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SBI Home Insurance

The SBI Home Insurance is an insurance policy for residential properties offered by SBI General Insurance. It protects independent houses as well as apartments or flats from any unforeseen exigencies that may result in loss or damages to the structure and/or contents of the home. This policy provides comprehensive coverage to the insured house in the event of natural disasters, fire, manmade hazards, theft, etc. Whether you stay in your own house or a rented place, you can keep it safe from any adversities with an SBI house insurance policy. To get to know the premium, you can use a home insurance calculator as well.

Features and Benefits of SBI Home Insurance

Buying a house is a big decision. Many people in India put in their life’s savings to buy the house of their choice. Besides, you try to decorate it in the best way possible attracting additional expenses. With so much at risk, you must protect your house from all kinds of dangers and risks that may end up causing major financial loss, forget the emotional trauma. The best way to protect your house from any potential risks is by getting it covered under a home insurance policy.

There is no dearth of insurance companies offering home insurance plans in India, including SBI house insurance. Take a look at some of the most attractive features and benefits of SBI home insurance:

  • Offers coverage for contents and structure of the house
  • Both homeowners and tenants can buy the policy
  • Coverage for independent houses, flats as well as apartments available
  • Policy term for up to 30 years
  • Worldwide personal accident cover
  • Tenure discount available
  • Option to select terrorism cover
  • Cumulative bonus for up to 50% under PA cover available
  • Global coverage for baggage and all risk cover
  • Section discount for opting 5 or more sections
Home insurance

Types of SBI Home Insurance Plans

SBI home insurance offers two types of plans for residential houses. They are:

  • Long Term Home Insurance – It is a type of SBI house insurance plan that provides coverage to only the structure of the house against any fire & related perils, including manmade and natural calamities. This policy is available for a tenure of 3 years to up to 30 years.
  • Simple Home Insurance – It is a type of SBI house insurance plan that protects the structure as well as the contents of the house against any unforeseen risks. It also provides personal accident cover to the insured. This policy is available for a tenure of one year to a maximum of 3 years. Moreover, people can choose the coverage combination as per their choice amongst 10 sections available under this plan. However, a minimum of two sections, inclusive of section 1, is mandatory to get this policy issued.

The following table represents the coverage available under both types of SBI house insurance plans:


Types of SBI Home Insurance Plans

Long Term Home Insurance

Simple Home Insurance

Standard Fire & Special Perils





Not Included

All Risk Cover (Jewellery & Valuables, Portable Equipment)

Not Included


Burglary & Theft

Not Included


Breakdown of Domestic Electrical/ Electronic Appliances

Not Included


Public Liability

Not Included


Personal Accident

Not Included


Plate Glass

Not Included


Loss of Cash (In-transit)

Not Included



Not Included


Key Replacement

Not Included


Inclusions of SBI Home Insurance

SBI house insurance plans provide coverage for the following risks:

