Tractor Maintenance Guide – Tips to Maintain Your Tractor

For farmers, tractor maintenance is one of the major tasks that should be performed on time. From routine inspections to replacements or repairs, it is mandatory to take good care of your tractor.Other than these, a farmer must also know the status of their online tractor insurance policy. If it is about to expire, they should renew it on time. In this article, we have discussed the important tips for tractor maintenance. Read on!

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Tractor Maintenance Tips for the Farmers 

Being a farmer, you might face problems like fluids leaking from the engine, ineffective breaks, or regular wear & tear of the tractor. Therefore, it is essential to perform regular maintenance of your tractor. Do not miss or overlook any of the given tips if you want to maintain your tractor for the long run. 

1. Clean Oil Tanker and Fill in the Tank with New Oil

While preparing your tractor to get ready for the harvesting season, you must clean the oil tanker first. You can do this by draining the leftover oil and then refilling the tank with a new supply. The reason for doing this is that it minimizes the risk of condensed oil in the engine, which usually leads to a rough driving experience.

2. Check and Clean/Change the Battery 

With time, your tractor's battery gets discharged. In some cases, it can overtake the alternator, or even worst that can eventually lead to tractor engine failure. So it is recommended to check your battery power and if needed, clean them, or else you can change them. The other alternative is to revive them with a high-powered charger. Also, check the water level in the battery and if required fill it up.

Moreover, you must check other things and clean them thoroughly if needed, like electrical connections, corrupt parts in the battery, and grease residue. 

3. Asses Tyres Condition 

You must check all the cracks in rubber tubes and ensure whether the air pressure is at the right level. If you find the pressure in the tyre is low, then inflate it. Never run your tractor in low air pressure or flat tyre, as there might be a blowout that can lead to a major accident. 

4. Clean the Air-filter 

One of the crucial tips is to clean the air filter. The air filter fitted in your machine helps to prevent the air pollutants & dust to enter the engine. Thus, you must clean your air filters in timely and if needed replace them with a new ones.

5. Change Hydraulic Lines 

It is recommended to change your hydraulic lines once a year at least. It is one of the important maintenance tips for all tractor owners. We also suggest you take your tractor with you when buying a new hydraulic line for your reference.

6. Check the Water Level 

Water plays a vital role in running your tractor smoothly in rough terrains. Check the water level of your tractor, and if it is below the recommended mark, then you should refill it on time.

7. Clean the Belts 

All the accessories are dependent on the belt, including the hydraulic pump, coolant pump, alternator, etc. and you need to clean on time for smooth working. All these accessories assist in transferring mechanical power to the tractor's engine. The checking and cleaning process can be done manually, however, if they are extremely damaged, you can get it done in a garage by a mechanic.

8. Check Gearboxes and Greasing

You must check the tractor's gearboxes weekly to run smoothly on the fields.

Additionally, tractors' parts and accessories need regular greasing to protect them from rust and damage. Thus, you must ensure all the parts of your tractors are greased adequately for a smoother run and to prevent it from corrosion.

9. Check Hydraulic System 

With advanced technology, tractor manufacturers are also offering built-in hydraulic systems to run tractor implements, attachments, and tools. These hydraulic systems have a filter to run efficiently, but with time the filter gets clogged up which affects the working of the hydraulic system. So, it is advised to check this system annually and get it replaced by a new one. 

10. Renew Your Tractor Insurance Policy On Time 

You must have a tractor insurance policy to keep your tractor safe from any unwanted risk. An online tractor insurance policy is a kind of online commercial vehicle insurance policy that provides financial aid to you  in case of any unforeseen damage caused to your tractor.  

In case your existing online tractor insurance policy is about to expire, you must renew your tractor insurance policy online. Even you can use a tractor insurance premium calculator available on  


A well-maintained machine determines how long it will work effectively. To get the best result from your tractor, make sure you follow all the above-mentioned tips in this article, and most important do not forget to renew your online tractor insurance policy before the expiry date.

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