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A home insurance policy is property insurance that helps you to cover your rented apartment or own home, and your items that are within various unforeseen circumstances like fires, burglaries, explosions, and storm. Digit Home Insurance protects your property from fire and natural calamities like floods and earthquakes through Standard Fire & Perils plan, whereas through its Burglary Policy, the company protects against burglary. However, both of these plans are combined within a single policy, i.e.  Digit Home Insurance.

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**All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*The premium of ₹ 9/month is for a pucca building with sum insured of ₹ 5 lakh at selected locations, for property age less than 40 years and policy term of 1 year. Additional premium is payable for the optional covers including contents opted.

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**All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
*The premium of ₹ 9/month is for a pucca building with sum insured of ₹ 5 lakh at selected locations, for property age less than 40 years and policy term of 1 year. Additional premium is payable for the optional covers including contents opted.

Features and Benefits of Digit Home Insurance Policy:

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments that you make as you spend almost all your earnings on it. Along with the structure, your home contains valuable items that range from your jewelry to its beautiful interiors. So, protecting it is your responsibility and a home insurance policy is what you should opt for. Digit Home Insurance is one such home insurance plan that provides the following features and benefits to safeguard your home:

  • Provides Value for Money: When we think about home insurance, we consider it an expensive affair. This is because it is all about protecting one of the most valuable assets. However, you should not worry as Digit Home Insurance ensures that your home is covered with its assets and it makes sure that it is affordable to your pocket.
  • Offers Options for Renters: More and more people nowadays are preferring rented apartments and Digit Home Insurance understands that. This is why it does not matter whether you own a home or live in a rented apartment, your place can easily be protected with a home insurance plan of your choice.
  • Do Everything Online: With digital insurance, you do not have to worry about going to their office for the purchase and renewal of your selected home insurance policy as everything is available online. Moreover, with lesser paperwork, you can purchase your home insurance from Digit Insurance online.
  • 24x7 Customer Support: Emergencies come without giving any prior intimation. This is the reason; the customer support of the company is available 24X7.
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Types of Digit Home Insurance Plans:

The Digit General Insurance company offers three options under home insurance plan:

  • Option 1: Under option 1, cover for only the contents of the home are covered. Here, your personal belongings are considered as contents of the home.
  • Option 2: Under this option, the house with its contents are covered.
  • Option 3: Under option 3, the properties of the house along with the content of the home and your jewelry are covered.

Digit Bharat Griha Raksha

IRDAI has made it mandatory for all General insurance providing companies to offer a standard home insurance plan named Bharat Griha Raksha. Go Digit has started providing Bharat Griha Raksha Home insurance policy that provides coverage to the Home building and Home contents. Bharat Griha Raksha home will cover any loss or damage or destruction caused to the building structure as well as the articles or things of the home.

  • If the buyer opts for home content with home building then general contents of the house will automatically be covered up to 20% of the SI of the home building subject to maximum of Rupees 10 Lakhs.
  • If the buyer opts only for home content then all the contents needs to be declared irrespective of SI.

Coverage Under Bharat Griha Raksha

The coverage provided by Bharat Griha Raksha under the specified sum insured are as follows:

  • Fire
  • Explosion or implosion
  • Lightning
  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption, or other like convulsions of nature.
  • Storm, Cyclone, Typhoon, Tempest, Hurricane, Tornado, Tsunami, Flood and Inundation
  • Subsidence of the land on which Your Home Building stands, Landslide, Rockslide
  • Bush fire, Forest Fire, Jungle Fire
  • Impact damage of any kind, i.e., damage caused by impact of, or collision caused by any external physical object (e.g. vehicle, falling trees, aircraft, wall etc.)
  • Missile testing operations
  • Riot, Strikes, Malicious Damages
  • Acts of terrorism (Coverage as per Terrorism Clause attached)
  • Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus and pipes.
  • Leakage from automatic sprinkler installations.
  • Theft within 7 days from the occurrence of and proximately caused by any of the above Insured Events.
  • The loss of rent and rent for alternative accommodation is also covered according to the number of months.

Apart from this the professional fees is covered at 5% of the claim amount and Removal of Debris is covered at 2% of the claim amount.

Optional Coverage Under Bharat Griha Raksha

There are 2 optional covers available under Bharat Griha Raksha plan. They are as follows:

  • Under home content cover the valuable contents on agreed value basis are covered. The sum insured as agreed between insured and insurance company based on valuation certificate. Also, no valuation certification is required for sum insured upto Rs. 5 Lakh and the individual item does not exceed Rs. 1 lakhs.
  • Personal accident i.e death of insured of his/her spouse is also available as a cover with SI of Rs. 5 lakh per person.