  • Standard Fire & Special Perils- It covers any loss or damages caused to the building structure or contents of the house due to:
    • Fire
    • Aircraft crash
    • Manmade hazards such as riots, strikes, malicious damages, etc
    • Natural calamities such as earthquake, flood, volcanic, bush fire, landslides, etc.
    • Impact damage
    • Explosion/ implosion
    • Bursting/ overflowing of water tanks
    • Lightning
    • Leakage from automatic sprinkles
    • Missile testing operations
    • Terrorism (optional)
  • Burglary & Theft – It covers the contents of the house against any losses arising out of burglary, theft or larceny. It also covers the personal money of the policyholder as well as his newly purchased contents for up to the specified limit.
  • Public Liability – This section covers any legal liability of the policyholder, involving litigation expenses and compensation, due to causing accidental death or bodily injuries or property damages to a person other than his family members. It also covers any claims payable to the domestic help of the insured under the Workmen Compensation Act.
  • Plate Glass – It covers any accidental damages or losses incurred on the plate glass fixed in the house.
  • Baggage – It covers the accompanied baggage of the policyholder and/or his family members against any accidental loss, theft or damage caused while travelling anywhere in the world. It also covers any contingency baggage purchased by the insured and his family while travelling.
  • Breakdown of Domestic Electrical/ Electronic Appliances – This section covers the cost of repairing any domestic electronic or electrical appliances in the house due to electrical and mechanical breakdown. The coverage is provided on the first loss basis and also covers any external damages caused to the audio/ audio-visual appliances.
  • Personal Accident – It provides personal accident compensation to the policyholder and his family members in case an unforeseen event results in their accidental death or disability. This cover comes with global coverage and also includes hospitalization expenses as well as the cost of repatriating the mortal remains of the insured.
  • Loss of Cash (In Transit) – It covers any money lost due to robbery, theft or hold-up within six hours of withdrawing the cash from an ATM or bank, provided the money was in the possession of the policyholder during the incident.
  • All Risk Cover – It provides worldwide coverage for any loss or damages to the jewellery, valuables and portable equipment of the policyholder on first loss basis. It also extends the coverage to any newly-purchased jewellery and valuables during the trip.
  • Key Replacement – Under this section, the cost of replacing the keys of the policyholder’s house or vehicle will be reimbursed in case it gets lost or stolen. It also provides Lock Out Reimbursement and Break In Protection to the insured.
Home insurance

Add-On Covers

Homeowners can extend their SBI house insurance coverage with the help of the following add-on covers on payment of an extra premium. Take a look:

  • Rent Expenses for Alternate Accommodation – Under this cover, It will cover the rent paid by the policyholder for alternate accommodation in case his house is getting repaired or reconstructed after an unforeseen mishap.
  • Impact Damage by Own Vehicle – With this cover, It will cover any loss or damages to the structure or contents of the insured house due to impact damage caused by the policyholder’s own vehicle.
  • Debris Removal – Under this cover, It will pay for the expenses incurred in getting the debris removed from the insured property after an unfortunate incident damages the house.
  • Loss of Rent – With this cover, It will compensate for the actual monthly rent lost by the house owner in case the house is unoccupied. The insurer will compensate for the loss of rent for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Temporary Resettlement Expenses – Under this cover, any expenses incurred towards temporary resettlement of the insured will be covered by SBI property insurance.
  • Architects, Surveyors, Consulting Engineers Fee – With this cover, SBI General will pay for the fee charged by the architects, surveyors and consulting engineer during the reconstruction of the house.

Exclusions of SBI Home Insurance

The following contingencies or risks are not covered under the SBI house insurance policy:

  • War – This policy does not cover any loss or damages to the house due to war, rebellion, civil war, an act of foreign enemy and related operations.
  • Kutcha Construction – SBI property insurance does not provide coverage to houses made of kutcha construction.
  • Nuclear Activity – This policy does not cover any loss or damages to the house due to nuclear activity, nuclear weapon, nuclear reaction and related perils.
  • Consequential Loss – It does not cover any loss or damages to the contents of the house arising out of consequential loss.
  • Intentional Damage/ Loss – Any loss or damage caused to the house or its contents intentionally will not be covered. Moreover, any losses incurred due to a theft carried out by the domestic staff of the house will also not be covered.
  • Negligence – SBI home insurance will not cover any loss or damages to the house arising out of the negligence of the policyholder or his family members.
  • Burning or Property by Public Authority – It will not cover any damages or losses incurred if the house is being burnt by the public authority.
  • Pollution and Contamination – Any loss or damages to the house arising out of contamination or pollution will not be covered under this policy.
  • Damages Due to Heating/ Fermentation/ Combustion – It does not cover any loss or damages caused to the house due to natural heating, own fermentation or spontaneous combustion.
  • Volcanic Eruption – Any loss or damages caused to the house due to volcanic eruption is not covered in this policy
  • Forest Fire – It does not cover any loss or damages caused to the house due to forest fires.
  • Loss of cash is also not covered.
  • Seepage Loss - Damage caused to the house because of Seepage. 
  • Loss of Art Work – paintings, antiques, or artwork unless they are separately covered. 
  • Storage Loss - Damage or loss to the stock that is kept in cold storage because of temperature change.
  • Electrical / Mechanical Breakdown – Appliance breakdown because of mechanical or electrical issues unless it is separately covered. 
  • Unmaintained Property: If you are unable to maintain your property properly, and it gets damaged. If this happens, then the insurance policy does not provide coverage against damage. 
  • Pre-existing Losses/ Damages: Any pre-existing damage such as any wear and tear or any defects. 
  • Home Business: If you have a small business that you are running in your home, then its equipment is as well not covered under a home insurance policy.
  • Damage Due to Rodent: Your home or property can get damaged because of rodents and a standard home insurance policy like Reliance Home Insurance does not provide coverage for the same.
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Who Can Apply for SBI Home Insurance?

