Why Should You Not Use Fancy Number Plate for Your Commercial Vehicle?

Commercial vehicle number plates with fancy formatting are illegal in India. As per sections 50 and 51 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, there is a fine of Rs. 1,000 for having a fancy number plate. However, this fine may vary from state to state. Apart from the fine, there are many more things related to fancy number plates for your commercial vehicle that you must know.

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Your commercial vehicle is used for your business, and hence it is one of the important components to run your business successfully. With mandatory commercial vehicle insurance, there are some other things like its number plate that you should consider to avoid fines or legal penalties. Many of you may want to get a personalized number plate for your commercial vehicle. This may sound appealing to you, but it has many drawbacks.

As per Motor Vehicle Act, every vehicle must have a visible and clear number plate in the front and rear side of the commercial vehicles. Having a fancy number plate can make it difficult for authorities like the police to recognize and read the vehicle. Fancy number plates are considered fraudulent because this method is generally used by people who do or have the intention to do criminal activities. These people with criminal intent do such things to escape the surveillance system as well as being caught by the police.

Having a clear registration plate for your commercial vehicle keeps your vehicle clean and simple, it also provides recognizable clarity. In this way, having a fancy number plate for your commercial vehicle that does not have a specific format due to any reason can be a punishable offense and can attract heavy fines.

What is the Prescribed Format for A Commercial Vehicle Number Plate?

The number plate of your commercial vehicle contains its registration details. This number provides the basic identification for your vehicle. Therefore, the Road Transport Office (RTO) has specified a specific format for the number plate of all the vehicles in India. This format varies with the type of vehicle. For example, the format of the number plate for private vehicles is different than the number plate format for commercial vehicles prescribed by RTO. The specifications for commercial vehicle number plates as per the Motor Vehicle Act, are as follows:

  • Commercial vehicles should have a plate with yellow background and black writing.
  • The registration mark has to be displayed both at the front and rear of all the vehicles legibly and clearly.
  • The registration number mentioned on the rear side of the commercial vehicles has to be on the right-hand side at a height that is not more than one meter from the ground level as can be reasonably possible.
  • The registration number should also be printed on both the right and left sides of the body of the commercial vehicle.
  • For contract carriers and stage carriers, the registration mark has to be printed on the partition that is provided between passenger and driver or on the first left-side interior that is near to the roof facing the seats of passengers.
  • For motor cabs taxis the registration number should also be printed on the dashboard.
  • The letters of the registration number shall be in English and figures shall be in Aerobic numerals.
  • The registration number has to be displayed in two lines. On the first line, the state code and the code of the registering authority shall be displayed. While on the second line the remaining numbers shall be displayed, below the first line.
  • The registration mark of all the four-wheelers in front and in two-wheelers that do not have sufficient space at the rear side can be displayed in a single line.

What is the Legal Penalty that You Have to Pay for Using a Fancy Number Plate for Your Commercial Vehicle?

Due to the aforementioned reasons, having a clear registration mark or number plate that adheres to all the prescribed specifications by the government is crucial. If you have a registration number plate with fancy fonts that are not recognizable or visible, you may have to pay legal penalties such as heavy fines. As per sections 177 and 51 of the Central Motor Vehicle Act, the fine for having a fancy number plate is Rs.1, 000. The fine for the same also varies with region.

Therefore, legal penalties are not only levied on invalid or expired commercial vehicle insurance for your commercial vehicle instead of for fancy number/registration plates, you also attract fines.

Summing it Up!

Customization of your commercial vehicle registration number may look fancy, but it attracts a legal penalty. Therefore, it is best to refrain from using fancy number plates such as the ones that have fancy fonts, etc. Picking a font and format that is prescribed in the Motor Vehicle Act is the best way to keep yourself away from any fines. So, you must keep the font clear and readable as per the laws to stay safe while using your commercial vehicle.

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