Top 7 E Rickshaw Manufacturers in India

In the crowded streets, e-rickshaws powered by batteries are offering livelihoods to thousands of people. Moreover, they are an economical means of transport in delivering goods, and commuting people from one place to another without any air pollution. So, if you own a few e-rickshaws as commercial vehicles and want to secure them from road risks, then you can check out the list of Best e rickshaw manufacturers in India along with an e rickshaw insurance policy for the desired financial cover against road accidents, fire, theft, etc.

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Best E Rickshaw Manufacturing Companies in India

Currently, 83% of the EV market in India is made up of e rickshaws. Check out the top 7 e rickshaw manufacturers in India-

  1. Mahindra Electric

    Mahindra & Mahindra is a leading and renowned brand in India in providing the best electrical solution. They introduced their first e rickshaw in 2010 by partnering with Reva Electric Car Company. Earlier it was named Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicle, but later it was changed to Mahindra Electric Mobility.

    Unfortunately, e rickshaws are extremely exposed to road accidents leading to a financial burden for the owner. With a help of the right e rickshaw insurance policy, you can protect it from several unforeseen road risks.

  2. Piaggio Vehicles

    Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited launched their first electric vehicle Ape in 1999 and gained a huge fan base with time. It is one of the popular brands stated by Rinaldo Piaggio and providing its services since 1884. They started with intra-city transportation and later made the presence in the EVs by offering electric three-wheelers and e rickshaws.

    However, accidental damages are very common on public roads. Therefore, e rickshaw owner must

    have a comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policy to shield your own damages (OD) caused to your e rickshaw in a collision.

  3. Atul Auto

    Atul Auto is one of the popular e rickshaw manufacturers in India. It is also listed in the list of the world’s top 5 three-wheeler brands. They started their journey in 1986 and also supply different vehicles, including auto-rickshaws and three-wheeler cargo. They have expanded their portfolio of electric public vehicles, including different models; Atul GEM Cargo, Atul Elite Cargo, Atul Shakti Cargo, and Atul Elite Plus.

    E rickshaws are used for carrying goods and materials and hence insured under the goods carrying commercial insurance category. With the rising number of crashes, you must insure them to avoid hefty fines and protect them from several damages.

  4. Jeeza Motors

    Jeeza Motors is one of the popular brands founded by the young entrepreneurs of Kolkata in 2014. They have an extensive product line and also an expanded dealer network in India. The company stands in the competition for its quality electric vehicles. Also, they are the supplier of e-rickshaws, spare parts for EVs, and two-wheelers approved & certified by i-CAT. Their product line includes the Jezza Super J1000, Jezza J1000, and Jeeza J1000 Prime.

    To protect your e rickshaw and its spare parts from accidental damages, you must buy a e-rickshaw insurance policy.

  5. Kinetic Green

    Kinetic Green offers intercity transport in India and has become a key player in this segment since 1972. The company offers the most innovative and excellent products. They have a wide range of products including, scooters, three-wheelers, e-cycles, and buggies. Also, other popular models are Kinetic DX and Kinetic Safar Smart.

    If you are looking for high-quality products, Kinetic Green’ e rickshaws are the best and available on a budget. However, you must opt goods carrying vehicle insurance to get adequate coverage.

  6. Udaan

    Udaan is a Delhi-based electric vehicle manufacturer launched in 2015. They have premium designs and wholesales a wide range of EVs, including three-wheelers and auto rickshaws. They deliver highly commendable quality e rickshaws. Also, they have highly powered and efficient e rickshaw models, such as Udaan e rickshaw, SN electric passenger e rickshaw, etc.

  7. Thukral Electric

    Thrukral Electric is another Delhi-based manufacturer started in 2014. They design, export, trade, and also supply spare parts and electric vehicles, including e rickshaws and electric three-wheelers. These are approved by iCAT and have a vast product line, including Thukral Electric Grand Stainless Steel, Thukral Electric DLX, etc.

    To protect your e rickshaw, you should buy a commercial vehicle insurance. For further help, you can visit the official website of Policybazaar Insurance Brokers Private Limited and choose multiple insurance plans offered by different insurers.

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Final Words

E rickshaws are the most flexible passenger transportation system and they utilise the renewable source of energy. Moreover, they are an integral part of the Indian public transport system. If you are planning to buy an e-rickshaw, you can refer to the above-mentioned brands for making your purchase successful. Also, do not forget to insure your e rickshaw with the best e rickshaw insurance policy.

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