Why Mahindra is India's Favorite Tractor Brand?

Mahindra & Mahindra has been India's number 1 automobile manufacturing compny for over 3 decades now. It was established in the year 1945. The best thing about the Mahindra tractor is its quality and its global presence in over 40 countries. 

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Why Choose Mahindra Tractors?

Mahindra is India's most popular brand making several series of tractors ranging between 15 to 75 HP. The brand is known for its reliable machinery, fuel efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Fuel consumption is a significant factor to worry about.

Mahindra tractors are pretty economic as the fuel consumption is lesser than any other brand’s tractor.  To know more about a Mahindra tractor features, read below-

1. Fuel Efficiency 

The main reason for the high demand for Mahindra Tractors is their fuel-efficient engine. The farmers spend their savings to buy a fuel-efficient tractor, and the Mahindra tractor is always their first choice. They are equipped with DI engines which are known for their fuel-saving feature. However, the only disadvantage is high fuel efficiency affects other farming applications. 

2. Dual Purpose Machinery 

The efficiency of the Mahindra tractor is its works satisfactorily in both farming and suction applications. They are the dual-purpose master that includes farming and haulage. They perform operations like harvesting, levelling, paddling, reaping, and haulage excellently. Therefore, Mahindra tractors are farmers' first choice. 

3. Budget-friendly Pricing 

Mahindra tractors are available in good value and come with several benefits attached. In India, only a few brands like Mahindra offers all types of tractors for marginal and average farmers. Hence, they offer a complete range of farming implements at the most affordable prices. 

4. Wide Service Network 

A service network plays a vital role in bringing together several entities to deliver the best after-sales services and make your customer satisfied. That's why Mahindra & Mahindra has the largest service network with more than 800 dealers offering genuine spare parts and trained mechanics.

Their professional technicians have years of hands-on experience in operating a range of tractor parts and farming implements. Moreover, they have hundreds of authorised service centres to resolve all types of problems in the tractors. 

5. Easily Available Tractor Parts 

For any vehicle manufacturing brand, the accessibility of its vehicle parts across the country is important. Mahindra tractors are widely appreciated for fuel-efficient engines, affordable pricing, high strength, durability, and accessibility of their tractor parts.

They have a wide dealer network across the nation, covering all the villages. Moreover, the tractor parts are available at a reasonable price from the dealers, authorised service centres, and retail shops. 

6. Guaranteed Safety 

Most accidents can be prevented by following basic traffic rules. In India, if you want to run any tractor legally, you must have a third-party commercial tractor insurance policy. However, the Mahindra tractors are equipped with tested parts to ensure guaranteed safety.

For complete protection, they have seatbelts, power take-off (PTO) shields, heated cabs, rollover protective structures (ROPS), fog lights, travelling lights, etc. Also, you must take your tractor for a regular service once a month and tighten loose fittings, repair hydraulic leaks, check the water level, clean the air filter, and lubricate the engine. 

7. Easy Finance Options 

When you buy a Mahindra tractor you get the most favourable and the best loan repayment option. To avail loan against a Mahindra tractor, you have to meet eligibility criteria, but they are categorised under the agricultural loan, hence, are offered at a low-interest rate. Also, you have several repayment option choices and quick disbursal periods. Mahindra & Mahindra has the highest loan to value (LTV) ratio amongst all the tractor brands in India. 

8. Highest Value for Resale 

Mahindra & Mahindra is not only the favourite brand but also the largest manufacturer in India. They have built trust over the years and thus enjoy the highest resale value. Therefore, it is a great idea to choose a brand that gives the highest value even after the resale.

How to Protect Your Mahindra Tractor from Several Risks?

Your Mahindra tractor is quite an important asset, and it is necessary to keep it in good shape & free from damage. Since accidental damage to the tractor and third-party liabilities are very common, it is good to have a comprehensive tractor insurance policy to cover all risks. 

A commercial tractor insurance policy acts as a shield for various risks, like- collision damage, third-party liabilities, and natural or man-made disasters. With a myriad of benefits associated with commercial tractor insurance, a farmer must insure his tractor. 

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Final Thoughts 

All the above-mentioned features make a Mahindra tractor India's favourite brand. They have worked with generations of farmers to give exceptional mileage in rough terrains. Also, Mahindra & Mahindra continues to work with the farmers of India to build the strongest and the most reliable tractors in the world. Moreover, we suggest you buy a commercial tractor insurance policy to protect your Mahindra tractor from any damages. 

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