Best Multi-Cap Mutual Funds for SIP

If you want to diversify your financial portfolio, you can opt for a multi-cap mutual fund and start SIPs for periodic investments. Before discussing further, you must know the basics of multi-cap mutual funds and how the investments through SIP accumulate good returns over a long period.

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This article discusses the fundamentals and types of multi-cap mutual funds in detail.

What Are Multi-Cap Mutual Funds?

Multi-cap mutual funds are investment schemes wherein you can invest in all types of stocks in large, mid, and small-cap stocks of different industrial sectors. Multi-cap mutual funds are low-risk investments. Unlike pure mid and small-cap mutual funds, these funds allocate money to large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap companies. 

Multi-cap mutual fund investment through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a process of investing in a multi-cap mutual fund. You can invest a predetermined amount in the mutual fund plan at specific intervals. 

SIPs are a hassle-free way of investing in a multi-cap mutual fund wherein your money is automatically debited from your account in specified periods. The amount debited is further invested in your chosen mutual funds. 

Why Invest In the Multi-Cap Mutual Funds for SIP?

Investment in multi-cap mutual funds offers exposure to different market segments as per volatility. Multi-cap mutual funds are a combination of large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks that help generate high returns on your investments. 

Also, investing in multi-cap mutual funds through SIP will make you earn more profits at low prices through automated payments. It eliminates the need for market timing since payments are made automatically at regular intervals.

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Best Multi-Cap Funds for SIP

Multi-cap mutual funds are invested through SIP in all sectors and all-sized stocks. The best multi-cap funds for SIP are discussed below:

Fund name 

1-year return (%) 

3-year return (%) 

5-year return (%) 

7-year return (%) 

10-year return (%) 

Mahindra Manulife Multi Cap Badhat Yojana



Quant lively mutual fund


Invesco India Multi-cap Fund





Kotak India Progress Mutual Fund



Kotak Standard Multi-cap Fund






Axis Multi-cap Mutual fund



SBI Magnum Multi-cap Fund




Franklin India Equity Fund




Motilal Oswal Multi-cap Fund




Edelweiss Multi-cap Fund




ICICI Prudential Multi-cap Fund





Nippon India Multi-cap Fund




Some of the best mutual funds currently available in the market are:

  1. Quant Lively Mutual Fund

    A Quant Lively Mutual Fund is a direct progress fund launched with the objective of long-term capital appreciation. The holdings of the fund are Vedanta Ltd, State Financial Institution of India, ITC Ltd, Fortis Healthcare India Ltd, and Reliance Industries Ltd. 

    AUM: Rs 1,051 Cr (as of 30th June 2021)

  2. Invesco India Multi-Cap Fund

    Invesco India Multi-cap Fund is an equity mutual fund introduced by the Invesco Mutual Fund. The minimum SIP investment was set to be Rs.500. The fund's objective is to make long-term capital investments by investing in equity and equity-related securities in large, mid, and small stocks. 

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 79.11 (as of 1st October 2021)

    Minimum SIP amount: Currently not available

    Size of the fund: Rs 1,573.08 Cr

    Category: Equity multi-cap fund

    Expense ratio: 2.24% (including GST)

    Exit load: For the units over 10% of the investment, 1% will be charged for redemption within 1 year. 

  3. Kotak India Progress Mutual Fund

    Kotak India Progress Mutual Fund is an equity fund launched by Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund to generate capital across various sectors from equity and equity-related instruments. 

    Expense ratio: 1.28%

    Exit load: nil

    AUM: Rs 2,32,434.26 Cr

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 18.46

    Minimum SIP amount: Not available

  4. Kotak Standard Multi-Cap Fund

    The Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund launched Kotak Standard Multi-cap Fund. This fund invests in the most promising stocks. Currently, this fund is mainly focusing on low-leverage businesses. 

    Scheme: Open-ended

    Fund size: Rs 21,718 Cr

    Availability of SIP: Yes

    Minimum SIP amount: Rs 500

    Expense ratio: 0.92%

    Minimum initial investment: Rs 5000 

  5. Axis Multi-Cap Mutual Fund

    Axis Multi-cap Mutual fund invests in high conviction equity investments. This fund mainly focuses on fast-growing stocks rather than benchmark growth. 

    Expense ratio: 0.60% (including GST)

    Exit load: 1% if redeemed within 1 year

    The minimum investment for SIP: Rs 500

  6. SBI Magnum Multi-Cap Fund

    SBI Magnum Multi-cap Fund takes a fine approach while selecting the stocks to invest in. This is the fund that delivers benchmark returns in the market. This fund invests 50 - 90% of its funds in large-cap stocks and 10 to 40% in mid-cap stocks, and 10% in small-cap stocks. 

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 48.9

    Expense ratio: 0.94%

    Exit load: 0.1%

    Size of the fund: Rs.7582.94

  7. Motilal Oswal Multi-Cap Fund

    Motilal Oswal Multi-cap Fund mitigates the risks and invests in equity and equity-related stocks. This fund invests quality stocks for fair valuations over a long period to know the potential of the stocks.

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 38.28

    Minimum SIP amount: Rs 500

    Size of the fund: Rs 12,217.41 Cr

    Expense ratio: 0.88% (including GST)

    Exit load: 1% if redeemed within 15 days

  8. Edelweiss Multi-Cap Fund

    Edelweiss Multi-cap Fund was launched by the Edelweiss mutual fund to generate long-term capital appreciation in the equity and equity-related instruments. 

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 19.43

    AUM: Rs 846.65 Cr

    Expense ratio: 2.27%

  9. ICICI Prudential Multi-Cap Fund

    The ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund introduced ICICI Prudential Multi-cap Fund. This fund invests in high-quality stocks. For the stock selection, it uses a combination of bottom-up and top-down methods.

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 442.89 

    Fund size: Rs 6381.34 Cr

    Expense ratio: 1.95%

  10. Nippon India Multi-Cap Fund

    Nippon India Multi-cap fund invests in the stocks based on the market opportunities and stocks future potential. The primary objective of this fund is capital appreciation and generating consistent returns on the investments made in debt and money market securities.

    NET ASSET VALUE: Rs 145.09

    Fund size: Rs 10,622.15 Cr

    Minimum SIP amount: Not available

    Expense ratio: 1.86% (including GST)

    Exit load: 1% exit load if redeemed within 12 months.

Benefits of Multi-Cap Funds

The benefits of the multi-cap funds are discussed below:

  • Through investing in multi-cap funds, you are exposed to all investment sectors.
  • No need to purchase various funds for all kinds of investments.
  • Suitable for investors with a low-risk appetite.
  • Flexibility to change the portfolios of the investment according to the change in the market conditions.
  • Disciplined approach to the assets in the multi-cap mutual funds through SIP.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best multi-cap mutual fund for SIP is important to gain high returns at low risk. Before you invest in any multi-cap mutual funds, it is better to analyze the performance of the multi-cap mutual fund and invest in a suitable fund through SIP.


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^^The information relating to mutual funds presented in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant for sale. Investment is subject to market risks and the risk is borne by the investor. Please consult your financial advisor before planning your investments.

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