How is Group Personal Accident Insurance Premium Calculated?

In a country like India, where the population is on a constant boom, the number of vehicles plying on the road is also facing an alarming increase which has led to a lot of traffic and has become the prime reason for alarming rise in the number of accidents.

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*Premium varies on the basis of Occupancy, Business Activity & Coverage Type

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*Premium varies on the basis of Occupancy, Business Activity & Coverage Type

The causality rate in such accidents is also getting higher and higher each passing year. Rash driving and jaywalking are other persistent issues that have led to large number of accidents daily. 

Road accidents can mostly fatal or critical. If not fatal, then the hospital expenses would be expensive enough to make a dent in one’s lifetime savings. This is where accidental benefits offered by insurance providers come to one’s rescue. Such policies provide coverage for hospital bills, surgical expenses and ensure compensating the insured person for their loss of income.

Generally a personal accident insurance policy offers covers for injuries, death or disability caused purely due to accidental events. This type of policy is completely different from personal life insurance, health insurance or mediclaim policies.

The personal accident insurance can either be taken for individuals or can be taken for a family as a whole. The coverages and add-ons provided by the insurance providers differ from company to company Here are just some of the most common coverage offered under personal accident insurance:

  • Accidental Death: The insurer provides a substantial compensation to the beneficiary or the nominee, in case of death of the policy holder, due to severe injuries in the body caused due to an accident.
  • Temporary or Partial Disability: Loss of a foot or hand, toes, speech, hearing ability, fingers, eyesight, sense of smell or taste due to an accident are just some of the many partial disabilities that are covered under personal accident insurance policies.
  • Permanent Disability: Loss of both the hands, complete irreversible loss of eyesight, hearing and speech caused by an accident are covered under personal accident insurance policies as permanent disabilities.
  • Medical Expenses: Personal accident insurance policy provides coverage for full reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred on treatment, provided the claim is filed within a year of the accident,
  • Funeral Expenses: Personal accident insurance policy also covers the transportation charges of mortal remains and funeral expenses if the insured dies in an accident. These expenses are mostly covered under the policy as add-ons.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: In the case of loss of income due to hospitalization, personal accident insurance provides the insured with daily cash to meet the day-to-day expenses.

When choosing a personal accident insurance policy, do remember to carefully consider the coverage and benefits offered by your intended policy. This will make sure that there are no confusions or misunderstanding at the time of making a claim.

Make a detailed note of the exclusions (things not covered by the policy). Remember, not to hide any important details at the time of insurance application and at the time of making a claim. Stating wrong, misleading information or hiding information liable to be disclosed is an offence and this can result in the rejection of the policy or claims.

Usually, personal accident insurance policies allow insured to choose a nominee or beneficiary who would know all the details pertaining to the insurance so that in the case of the demise or disability of the insured, one’s beneficiary is paid the benefits provided under the policy. It makes sense to disclose about the other existing policies in your name when applying for personal accident insurance policies.

Group Personal Accident Insurance:

Nowadays, corporate firms and organisations are also taking extra efforts to secure the lives and health of their employees. A large number of companies in India offer group life and health insurance policies to ensure that their employees and loved ones are safe and secure in the event of medical emergencies.  

Group Personal Accident Insurance, as the name suggests, is a policy for a group of people taken by a company or an organisation. The most important reason for companies to choose this kind of policy for their employees is to ensure a comprehensive medical cover and financial protection against huge expenses incurred due to accidental death or disablement of their employees. Group personal accident covers are available for both employees of an organisation and for the owner/s.

Such policies play an important role in the life of any salaried employee as they are not required to buy a separate accident cover. Some of the many insurance companies that offer group personal accident insurance are HDFC Ergo, SBI general, TATA AIG, and Cigna Health Insurance.

The claim settlement process for such policies is quick. Claims made are either paid out to the insured or their nominee and this policy covers all the expenses in the event of an employee getting injured or suffering a permanent disability due to an accident.

This policy can be bought by anyone with either a large group or a small group of people including (but not limited to) banks, schools, colleges and corporates. These policies can be customized to cover the needs of any number of people in a group.

Please be advised that group personal accident policies don’t cover natural deaths, accidental injuries caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs, child birth, injuries caused due to exposure to radioactivity or nuclear perils.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Premium Calculator

Let take an example to understand how to calculate the premium of group personal accident policies. Let’s assume you are from a company of 25 full-time employees and your company is looking for a comprehensive group personal accident insurance plan to protect all of its employees against accidental deaths or injuries.

For these 25 employees, the company would have to pay a premium around Rs. 55000 to get coverage of Rs. 5 lakhs. This is for comprehensive add-ons and fixed medical cover.

For variable coverage and comprehensive add-ons the premium amount would be around Rs. 50000 and for comprehensive cover and limited add-ons, the premium amount would be around Rs. 45000.

The premium would cover accidental deaths, partial disability and permanent disability. A weekly benefit of Rs. 5000 or 1% of the sum insured will be paid out to the insured.

Fixed medical expenses of Rs. 5000 or 10% of the total sum insured or 40% of the total admissible claim will be paid to the insured as medical expenses.

Transportation charges of the mortal as well as ambulance expenses are also covered under such plans. A fund allocated towards insured’s child’s education of Rs. 10000 is paid out in case of the death or disability of the insured caused due to an accident. Family transportation charges of Rs. 5000 are also provided to the beneficiaries of the policy.

The claim has to be made within the one month of the accident and the waiting period for pay-outs is generally three months from the date of claim submission.

To calculate the premium for your group personal accident insurance, simply follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Fill in the sum insured, you want for each employee or the members in your organisation.
  • If you wish to provide coverage to the souse and kids of your employees too, then you’ll need to find out the exact number of dependents for each of your employees.
  • Now, fill in the date of birth of your employees and their dependents (if chosen).
  • Select if you are looking to add dependent parents of your employees in your group life insurance plans too.
  • Now simply click on calculate premium and you’ll get to know the premium that you will need to pay for your group personal accident insurance.

Documents Required for Group Personal Accident Insurance

 The documents needed to get the policy are, proposal form, declaration form, details of all the employee, medical reports of employees and previous year’s claim reports of the company.

For filing a claim, the documents required are complete personal information of the insured along with their insurance id number, FIR reports, medical bills and medical certificates.


A group personal accident insurance is perhaps the best way for a company to earn the respect and trust of its employees. Given the unpredictability of life and increasing cases of road accidents, group personal accident insurance plans are always a sure way to safeguard health, life and belongings of your employees.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 17 August 2021
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