Why Is It Expensive To Insure A Truck?

It is pretty much understood that you have to invest a lot more into purchasing a truck than purchasing a car. Trucks are used for commercial purposes and if you run a business in which you have to transport a huge quantity of goods from one place to another then a truck is the best option. Also, the cost of insurance varies from vehicle to vehicle so what are those reasons that make truck insurance relatively expensive than any other vehicle insurance?

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Trucks Are Relatively Expensive Than Any Other Vehicles

The bigger the vehicle and the different its purpose and features the more expensive it would be. Trucks are bigger in size, come with the purpose of transporting goods and consist of different features. This is the reason they come at a heavy price tag and only people running a business purchase it to make the transportation of their goods easy.

This is why when a truck meets an unfortunate accident, the insurance company will have to pay more amount than they usually pay for a car. Also, the insured declared value of the truck insurance would be based on the current market price of the truck that is usually higher hence the insurance premium of your desired truck insurance plan would go higher.

Cover For Carried Goods

Since the sole purpose of a truck is to carry and transport the goods from one place to another. Hence it becomes a bigger liability as the insurance company will have to provide the cover for the loss or damage caused to the goods and in that case, they would have to pay a bigger amount than that of providing cover for just the truck’s damage. Hence you would have to pay a bigger premium amount in purchasing truck insurance online.

Trucks Can Cause Severe Property Damage & Injuries

Because of the big size of the trucks, truck accidents can cause severe damage and injuries to the driver as well as the people on road. However, the insurance company will pay for the third-party loss or damage caused because of the accidents but they will also have to pay for the hospital expenses that would eventually occur.

Talking about the personal accident cover and property damage, the insurance company will have to pay for all these things that would cost them higher than usual hence making the cost of your commercial vehicle insurance premium higher.

More Prone To Road Obstacles

Well keeping the road conditions and clearance on the Indian roads, there are times when the truck driver has to take a detour in order to avoid a long traffic jam on the highways, the detours are usually unknown and they have to ask the locals for ta clear passage. Because of the unknown path, there are times the trucks enter the road where there is not enough space and they become more prone to hitting road obstacles leading.

Taking the recent example of the Air India Scraped airplane getting stuck under a foot over bridge when a truck was carrying it while going on a Gurgaon-Delhi highway. The truck driver did not realize the height of the airplane would be so much that it would get stuck under a foot over bridge on a highway and damage the truck.

Off-Roading Can Damage The Truck

Since the conditions of the Indian road are not that good and anyone driving on an Indian highway that is poorly built must have experienced the bumps and broken bituminous macadam can lead to severe damage. The roads in rural areas are so poorly built that sometimes trucks have to get off the road to pass without sustaining any damage on the truck as well as the goods.

The heavier the risk, the heavier the insurance price and this becomes one of the biggest reasons for expensive truck insurance prices. These were some of the reasons that make the commercial vehicle insurance price higher than any other vehicle insurance price.


Purchasing the right insurance plan is important because you know the kind of coverage you require as per the usage of the commercial vehicle. This is why it is suggested to purchase the truck insurance online because you can compare different plans and learn about the inclusions as well as exclusions of the plan. You can also calculate the premium amount as per your coverage and add-ons included in the plan. Apart from this, you can learn about the plan in detail as well as renew the plan on time without worrying about going to the insurance company’s office.

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