Gold Rate in Pune

Today 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Pune (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Yesterday24 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 2936.00Rs 2967.00
8 Gram Rs 23488Rs 23736
10 Gram Rs 29360Rs 29670
100 Gram Rs 293600Rs 296700

Last Update on 18th Aug 2017


Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Pune (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Yesterday22 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 2748.00Rs 2779.00
8 Gram Rs 21984Rs 22232
10 Gram Rs 27480Rs 27790
100 Gram Rs 274800Rs 277900

Gold Rate in Pune

When it comes to metals, gold is, in general, the preferred commodity for people. The price of gold in Pune depends on various factors - the rise and fall of the commodity in international market, the exchange rate of rupee, and the surge and fall in the demand. Since there are no gold mines in Pune, the exporting factor is included in the fixation of price leading the gold price in Pune to be comparatively higher.

The latest gold rate in Pune rose highest in the country during the first week of March, fluctuated considerably in the second week, and contrary to the national trends, found stability in the third week of the month. There’s a good demand for gold in Pune and the rising rates have never really been a deterrence factor for people, as they tend to invest more in gold due to the excellent returns and reliability in its value as compared to other investments.

Gold Rate in Pune for Last 10 Days

18 August 2017 Rs. 2779.00 Rs. 27790 Rs. 2967.00 Rs. 29670
17 August 2017 Rs. 2748.00 Rs. 27480 Rs. 2936.00 Rs. 29360
16 August 2017 Rs. 2771.00 Rs. 27710 Rs. 2959.00 Rs. 29590
15 August 2017 Rs. 2771.00 Rs. 27710 Rs. 2959.00 Rs. 29590
14 August 2017 Rs. 2783.00 Rs. 27830 Rs. 2971.00 Rs. 29710
13 August 2017 Rs. 2783.00 Rs. 27830 Rs. 2971.00 Rs. 29710
12 August 2017 Rs. 2784.00 Rs. 27840 Rs. 2972.00 Rs. 29720
11 August 2017 Rs. 2756.00 Rs. 27560 Rs. 2944.00 Rs. 29440
10 August 2017 Rs. 2727.00 Rs. 27270 Rs. 2915.00 Rs. 29150

Pune Gold Rate Trend in Last 3 Month

Gold Rate in Pune

Pune has become an important development center in Maharashtra. Education and technology are the city main core industries. With an educated and wealthy population, Pune has lots of reliable investment opportunities.

The safest form of asset, gold is found easily in the city. But since there are no mine or ports nearby, Pune gold rate is a little more expensive than general.

Gold can be found in 22 and 24 Karat, where the purity determines the gold price. The 22 Karat is approximately 92% pure, and the 24 Karat gold (a.k.a. 916 Hallmarked) has almost 100% of purity.

Gold Price Movement in Pune

Gold price in Pune has been volatile in the past two months. Uncertainty regarding the Indian Union Budget kept gold demand oscillating. Also, the global reaction to President Trump made the prices unstable.

By the end of February, prices were climbing fast. On March 2017, the rates in Pune were the highest in the country. The current gold rate in Pune is now dipping, closing below previous prices.

Trading Gold in Pune

Pune has jewelry shops spread out all over the city. There it’s possible to buy and sell gold, with a small commission for the shop.

Also, there’s the gold futures market. You can bet on the gold price, using contracts that will expire on a future date. Although risky, futures are a good way to start in the gold business.

What to Expect

The outlook is favorable for long-term gold investors. For the occasional buyer, it is more interesting to wait. International gold prices are expected to drop in this year.

Here you can analyze today’s gold price in Pune, and better design your portfolio: