New clauses and conditions are launched every day, and in order to keep all our customers well informed about every transformation we have created this motor insurance news section. Posted with relevant updates and reforms, here you will get a comprehensive knowledge about modifications planned by government or private insurers for two or four wheelers.

Two- Wheelers Policy
Long Term Comprehensive Policy for Two- Wheelers will be Costly

The inclusion of third party motor damage and own motor damage in the comprehensive insurance policy for two wheelers will make it an expens... read more

Car Insurance Companies
Why Car Insurance Companies Fear Long Weekends and Holidays

According to a recent study, car insurance claims see an unprecedented rise during a holiday or long weekend. The primary reason behind this... read more

Motor Insurance
Usage-Based Motor Insurance Receives Lukewarm Response in India

Costs more than traditional insurance, say present policy-owners. Recently, many general insurance companies have run Usage-Based Motor Ins... read more

Irda Launches Long-Term Insurance for 2-wheelers

In a major relief to two-wheeler owners, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Irda) has introduced long-term motor third-part... read more

Insurance Cover For Auto
Insurance Cover For Auto Recall Risk Protection

According to the ongoing sessions of the Parliament, the new Motor Vehicle Act is likely to make auto recalls compulsory in the domestic mar... read more

Motor Insurance
Vehicle Recalls Impacts Motor Insurance Sector

Honda, the Japanese car manufacturer recently revealed that it is recalling about 2,338 units of its compact sedan Amaze, hatchback Brio, an... read more

No Claim Bonus
No Claim Bonus Can Get You Lower Premiums on Auto Insurance

Did you know you can lower premium on your auto insurance with No Claim Bonus (NCB)? And this can save you good money, perhaps to buy a new ... read more

Car Insurance
CCI Takes on Car Makers

Orders of Competition Commission of India (CCI) have been welcomed by the officials of non-life insurance companies by slapping a heavy fine... read more

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy
Easier and Cheaper Buying of Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Once the 3-year validity comes into effect, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policies are to get cheaper. Apart from government-owned com... read more

3 Year Third Party Insurance
3 Year Third Party Insurance For 2 Wheeler Vehicles

Now the two-wheeler owners can also opt for the third party motor insurance for a term of 3 years. This initiative by Insurance Regulatory a... read more