Axis Focused 25 Fund

Axis Focused 25 Funds is an open-ended Flexi cap equity investment scheme that seeks to grow the funds on a short-term basis. In this fund, management has complete autonomy over investment patterns yielding more returns for investors.

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Axis Focused 25 Fund Facts

Axis Focused 25 Fund has two types: 

  • Direct plan: It is for those investors who invest in the funds without an intermediary or the distributor. The absence of a distributor reduces the expense ratio of the fund. 

  • Regular plan: It is for the investors who seek to invest in the fund through a distributor. It is suitable for beginners who are not experts in the equity market. 

Under both the plans, investors can avail of Growth and Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW) options along with the payout and reinvestment facility.  

Here are some fund facts to know:

Scheme Type

Open-ended Flexi cap equity investment scheme

Allotment Date

Jun 29 2012



Risk Level

Very high

Entry Load


Exit Load

  • If units are redeemed/switched out within one year from the date of allotment,

    • then for 10 % of investments: Nil

    • and for remaining investments: 1%

  • If units are redeemed/switched - out after one year from the date of allotment: NIL (from Sept 25 2017)

Lock-in period


AUM as of October 31, 2021

Rs. 20,404.39 Crores

Expense ratio


Fund Manager

Mr Jinesh Gopani (Since Jun 7 2016)

Standard Deviation


Trustee Company

Axis Mutual Funds Trustee Ltd.

Mutual Fund

Axis mutual funds

Asset Management Company

Axis Asset Management Company Ltd.

Minimum Redemption Size in Rupees

The minimum redemption amount is Rs. 1000 or 100 units.

NAV (as of 26th November 2021)

Rs. 45. 84 crores

Investment Size

  • The minimum investment amount in a lump sum is Rs. 5000

  • Minimum additional purchase amount Rs. 100 

  • The minimum systematic investment amount is Rs. 500


The investors can subscribe and liquidate their funds on working days based on the NAV. Once AMC receives the liquidation request, the funds will be liquidated after 10 working days.

Investment Objective

Axis Focused 25 Fund aims to grow capital by investing in the equity funds and the equity-related market by dividing the funds into a portfolio that comprise 25 companies. 

Even though the fund invests in the equity market, the risk is minimized by investing in companies that promise high returns. Axis Focused 25 Fund is suitable for long-term target goals like children's education or weddings. 

Fund Summary

  1. Axis focused 25 fund– Regular Plan-Growth

    • NAV: Rs. 45.84 Crores as of Nov 26 2021

    • Expense Ratio: 1.78%

    • Returns since inception (per annum): 17.34%

  2. Axis focused 25 Fund– Direct Plan-Growth

    • NAV: Rs. 51.03 Crores as of Nov 26 2021

    • Expense Ratio: 1.78%

    • Returns since inception (per annum): 17.94%

Axis Focused 25 Funds IDCW Returns Summary 

Record Date





Mar 25, 2021





Mar 12, 2020





Mar 07, 2019





*Returns are subject to change. The investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

Fund Return Summary 


CAGR Percentage

Point to Point Return on Standard Investment of Rs.10,000/-

1 Year


Rs. 15,581

3 Years


Rs. 18,800

5 Years


Rs. 23,403

Since Inception

Jun 29 2012


Rs. 47,320

*Returns are subject to change. The investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros and cons of Axis Focused 25 fund are:



The expense ratio of the Axis Focused 25 Fund is very low.

Equity market-related investment makes it a high-risk category fund.

It is a good investment option for long-term big financial goals.

Equity market investment only brings better returns if invested for a longer duration, making it unsuitable for short-term goals.

The high-risk factor can be minimized by diverting capital into diversified funds.

The fund does not provide any guarantee on the investment capital.

Only funds with better returns are selected for the investment.

Benefits of the Axis Focused 25 Fund 

  • Diversified portfolio: Due to the high-risk factor involved, Axis Focused 25 Fund has carefully selected 25 company funds that sail through the market's volatility. Investment capital is diversified into these 25 funds to minimize the returns. 

  • Long term investment: Long-term investments withstand the volatility of the market. All the selected funds have shown long-term durability in the equity market. 

  • Best return: A diversified portfolio not only reduces risk factors but also yields better returns for investors. 

  • Asset benefit: Equity funds hold the potential to withstand the inflation rates. The returns, as well as the units that you purchase, will grow your wealth in the long term.

  • Big target goals: Equity funds perform better in the long term. Axis Focused 25 Fund brings better returns as well as grows your capital to achieve the big financial goals in the future. 

Who Should Invest in the Axis Focused 25 Funds?

Following investors should invest in Axis Focused 25 Fund:

  • It is best suited for investors who have an appetite for high risk.

  • Better investment option for individuals with long term financial goals. 

  • Investors seeking to grow their wealth. 

  • Investors who don't mind investing in the equity market and have knowledge about the same.


  • Q. What is the asset allocation of the Axis focused 25 fund?

    Bajaj Finance Ltd. 9.68%
    Avenue Supermarts Ltd. 9.23%
    Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. 7.9%
    Info Edge (India) Ltd. 7.49%
    Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd. 6.38%
    Divi's Laboratories Ltd. 6.12%
    Pidilite Industries Ltd. 5.99%
    Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd. 5.26%
    HDFC Bank Ltd. 3.3%
    Supreme Industries Ltd. 3.26%
    Wipro Ltd. 3.23%
    Shree Cement Ltd. 3.06%
    Gland Pharma Ltd. 2.8%
    Sona BLW Precision Forgings Ltd. 1.95%
    MindTree Ltd. 1.25%
    Reliance Industries Ltd. 1.21%
    ICICI Bank Ltd. 1.08%
    Zomato Ltd. 0.85%
    PI Industries Ltd. 0.55%
    Bajaj Finserv Ltd. 0.55%
    Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. 0.28%
    Torrent Power Ltd. 0.28%
  • Q. What is the expense ratio? 

    A. The expense ratio is the cost levied upon the investors by the fund manager to manage the fund. It also includes the administrative overheads and stamp duties, and it is deducted from the returns generated over the funds. A higher expense ratio implies lower returns, and smaller expense ratios will yield you better returns. 
  • Q. What is the tax benefit of the Axis Focused 25 Fund?

    A. Returns generated by the Axis Focused 25 Fund do not provide any tax rebate. Returns are calculated as the investors' income, and tax will be levied on the investors as per their tax slab. As long as you hold on to the unit, you won't have to pay any taxes on it. However, if you sell the unit, you will attract income tax. 
  • Q. What is the fund allocation of the Axis Mid Cap Fund based on the market cap?

    A. The fund allocation of the Axis Focused 25 Fund based on cap companies is:
    Large Cap 87.65%
    Mid Cap 7.5%
    Small-Cap 0%
    Other Cap 0%

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan.
*Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. Standard T&C Apply
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:-
^^The information relating to mutual funds presented in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant for sale. Investment is subject to market risks and the risk is borne by the investor. Please consult your financial advisor before planning your investments.

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