Top Essential Truck Driver Safety Tips to Minimize Risk

As a trucker, you must ensure safe driving practices. In India, major road crashes happen because of not following the traffic rules or safety measures while driving. From wearing a seat belt when driving to having the right commercial vehicle insurance policy, there are a few tips that you must follow.

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10 Tips for Truck Drivers to Drive Safely 

Read on the best & safe truck driving practices to improve the overall driving style and keep safe others too on the road-

1. Wear Your Seatbelt

As per the forensic study conducted by the Road Safety Foundation, around 33% of deaths were caused by not wearing seatbelts. Being buckled up properly will help you prevent many injuries during a crash. In case you do not wear your seatbelt, you could be thrown out of the force leading to fatal death.

2. Do Not Use Mobile Phone While Driving

Using a mobile phone while driving is illegal in India. Avoid using a mobile phone while driving because it is distracting and dangerous for any driver. As a truck driver, you must focus only on the road and not distract yourself by looking at your mobile phone’s screen.

3. Check the Speed Limit

Every road has its own speed limit that all heavy-duty vehicle drivers must follow. To ensure safe driving, you must follow the speed limit mentioned on the signboard for trucks. Also, while driving on the highways you must look for other signs like- lane-changing, overtaking, the distance between vehicles, do not honk, checking mirrors, diversions, night driving, breakdowns, etc.

4. Avoid Drink and Drive

As a responsible trucker, you must avoid drink and drive practice. It can lead to serious injury, fatal death, and legal liabilities. In India, driving under the influence of alcohol or another drug is illegal and you might end up paying hefty fines. In some extreme cases, authorities can suspend your driving license.

Even a commercial driver’s license is suspended for a longer period. Moreover, you should avoid driving by taking drugs that impair your senses because such medicines can cause drowsiness leading to major crashes. Also, the raised claims will be denied by your insurer as they do not entertain damages caused to the truck due to drunk driving.

5. Encourage Defensive Driving Practices

Defensive driving refers to a driving technique followed by truck drivers to sense potential hazards and danger while driving on the road. A trucker should be more careful while driving as they are more prone to the risk of accidents and injuries if they lose track or miss out on a single sign of danger.

Therefore, by implementing defensive driving techniques you can anticipate the potential risk before it hits you. You can do this by following the signals & signboards, driving slowly & steadily, and being prepared for emergencies. 

6. Avoid Distractions

Several unexpected events could occur on the road if you get distracted. So, it is better to keep yourself focused, especially when you are driving in an accident-prone area or high traffic zone. The best way to keep yourself focused is by planning your daily trip. Start with driving hours, daily routes, and weather forecasting as all these factors will help you to plan your day, and you will be prepared for any emergencies.

7. Do Not Overload

We have seen many news headlines like 'an overloaded truck rolling over'. So, it is advised not to overload the truck more than its capacity. Overloaded vehicles threaten road safety, and also they are the major contributors to many fatal crashes. While driving an overloaded truck, you might lose control of the steering, or the truck’s suspension is not bouncing that can lead to a big problem.

8. Slow Down for Turns

This tip is especially for mountain truck drivers. If you drive on the hills, slow down your speed on curves and blow the horn. This will also help other vehicles to adjust and get alert to change lanes or slow down. Also, sticking to your lane and not overtaking a vehicle on turns is one of the most important things to keep in mind while driving on the hills.

9. Maintain a Proper Distance

Make sure you maintain the proper distance between you and any other vehicle ahead of you. Not maintaining the right distance can often lead to accidents and rear-end collisions. Moreover, by following this tip, you can enhance your reaction time to avoid any possible risks and keep everyone safe on the road. This is also one of the defensive driving practices that a trucker must follow.

10. Buy a Right Truck Insurance Online Policy

As a trucker, you must have the right truck insurance online policy to protect your truck from several unseen events. A truck insurance online policy is a commercial vehicle insurance policy that ensures that your vehicle and a third party are always protected if you get involved in an accident.

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Make sure you follow all these safety tips every time you are out for a drive. Also, eat right and sleep enough, as it will keep you alert on the road while you are driving during the night time. Avoid driving in bad weather conditions whenever possible. Also, buy a commercial vehicle insurance policy to keep yourself protected from unforeseen events that might occur while driving on the road.

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