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Mutual Funds have become one of the most popular investment options for Indians. They are market-linked and so are subject to the risks that a financial market poses. However, the returns can be anticipated relatively accurately keeping market fluctuation in mind.

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Mutual Fund Calculators come in handy as it provides existing and potential investors with a reasonable return sum estimate based on their investment capabilities and a few other prerequisites. Mutual fund calculators are offered by most companies and independent investment platforms.

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What Is a Mutual Fund Calculator?

Mutual Fund Calculator is a financial compute tool that takes simple values like total investment and years of investment as inputs to generate estimated returns. Some calculators can also allow users to select between one-time and monthly investments, mimicking the investment pattern used by most mutual funds.

The most popular and effective way to invest in mutual funds is to set up a Systematic Investment Plan or SIP - where customers invest a small amount of money every month on specific schemes. It must be noted that NAVs vary each month due to market fluctuations. 

A Mutual Fund Calculator provides customers with various options to get an estimated return on their investment. This includes lump sum investments as well as Systematic Investment Plans or SIPs. It offers quick results with high accuracy, saving their time and efforts while enabling customers to make informed decisions.

Why Should You Use Mutual Fund Calculator?

Quite often calculating a mutual fund return requires extensive research, which varies wildly between products and stocks that one chooses to invest in. 

Market fluctuations play a crucial role that impacts the investment’s rate of return and determines the average yield of a product from analyzing past performances. Since these require hefty calculations, the chances of human error increase enormously. 

A Mutual Fund Calculator simplifies this process by giving its users a flat assumed return based on their investment policy (one-time v/s monthly), investment duration in years and estimated ROI.

Advantages of Mutual Fund Calculator

  • Try Different Investment options: The use of a Mutual Fund calculator enables a user to enter different values for different potential products to get return estimates. One can then compare those values to determine the option that is best suited for their needs.
  • Accurate Results: A Mutual Fund Calculator provides an existing or potential investor with a fairly accurate estimate of the returns on their mutual fund investments.
  • Choose Investment Mode: The calculator also has options for one-time investments as well as monthly SIPs.
  • Save Time: It helps save time by eliminating the need to calculate manually. While the user still has to key in some values like the investment amount, duration of their investments, and the expected ROI. The overall process is quick and easy, often returning the result in mere seconds.
  • Easy Accessibility: Since it is an online tool, a Mutual Fund Calculator is accessible from anywhere. This makes it highly convenient to plan investments on the go.

How to Use Mutual Fund Calculator?

Companies offering mutual fund products facilitate their customers with an online calculator. Besides, a growing number of investment platforms in India have also started to provide this free tool on their website. 

All you must do is search for Mutual Fund Calculator online and put in the following details:

  • Enter the total amount of investment you have made or are planning to make. Alternatively, enter the monthly amount of rupees you want to invest or invest in (depends on the calculator you are using).
  • Enter the duration of your existing/planned investment in months or years as applicable.
  • Enter the rate of interest/return on your investment as you deem fit. If one has a stock product in mind to invest in or has already put money in any existing products, it is good to visit their website. This way, one can check out their recent and historical performance and yield rate to get a fair idea of what to expect in the coming years. Enter this rate here.
  • Click on 'Generate a Return' to get an estimated appreciated return value of your investment.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply

Information Required for Using Mutual Fund Calculator

While using a Mutual Fund Calculator, a user must provide the following information:

  • Investment amount: This can either be a one-time investment or a monthly SIP amount.
  • Total number of years of investment: Some tools also allow months instead of years for a better breakdown or analysis.
  • Expected Rate of Return/Interest (ROI) on your investment

In Conclusion

More people are investing in mutual funds every day to grow their savings. However, one must understand the return value of their investments for making informed decisions. One can either start investing in a product or shuffle existing investments into different products for a diversified portfolio. 

The process to calculate a mutual funds return manually is cumbersome and can take a significant amount of time and resources. Mutual fund calculators come in handy during such situations. It is a free online tool that you can use at your convenience.

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