USP of Bharat Griha Raksha

There is not just one but 8 unique selling points of Bharat Girha Raksha Plan. They are as follows:

  • Policy Term - maximum upto 10 Years
  • Underinsurance fully waived
  • Forest Fire, Earthquake and terrorism as in-built covers
  • Theft cover within 7 days of covered peril.
  • Escalation Clause, Agreed Bank clause are in-built
  • For long term policy automatic increase of Sum Insured @10% per annum.
  • For annual policy automatic increase of Sum Insured by an amount representing 1/365th of 10% of Sum Insured.
  • Automatic reinstatement of Sum Insured

Exclusions in Bharat Griha Raksha Plan

There are some events and losses which are not covered by the Bharat Griha Raksha plan and they are as follows:

  • Your deliberate, willful or intentional act.
  • War, invasion, war-like operations.
  • Ionizing radiation.
  • Pollution or contamination.
  • The property is missing or has been mislaid.
  • Consequential or indirect loss or damage.
  • Loss or damage to bullion or unset precious stones, manuscripts, vehicles and explosive substances,
  • Addition, extension, or alteration to Your building more than 10% of its carpet area,
  • Costs, fees or expenses for preparing any claim.

*Please refer to the policy documents for the entire list of exclusions.

Note: You must know the following things about Digit Home Insurance policy:

  • Structure and Building: Under a home insurance policy offered by Digit General Insurance Company, the building represents the physical aspect of the house.
  • Content: Under content, personal belongings of the house are covered. Therefore, things like your furniture are also covered.

Inclusions of Digit Home Insurance

Digit Home Insurance offers coverage for the following risks:

  • Fires: Fires are really dangerous and can lead to many losses and damages to not only your home but its contents as well. However, Digit Home Insurance policy provides coverage for such situations.
  • Storms: A Digit Home Insurance policy also covers your home and its contents from the storm that may lead to potential losses and damages.
  • Aircraft Damage and Explosion: Losses and damages that are caused by explosions or by aircraft damage are also covered in Digit Home Insurance.
  • Floods: When rains are heavy and causing flood, your home can be impacted by it. In such situations, a Digit Home Insurance policy provided your protection. An insurance plan offered by Digit Home Insurance provides coverage against loss or damage caused due to flood.
  • Earthquakes: Nobody can avoid furies of nature, however, what you can do is make sure you are covered for any potential damages and losses that may come your way due to an earthquake. A home insurance policy offered by Digit as well provides you coverage for losses and damages that can occur because of an earthquake.
  • Burglaries: Burglaries are common in residential properties of India. However, if you have secured your home with a home insurance plan offered by Digit General Insurance Company, you can safeguard your home against losses and damages.
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Who Can Apply for Digit Home Insurance?

Digit Home Insurance policy can be purchased by the below-mentioned people:

  • Renters: If you are living in a rented home, it does not matter, as Digit Home Insurance policy provides coverage for rented properties as well. This is because your home is where your personal belongings are. From your electronic gadgets to the furniture of your home, everything is at risk in case of issues like floods, fire, and a robbery. Even though not all the insurance providers offer home insurance plans for renters, Digit Home Insurance provides insurance policies for the same so that everyone can be covered.
  • Owners of Home: If you have purchased a home recently, you should have a home insurance policy in your list of priorities. This is because you already have spent enough money on your newly constructed home and the least that you can do to keep the valuable items of your home safe and secure is get a home insurance policy.

Types of Home Covered in a Digit Home Insurance Policy

From independent houses to an apartment on rent, every type of home is covered in a Digit Home Insurance policy.

  • Independent Building: When you and your extended family members stay together in a standalone building wherein some of you own a flat or some a reliving in the rented home of that building only. In this case, you can select to get cover for them all in a single home insurance policy, which can be done by opting Digit Home Insurance plan.
  • Individual Flat: This type of home insurance plan offered by Digit is for those who live in an independent apartment that can be either part of a standalone building or housing society. This same can be either can be rented or owned by you. The Digit Home Insurance is suitable for both.
  • Independent Villa: If you are living in a rented house or villa or own one, a home insurance policy is there to protect your house and its belongings. Digit Home Insurance is there to protect your home and its contents from burglaries, storms, floods, and various other unforeseen situations.
Home insurance

Digit Home Insurance - FAQs

  • Q1: Are building and structure the same thing concerning home insurance policy?

    Ans: Yes, building and structure refer to the same thing, which is the physical aspect of your home like windows, outer walls, pillars, etc.
  • Q2: What should I do in case of damages to my home?

    Ans: In case of damages to your house because of events like robbery, fire, flood, storm, or earthquake, then you must instantly call the Digit Home Insurance Company by dialing their helpline number – 1800 – 258 – 5956. The company's customer service is available 24x7.
  • Q3: How can one select the right sum insured?

    Ans: In the terms of insurance, the sum insured means the maximum value you will be compensated for in case of various losses. It as well determines the value of your insured property such as a home. Therefore, you have to make sure that the selected sum insured consists of the actual value of your home and its contents. For selecting the right sum insured, you must consider your total square feet area and the approximate value of the contents of your home.
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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