Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Pickup Truck Insurance 

As the owner of a pickup truck, you need additional protection according to the type of business you run. Selecting a perfect pickup truck insurance policy at an affordable price can be challenging. Read the below tips for buying pickup truck insurance to make a firm decision. Also, we have discussed the pickup truck insurance coverages to give a broad idea about this kind of commercial vehicle insurance.

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Significance of Pickup Truck Insurance 

A pickup truck insurance is a commercial vehicle insurance policy that financially protects various business functions like pick-ups, delivery purposes, and goods transportation. Pickup truck insurance plays a vital role in any kind of transport or delivery business. Also, it protects the commercial vehicle from any damages or loss caused due to crashes, accidents, collisions, natural or man-made calamities, fire explosions, and thefts.

Pickup Truck Insurance Coverages 

Your pickup truck insurance policy covers different aspects, depending upon its utility. To understand this better, we have an example- third-party pickup insurance will only cover the cost of repairs for another driver if you cause an accident, but will not compensate you for repairing your own vehicle. Whereas a comprehensive insurance policy will give extensive protection in case of an accident or any other mishap.

If you're a pickup truck owner and using it for work, you'll need to invest in commercial vehicle insurance. There are different types of pickup truck insurance that you can choose according to your need and budget. It also includes cargo coverage to protect those goods that you transport throughout the day. 

The pickup insurance plan that you are looking for must have the following types of coverage:

  • Physical damage coverage - It covers collision damage if your vehicle is ever involved in rollovers, an accident, or is stolen.
  • Liability coverage - This type of coverage includes combined bodily injury and property damage. Also, it assists you in paying for medical bills for the treatment of third-party, if you are at fault.
  • Uninsured or underinsured rider coverage - It also provides coverage if you get into an accident with an uninsured or underinsured rider.
  • Trailer coverage - It separately covers any liability or risks for trailers or loaders attached to your pickup.

7 Tips for Buying Pickup Truck Insurance 

In the above paragraph, we have discussed four types of coverage that you can choose from- liability coverage, physical damage coverage, trailer coverage, and uninsured or underinsured motorist.

While buying pickup truck insurance, you are more flexible. You can choose any type of coverage including all or add a combination according to your need, knowing that adding more types of coverage will increase your insurance premium. So we suggest you buy an insurance policy that provides you maximum coverage, and you do not have to spend extra money from your own pocket during an unwanted event.

Below we have mentioned a few tips to keep in mind while buying insurance for a pickup truck-

1. Keep in Mind the Liability Premiums 

Pickup trucks are more expensive than cars and have higher Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW). Therefore, if these trucks are ever involved in an accident, the insurer often has to pay out more than they usually pay for the regular car. That's why liability premiums for these trucks are high, and as a driver, you must keep this in mind before buying the insurance. 

2. Maintain Clean Driving History

The tip to avail an affordable insurance rate is to ensure clean driving records. Make sure to avoid harsh driving and always follow traffic rules. If you are running a business, then hire a driver with clean driving history and safe driving habits. This is one of the best ways to ensure safety for your employees, yourself, and others on the road.

3. Consider Collision Premiums 

Comprehensive and collision coverages for an older pickup can be cheaper than for the coverages of a new pickup. The reason behind this is older trucks may not have many things to replace in case of loss.

However, if it is a new truck then get ready to pay an expensive collision premium in your insurance policy. 

4. Ask for the Discounts 

Taking advantage of discounts from your insurer is a great tip before buying pickup truck insurance. Factors that might influence the discount are- having a valid commercial driving license, establishing a stable business, a good credit score, and purchasing bundled policies.

5. Type of Cargo

Another important tip is to choose the type of cargo according to the business type. The weight and type of cargo affect the insurance coverage and thus its price. The more unsafe or heavy the load, the more damage it might impose in the event of an accident. 

6. The Scale of Operation 

The scale of operation decides the insurance premium rate. Those drivers who use their pickup trucks for longer distances have to pay a higher insurance premium. As long-distance drivers spend more time behind the wheels, which results in exhaustion, thus increasing your risk of getting involved in any road mishap. 

7. Role of the GVW 

Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) plays a vital role in deciding the insurance premium. Many insurance companies may not allow your new pickup to be insured under a personal motor insurance policy because of GVW. Therefore, it becomes necessary to check the GVW of the truck before buying. Also, depending on the GVW of the pickup, it may need to be insured under the commercial vehicle insurance policy category. 


Before buying any type of coverage under your pickup truck insurance consider factors like the characteristics of your pickup truck and your driving habits. Also, know the type of truck, type of cargo, and distance to be travelled. All these will contribute to how much you end up paying your insurance premium.

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