Top 5 Tata Light Commercial Vehicles In India – Price & Overview

Tata Motors is one of the popular and favourite commercial vehicle brands. It offers an extensive range of heavy-duty trucks and light commercial vehicles, including pick-ups and mini-trucks. In India, their light commercial vehicles are popularly known as 'Chota Haathi'.

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Top 5 Tata Light Commercial Vehicles

Currently, the company offers a wide range of Tata light commercial truck models. Here is a list of the top 5 models along with their features, specifications, and Tata Motors insurance price. 

1. Tata 407 Gold SFC 

In the list of pick-up trucks, the first is Tata 407 Gold SFC. This pick-up is categorised under the category of 4450 KG GVW with a large and comfortable day cabin. For driver's safety, it has seat belts and an adjustable D+1 seating configuration. It is perfect for hauling cargo in medium and long-distance travel within a state. Moreover, it is an ideal combination of power and torque to transport medium and heavy material. 

Specifications of Tata 407 Gold SFC 

Variants Available- Tata 407 Gold SFC 2955/FSD, CBC, and HDLB

  • Type of Engine – 4SPCR BS6
  • Engine Power – 98 HP
  • Wheelbase – 2955 MM
  • GVW – 4450 KG
  • Price Range – Rs 9.46 – 10.07 Lakh 

2. Tata Winger Cargo 

Tata Winger Cargo is a mini-truck for delivering outstanding performance with reliability and durability. It is available in a diesel engine and carries a payload of 1720 KG in any terrain without placing extra power. Also, it has a single plate dry friction of 215 diaphragm clutch that can be adjusted with a 5-speed gearbox. 

Specifications of Tata Winger Cargo

Variants Available- Tata Winger Cargo 3488/Cargo

  • Type of Engine – Tata 2.2L
  • Engine Power – 100 HP
  • Wheelbase – 3499 MM
  • GVW – 3490 KG
  • Price Range – Rs 8.00 – 8.20 Lakh 

3. Tata SFC 407 CNG 

The next on the list is Tata SFC 407 CNG. It is a 6-ton mini truck model with a powerful CNG engine and generates 270 NM@1200-1500 RPM. Moreover, it has a gearbox S27 synchromesh five forward and one reverse to deliver a relaxing driving experience at enhanced fuel economy. Additionally, it has a single plate dry friction of 280 MM diaphragm and recirculating ball type with sector and rack. 

Specifications of Tata SFC 407 CNG

  • Type of Engine – 3.8 SGI BS4
  • Engine Power – 83 HP
  • GVW – 5550 KG
  • Price Range – Rs 12.07 – 12.40 Lakh 

4. Tata 510 SFC TT 

Tata 510 SFC TT is a 5300 KG GVW pick-up truck ideal for transporting different types of light and medium-sized materials. It is equipped with a powerful engine, 280 MM diaphragm single plate dry friction type. You can enjoy sitting in a comfortable day cabin with a D+1 adjustable seating capacity. Moreover, it has power steering and vacuum-assisted brakes H2LS auto slack adjuster to control the speed of the pick-up and avoid slippage. 

Specifications of Tata 510 SFC TT 

Variants Available- Tata 510 SFC TT 3305/HDLB, FSD, and CBC

  • Type of Engine – 4SPCR
  • Engine Power – 98 HP
  • Wheelbase – 3305 MM
  • GVW – 5300 KG
  • Price Range – Rs 12.36 – 12.86 Lakh 

5. Tata 407 GOLD 33 WB RJ 

The last on the list is Tata 407 GOLD 33 WB RJ. It is an ideal pick-up truck of 4-5 ton GVW and is used to transport light & medium-sized cargo. Moreover, it follows BS6 emission norms with G400, manual synchromesh 5+1 speed gearbox, and PTOP. Similar to other models, it has a single plate dry friction type clutch in a 280 MM diaphragm.

Specifications of Tata GOLD 33 WB RJ

Variants Available- Tata GOLD 33 WB RJ/CBC, FSD, and HDLB

  • Type of Engine – 4SPCR
  • Engine Power – 98 HP
  • Wheelbase – 3305 MM
  • GVW – 4995 KG
  • Price Range – Rs 9.46 – 11.02 Lakh 

Tata Motors Insurance Price in India for Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs)

When you purchase a Tata light commercial vehicle, make sure you also buy at least a third-party commercial vehicle insurance policy as it is mandated by law. An insurance policy gives financial protection to the pick-up truck in case of any mishap. 

A pick-up truck for your business is an asset. Irrespective of taking all the safety measures, your vehicle is exposed to risks like theft, accidents, natural calamities, etc. Thus, it is recommended to insure your Tata pick-up with a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy  which includes third-party liabilities and own damages (OD).

The cost of insurance depends upon the type of plan. If you are buying a third-party insurance cover, it will cost you less than a comprehensive policy. Moreover, other factors such as location, consumables, deductibles, add-on cover, an engine of the pick-up, make & model, etc., also decide the Tata Motors insurance price for the pick-ups and mini trucks. 

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Tata Motors is the leading automobile manufacturer in the world. It offers a huge range of pick-up trucks and utility trucks. To make your purchase successful, you can use the above-mentioned list. Moreover, buy a commercial vehicle insurance policy to protect your truck from several risks. 

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