SBI house insurance policy can be purchased by the following people:

  • Homeowners residing in their own independent houses/ apartments/ flats
  • Tenants who stay in flats/ apartments/ independent houses not owned by them
  • People who do not live in houses made of kutcha construction
  • Homeowners or tenants residing in houses located in India

Claim Procedure for SBI Home Insurance

If unfortunately, an unforeseen incident ends up damaging your house structure or its contents, you must raise a timely claim with SBI General Insurance. The claim procedure for SBI property insurance is very simple. Take a look at the steps involved in the claim procedure of SBI Home Insurance:

  • Inform SBI General Insurance Company about the mishap within 15 days (7 days for simple home insurance plan)
  • In case of theft/ burglary, contact the police and lodge an FIR or written complaint
  • Fill up the home insurance claim form and submit it along with other supporting documents
  • They may send a surveyor to the damaged house to inspect the extent of the losses
  • The surveyor will submit a report to the company
  • SBI General Insurance Company will approve the claim based on the documents submitted and surveyor report
  • The claim amount will be paid to the policyholder

Make sure to not get the house repaired or get the debris removed unless the surveyor inspects the damaged property.

Documents Required to Register a Claim

While making a claim with SBI home insurance, you may be required to submit the following documents to the insurance company:

  • Duly completed & signed home insurance claim form
  • Policy document
  • House ownership proof, such as the letter of possession, sale deed, etc.
  • Rent agreement (for tenants)
  • Contact details of the policyholder
  • Details of the loss, including type/ date/ location of the loss, etc.
  • Copy of Police FIR (for burglary claims)
  • Police investigation report
  • Copy of fire brigade report
  • Valuation reports
  • All bills and invoices
  • Estimated repair bill
  • Supplier’s invoice for replacement
  • Final repair bill
  • Proof of rent paid for the alternate accommodation
  • Bank account details
  • Court summons or legal notices (if any)

SBI Home Insurance Renewal Process

SBI house insurance policy should be renewed without fail to maintain the shield that it provides to your house. The process of renewing a home insurance policy is very simple. Here is a list of steps involved in renewing a home insurance policy by SBI General Insurance:

  • Go to the home insurance page
  • Select the option of renewing your home insurance policy
  • Login to your account using user id and password
  • Enter the details of your previous policy, including the policy number
  • Provide your contact details
  • Verify the policy details
  • Pay the final premium amount
  • Your home insurance policy will be renewed
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SBI Home Insurance FAQs

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Dabugam, September 21, 2020
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Best company
I have taken the sbi home insurance plan from the policybazaar and it is one of the best company. I have got to know good plans and the details. Thank you policybazaar.
Pune, May 16, 2016
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I purchase sbi home insurance plan. The policy is good with huge benefits. The policy coverage is high ~89% and the premiums are low. The claims are high and the claiming is easy due to fast service facilitate by the executives and staff member of the company. The behaviour of the staff is also nice. Good future investment which reduces the taxes.