Top Five Tractor Farm Implements For The Beginners

To make farming efficient, as well as effective many farm implements/equipment, are available in the market. A tractor implement or equipment is used for conducting various farming activities. There are several types of tractor equipments available for different kinds of farming needs. In this article, we have explained the need for tractor implements for beginners and the top five tractor farming equipment used in India.

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Need & Purpose of Tractor Implements

Different types of farm implements are there in the market to plough the different kinds of soil in the country. The need and purpose of purchasing these implements/equipment are to make farming easier for beginner farmers so that they can plough the field properly and don’t get stuck anytime.

While all the tractor tools available for beginners may seem confusing. Therefore, in this article, we have explained the 5 best basic farming tractor equipment options that can be an enormous help for you. Additionally, we have explained their usage in small, mid-size, and large-scale agricultural land.

5 Tractor Implements for a Beginner

1. Front-loaders

Front-loaders are the very first implement for a beginner. You can attach them alone or with the combinations of the other implements in the front of a tractor. A Front-loader is a commonly used tool for farming operations to move a stockpiled material from ground level. It primarily transfers materials, animal manure, gravel, fertilizers, hay, etc. The loader body is a removable attachment or can be permanently mounted. 

9.5 FX Loader and 10.2 FX Loader by Mahindra are two commonly used front loaders in India by beginners. Usually, they have a bucket capacity of around 0.38 M3 to 0.4m3, suitable for fieldwork. Also, it is ideal for shoveling residual away from the farming land. Front-loaders have gained popularity in the last two decades among farmers as they are easy to operate and can perform the heavy-duty tasks.

2. Cultivators

A Cultivator is a farming tool used to stir the soil and is considered a second important implement. Its primary function is to stir the soil either before sowing or after the germination of seeds, usually when the saplings start growing. During the last phase, it is used to kill the weeds that hinder the crop growth, and the farmer is ready to aerate the soil for preparing a smooth seedbed.

Mahindra Cultivators, Landforce Spring Cultivators, Sonalika 11 TYNE, Khedut Rigid Cultivators, etc., are some of the popular Cultivators used by beginner farmers in India. However, your purchasing decision depends upon the type of crop you are growing. In the Indian market, different Cultivators serve your purpose in horticulture or any other kind of farming. So, you must choose according to the need of your crop and the type of field.

3. Rotary Cutter 

Rotary Cutter is a very effective grass-cutting solution used by farmers to fine cut the turf areas. This tool can be easily attached to the bottom of the tractor between the tractor’s rear. It is one of the best machine implements used for cutting inches down tall unwanted wild grass.  

One of the popular Rotary Cutter used by beginners in India is Fieldking Rotary Cutter-Round. It has a clutch-type P.T.O driven shaft making it more comfortable for beginners. Moreover, it has reversible steel blades for cutting weeds and shrubs. 

4. Rotavators

Rotavator is a tractor implement to perform diverse field functions such as puddling, levelling mixing, and pulverization. It is the most unique yet popular tool used by framers. They use them to remove the past crop and prepare the soil for the upcoming ones.

In India, Rotavators are also known as rotary tillers. It is a robust frame tool that works in hardpan layers of the soil and makes it smooth for sowing. As a beginner, you can buy Mini-Series by Fieldking used for small farms, cultivation of fruit orchards, and vegetable gardening. 

5. Post Hole Diggers 

With the help of a Post Hole Digger machine, the planting has become much easy for you. This equipment helps in digging an initial hole or deep hole to grow a plant. Moreover, with the help of it, you can also install a fence around the agricultural field so that grazing animals cannot enter the farmland.

It works by loosening the ground soil with water and leaving it for some time to soak up the moisture before starting the digging process. KK-PPDE-71 is the most popular Post Hole Digger used by beginners, with an output performance of 40-52 Pits/hr.

Why Tractor Insurance Is The Need Of The Hour For Farmers?

Tractor insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that safeguards the tractor against various damages like natural calamities, man-made disasters, personal accidents, and even third-party liabilities. As a beginner farmer, you must ensure your vehicle by paying a sum amount to the insurance company. With a pool of benefits associated with a truck insurance policy, it becomes essential for a farmer to buy an insurance cover.

However, due to the low level of exposure and knowledge, the farmers usually ignore the importance of tractor insurance. To prevent such a situation, we recommend buying tractor vehicle insurance under commercial vehicle insurance.


We are all aware of the agriculture business in India and its importance for running our households. If you are a new farmer and wondering what to buy as tractor implements, this article will help you. Since a tractor is quite an important asset and a long-term investment for a farmer, we advise you to ensure it with a tractor insurance policy

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