

    Moreover, you must insure your Supro with the best Mahindra insurance policy and Ace Gold with a Tata insurance policy to financially protect them from unforeseen damages like theft, total loss, accidents, natural or man-made disasters, etc.

  3. Transmission

    The Ace Gold is equipped with a GBS 65-5S type gearbox for smooth transmission on hilly or steep roads. For fast and easy comeback, it has steering type variable-ratio (23.1 to 28.9:1) and 380 MM dia. On the other hand, Supro has a 4-speed gearbox and manual steering type to transport goods.

  4. Brakes Suspension

    Mahindra Supro Mini is equipped with disc/drum brakes for faster response. It has leaf spring 8 types of front suspension and leaf spring 7 types of the rear suspension to deliver comfort to the driver.

    Whereas, the Tata Ace Gold has C51 caliper disc brakes, 200 MM dia x 30 MM drum brakes, and parking brakes to give super power while driving. It has parabolic leaf spring types front suspension and semi-elliptical leaf spring type rear suspension.

    However, the Supro suspension gives great stability between frames and wheels, and the Ace Gold is suitable for performing multiple tasks like road handling, cushioning, and stabilization.

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With high mileage and a spacious cabin, both models offer higher satisfaction to the consumer. With the above-discussed comparative study, now you can easily analyze the difference between these two models. However, if you are planning to buy any of these models, obtain commercial vehicle insurance to cover from several associated risks.

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