Pension Calculator for Retirement

Do you look forward to retirement? Of course, Yes! After several years of hard work, you would surely want to relax! But to lead a stress-free relaxed life post retirement, you must be away from financial worries. You need to ensure that your savings meet your medical, housing, food, and travel expenses. Have you calculated how much money you need to save by retirement?

Use our Retirement Savings calculator to find out how much you need to save by your targeted retirement date.Let's Calculate!

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The post retirement life of an individual is said to be the golden period of his life. It is the time when a person pursues the ‘work he loves to do’ and converts his hobbies into professions. To fulfill all these desires and have a comfortable life post retirement, an extensive process of sensible planning with years of persistence is required, which be done using our Pension Calculator.

Following are the various reasons why appropriate planning for retirement through our Pension Calculator is important


Benefits of Retirement Planning


Increased life Expectancy 


With improved medical and healthcare facility, the life expectancy in our generation is more than the previous ones. Naturally, when you live more, your healthcare needs and other expenses also increase. This also implies the need to use our Pension Calculator to plan well and gather funds that should be sufficient to sustain the longer life.


Insufficient Employer Funded Pension

Usually, the employer or government funded pensions are insufficient to fulfill the post retirement needs and maintain the lifestyle an individual is used to. This is why it is essential to back your government or employer funded retirement or pension plans with a self-maintained financial cushion which is a pension or retirement plan and the best way to assess the sufficiency is the Pension Calculator.



Regardless of the children and family being supportive or not, most people, who have earned the bread for themselves and their family for their entire life, would not want to depend on their children or family members for meeting their expenses after retirement. And, maintaining an independent lifestyle is possible only if you have an effective plan and sufficient corpus for your golden years. The way to assess the corpus sufficient for you is by using our Pension Calculator.


Social Security System

The social security system of our country is lagging behind in almost all aspects. Therefore, it is imperative that an individual plans well in advance to build a corpus which is sufficient enough to meet the regular expenses or handle any unforeseen event post retirement. To build a sufficient corpus, it is essential to know how much would be sufficient and our Pension Calculator can help you do that.


Contribution to family

Naturally, every individual has an urge to support their family by providing for their loved ones at major events of their life even after they have retired. Retirement funds help you fulfill these desires while ensuring your future financial independence and our Pension Calculator is the best tool to help you calculate the value of these desires.


Pursuit of interests

It is within the realm of possibility to desire a vacation or pursue a hobby once you reach you golden years and are already free from all the workplace responsibilities. Retirement funds achieve these aspirations and our Pension Calculator helps you know the amount of retirement funds required to do the same.


Keeping all these points in mind, it is wise to seek advice from a financial planner and understand his proficient outlook for your financial plan. Alongside, using our Pension Calculator is also a beneficial option.


A major part of planning your retirement is assessing the funds you would need post retirement to meet your regular expenses and fulfill your aspirations. To help you figure out the minutiae of such planning you can take advantage of specially designed Pension Calculator.


Importance of Pension Calculator


Pension Calculator helps you calculate your income requirements post retirement on the basis of your age, annual income, savings, nature of accommodation, and the expected growth rate. Pension Calculator basically helps you determine the monthly amount you need to invest towards a retirement plan, in order to meet your financial needs during your golden years.


Required Fields in the Pension Calculator


The following are the key inputs you need to key in the Pension Calculator in order to get viable results:


Date of Birth

The date of birth you need to enter in this field of the Pension Calculator is majorly for record keeping purposes. At the time of buying a policy on the basis of this calculation done in the Pension Calculator, you might need to submit documentary proofs supporting the same. Therefore, in order to get the most reliable results from the Pension Calculator, make sure you enter your date of birth as per your government IDs.


Retirement Age

While the official age of retirement as per the government norms is 60 years for the salaried people, the Pension Calculator allows you to choose the retirement age as per your desire. This feature has been incorporated in the Pension Calculator keeping the self-employed people in mind as well the increasing trend of voluntary or early retirement.


Annual Income

In terms of annual income, you would be better placed to consider your net income instead of your gross income while using the Pension Calculator. This is because your gross income would include various fringe benefits that are given to you by your employer but do not reach your bank account.
Also remember, that the EMIs you pay towards any loan are paid out from your take home salary. Therefore, if you have any current loans, do take them into consideration before mentioning your annual income in the Pension Calculator.



This field of the Pension Calculator requires the amount you have saved till date. However, savings does not necessarily mean the amount of cash you have or your bank balance. It also includes the funds that are currently invested in various instruments like fixed deposits, equity-linked saving schemes, recurring deposits, national saving certificates, kisan vikas patra, etc.


Post Retirement Accommodation

In this field of the Pension Calculator you are required to mention the nature of your accommodation after retirement i.e. whether you are living in a property that you own or you rent. However, even if you stay in your own property, but, the EMIs towards its loan are still going on, then do not forget to take into consideration when mentioning your annual salary while using the Pension Calculator.


Growth Rate

Growth Rate is the percentage by which a country’s GDP (Gross Domestic product) varies from year to year.
This Pension Calculator involves two kinds of growths at an assumed rate of 5%. However, the Pension Calculator also allows you to adjust the growth rate as per your desire.

  • Growth in annual income
    This field of the Pension Calculator shows your expected annual income in the year of your retirement. This amount is calculated by the Pension Calculator on the basis of an assumed growth rate decided by you or the system.
  • Interest applicable to your investment
    This column in the Pension Calculator denotes the value of your savings in the year of your retirement by the addition of interest you realistically expect to receive on your savings. This value is estimated by the Pension Calculator on the basis of an assumed growth rate which can also be decided by you.


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Pension Calculator - FAQ's

Q: How is pension calculated?


Every pension is calculated as per a set formula and is independent of the payment one makes towards the plan. The formula of the retirement planning calculator takes into account the pensionable salary of an individual and the years of his/her service. In this way, the longer one contributes in a plan and the higher is his/her salary, the more pension of that individual will be. The basic formula of pension plan calculator is:

Pensionable Salary X Pensionable Service/ 70


Q: What is a pension plan?


A pension plan provides retirement amount that an individual can get from his/her insurance provider regularly as a lump sum. In this way, a pension or retirement plan in India ensures a constant flow of monthly income as soon as one retires. For example, the Provident Fund (PF) is one of the popular retirement funds. For retirement planning and pension calculation he/she can use pension plan calculator.


Q: Is it possible to make early withdrawals from the pension plan?


Even though it is not recommended to make withdrawals from the pension plan until one reaches 59 ½ age. This is because withdrawals from any time before this age hit an early withdrawal penalty of 10% on top of the usual income tax. However, there are exceptions that Indian Revenue Service (IRS) waives the penalty of 10% in some cases, which as well depends on different plans. Therefore, one is eligible to take money from his/her pension funds in India before reaching the age of 59 ½ year, only if he/she encounters a sudden disability or if he/she becomes unable to bear his/her medical expenses that are 7.5% more than his/her gross income (10% if one is under 65 years).


Q: What does happen if I surrender my pension plan before maturity?


If you want to surrender your pension plan before it gets mature, and then the complete surrender value is added in the annual income and is taxed according to the tax slab. Moreover, you have to pay back the exemptions of the tax that you have availed on the premiums till now.