Tips for Buying a Second-hand Tractor: Used Tractor Buying Guide!

A tractor plays a significant role in India's agriculture development. However, it is difficult for a marginal farmer to buy a brand new tractor due to the high cost involved. That is why we have come up with a list of tips that will be helpful for you in getting the best second-hand tractor along with the significance of obtaining tractor insurance for it.

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8 Tips for Buying Used Tractor in India

Buying a tractor is different than buying any other light-duty four-wheeler. The money invested in your tractor will be a lifelong investment. In the below paragraphs, some essential tips are mentioned for buying a tractor that will work well for you-

Decide the Type of Tractor You Need

In India, there are four types of tractors available in the market and you must know the type of tractor you need.

  1. Row Crop Tractors-If you are into a large crop production business, you should choose this type of tractor. Some of the characteristics of these trucks include taller tyres for ground clearance. Their muscular design helps them to haul various farming tools with so much ease.
  2. 4WD Tractors-A four-wheel-drive tractor is perfect for pilling planting and tillage farming implements. They are also known as general-purpose tractors and are usually utilised for leveling rough terrain.
  3. Utility Tractors-Huge and packed with immense power, these are the specialty of utility tractors. Also, these are suitable for hay production, livestock, and excavations.
  4. Mini Tractors:These tractors are small in size than any conventional tractors. Also, these are widely used for nursery work or landscaping.
  1. Farm Size

    The farm size is one of the crucial factors in deciding which second-hand tractor you should buy. If you have a large land area, it means you will require powerful machinery to get the best out of it.

    However, if you are looking for machinery to assist in nursery work or landscaping, you must opt for a mini truck.

    Moreover, you must also decide how much horsepower you need. If you are looking for a tractor that can perform a heavy task, it is recommended to buy a tractor with more than 45 HP because they are more eligible to perform those tasks.

    However, if you are looking for machinery that can perform basic mowing operations, then go for a tractor with horsepower ranging from 25-30.

  2. Look for a Brand Name

    Even when you are buying a second-hand tractor, you should always look for those brands that have goodwill in the market. Also, ensure their customer support is brilliant.

    Always choose a trustworthy brand because it will help you in avoiding a lot of hustle. Some of the popular brands in the Indian market are-

      1. Mahindra & Mahindra
      2. Swaraj Tractors
      3. Escorts Kubota Limited
      4. John Deere
      5. Sonalika Tractors

    They satisfy their customers with A-one quality and excellent services.

  3. Must Check the Tractor Thoroughly

    It is always advised to check the physical condition of the tractor wisely. Invest your time in inspecting its body, tyres conditions, driver's seat, cabin, rim damage, indicators & headlights, etc. Other than these, check the interior of the tractor as well.

    You must pay utmost attention to other aspects, including- engine leakage, brake clutches & gears, steering lock, battery life, usage hours, greasing & oiling, etc.

  4. Take a Test Drive Before Buying

    When you conduct a test drive, you get to know more things about a vehicle. Therefore, you must go on a test drive before making the deal.

    You must check things like- abnormal smoke from the engine or any unwanted noise from the tractor. If you are not an expert in this, then you must take an individual who has knowledge in this field or an expert technician.

  5. Check Proper Documentation

    While buying a second-hand tractor, do not forget to ensure all the required documents like-

      1. RC of the tractor
      2. Original invoices
      3. Commercial vehicle insurance policy documents
      4. Tax payment receipts

    In case of any missing documents, it is impossible to transfer the ownership.

  6. Transfer Tractor Insurance Policy to New Owner

    One of the crucial tips for buying a used tractor is that the seller has all the documents, including a tractor insurance policy.There are instances where the new owner of the used tractor had not received the claim amount for the raised claim because the policy was still in the name of the previous owner.

    As per the law, it is mandatory to transfer the insurance policy from the previous owner to the new owner's name. However, some do not adhere to this clause and end up paying hefty fines from their pocket. Even they bear all the financial losses in case of any unwanted mishap.

    In case, the policy is expired or lapsed, you must buy a new online tractor insurance policy. Find the best commercial vehicle insurance company on the internet.

    Moreover, you can also visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited. There you can find the best goods carrying vehicle insurance that protects you from any wanted financial losses that might occur in an accident or mishap.

  7. Check the Dealer Support

    A second-hand tractor might need to be serviced with an authorised dealer. You must ensure the nearby dealers in your locality for it. You can also surf the internet to find the best dealer in your locality.

Summing It Up

Make sure you keep all the above-mentioned points in your mind before buying a second-hand tractor. Always choose a tractor that is efficient enough and fulfills all your needs. Also, do not forget to transfer the RC and tractor insurance documents in your name from the previous owner.

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