Top 5 Electric Truck Models in India

In recent years, we have seen a sudden shift toward the demand for electric vehicles. Many heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers have already started working towards this sustainable concept as it has gained a spotlight in the Indian market. In this article, you can find a list of the top five electric truck models in India for making your purchase successful.

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Electric Trucks in Indian Market

There are different electric trucks available, including mini trucks, three-wheelers, auto-rickshaws, pick-ups, and more. They use batteries to run and are designed to transport goods from one place to another. An electric truck is highly efficient and majorly works on controlling air pollution.

In India, electric trucks are in limelight and the government is also taking steps to increase its sale. Moreover, the rise in its demand is because it is eco-friendly and as per a recent statement made by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, the price of electric vehicles will come down to the level of petrol-diesel engine vehicles.

Therefore, all the heavy-duty manufacturers are pushing hard to stand in the competition by launching their electric truck range, which includes electric auto-rickshaws, pick-ups, mini-trucks, etc.

5 Most Popular Electric Truck Models in India

India is voluntarily adopting electric vehicles as their daily mode of transport. Several renowned automobile manufacturers in India are launching different types of electric trucks at the best price to attract buyers. Below we have mentioned a list of the 5 most popular electric trucks and explained their features further.

  1. Tata ULTRA T.7

    Tata ULTRA T.7 is an electric truck, launched by Tata Motors. It became popular for its exceptional quality material used to design it as a commercial vehicle.

    This model produces 98 HP power and higher torque which is sufficient to perform many functions. It has 3692 kg of payload capacity and also follows BS-VI emission norms.

    The truck is equipped with air brakes and parking brakes. It also has power steering with a gearbox. Also, it has leaf springs with parabolic auxiliary rear suspension and parabolic springs with anti rollbar front suspension.

    Specifications of Tata ULTRA T.7

    Categories Specifications
    Battery Charging Time 2 hours
    GVW 7490 kg
    Wheelbase 3550 mm
    Battery Capacity 62.5 kWh
    Payload 3692 kg
    Number of Tyres 6
    Transmission Automatic
    Price ₹ 15,29,000 onwards
  2. Piaggio Ape E-city

    Piaggio Ape E-city is a fixed battery auto rickshaw manufactured with advanced technology by Piaggio House. It also comes under the electric truck category and generates 29 NM of torque to perform many applications.

    The specifications of Piaggio Ape E-city are 2700 mm in length, 1370 mm in width, 1725 mm in height, and the wheelbase of 1920 mm.Moreover, it has a handlebar steering with a gearbox.

    Specifications of Piaggio Ape E-city

    Categories Specifications
    Engine Type Electric Motor
    GVW 689 kg
    Wheelbase 1920 mm
    Maximum Torque 29 nm
    Maximum Speed 45 kmph
    Number of Tyres 3
    Transmission Constant mesh 2 stage reduction with integrated differential constant
    Price ₹ 1,97,000 onwards
  3. Mahindra E-supro Cargo Van

    This electric truck is an exceptional performer generating 33 horsepower with the cylinder and 3-ph launched by Mahindra & Mahindra. This mini truck can carry 600 kg of payload and is an excellent performer.

    This electric cargo mini truck is 3798 mm in length, 1922 mm in height, 1540 mm in width, and has a wheelbase of 1950 mm. Along with it, it comes with drum brakes.

    Specifications of Mahindra E-supro Cargo Van Mini Truck

    Categories Specifications
    Battery Charging Time 8 hours and 30 minutes
    GVW 1920 kg
    Wheelbase 1950 mm
    Battery Capacity 200 kwh
    Payload 600 kg
    Number of Tyres 4
    Emission Norms BS-VI
    Price ₹ 8,45,000 onwards
  4. Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler

    The all-new Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler has 10 horsepower and the engine type is an advanced IP67 rated electric motor. This three-wheeler electric truck has a payload capacity of 550 kg and works effectively.

    This electric model truck by Mahindra generates 42 NM of torque and is used to transport various cargo. Besides, it has hydraulic brakes, damper, helical spring, rigid axle with leaf spring rear suspension, and hydraulic shock absorber front suspension. It also has a customisable body option and a day cabin.

    Specifications of Mahindra Treo Zor 3 Wheeler

    Categories Specifications
    Engine Type Advanced IP67 rated electric motor
    GVW 995 kg
    Wheelbase 2216 mm
    Maximum Torque 42 nm
    Maximum Speed 125 kmph
    Payload 550 kg
    Number of Tyres 3
    Transmission Direct drive technology
    Price ₹ 3,77,000 onwards
  5. Euler Hiload EV X Three Wheeler

    Euler Hiload EV X three-wheeler generates 9 horsepower and has a payload capacity of 688 kg. Its steering type has a handlebar which is very popular in all the three-wheelers auto-rickshaws in India. It has one forward and one reverse gearbox.

    The Euler Hiload EV X three-wheeler is designed with reinforced sheet metal and has chassis with a cabin.

    Specifications of Euler Hiload EV X Three Wheeler

    Categories Specifications
    GVW 1413 kg
    Wheelbase 2200 mm
    Maximum Speed 42 kmph
    Payload 688 kg
    Number of Tyres 3
    Transmission Automatic
    Price ₹ 3,50,000 onwards

Do You Need Truck Insurance Policy for Your Electric Truck?

We have understood that electric vehicles operate very differently compared to any petrol or diesel fuel type of vehicle. As per the law, all commercial vehicles, including electric trucks, must have at least a third-party liability truck insurance policy under the online commercial vehicle insurance policy. If you do not hold any mandatory third-party truck insurance coverage for your electric truck, it can lead to hefty monetary penalties.

However, having this plan will protect the own-damages to the insured electric truck. That is why it is always a good idea to opt for a truck insurance policy since it offers the benefits of both plans i.e. third-party insurance and own damage (OD) cover, under your online commercial vehicle insurance.


If you were seeking powerful electric truck models in India, this is the perfect time to make your next purchase a great success. We have given above the five most popular electric trucks along with their price and specifications. Also, you must have a truck insurance policy to protect your electric truck from any financial burden that might arise due to unforeseen circumstances.

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