LIC Bima Jyoti Premium Chart

With many other things, a term insurance plan is also a necessity to lead a financially stable future. To get the highest coverage at the least possible premium, you can consider the LIC Bima Jyoti plan. If you are planning to buy this plan, it is important to know the premium details.

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LIC Bima Jyoti Premium Chart

With many other things, a term insurance plan is also a necessity to lead a financially stable future. To get the highest coverage at the least possible premium, you can consider the LIC Bima Jyoti plan. If you are planning to buy this plan, it is important to know the premium details.

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Let’s discuss the LIC Bima Jyoti premium chart for your easy understanding. 

LIC Bima Jyoti Plan 

LIC Bima Jyoti Plan is a non-participating, non-linked individual savings plan that offers a unique combination of savings and protection. The plan provides financial security for the loved ones in case of an untimely death of the life insured during the policy tenure. 

Under this scheme, a guaranteed lump sum amount is provided to the surviving policyholder at the time of maturity. This scheme also takes care of liquidity requirements through its facility of loans. 

One can purchase this policy offline or with other third-party agents or online i.e., directly visiting the LIC’s official website. 

One of the most important features of this plan is the guaranteed additions that are added to the account of policy at the rate of 50 per thousand SA per year for the whole term plan. In a period of rapidly declining rates of interest, a policy with guaranteed maturity benefit is something not expected. 

LIC Bima Jyoti Premium Chart 

Premium is the amount of money that is required to pay by a policyholder to the insurer towards an insurance plan. LIC Bima Jyoti premium chart is the detailed information of the premium based on age, policy term, premium payment term, and sum assured. A term insurance calculator is also available online on company’s websites which you can use to derive how much you will be expected to pay as the amount of premium for the coverage you want. 

The below table illustrates the premium for an individual of 35 years of age for 20 years of the policy term and 15 years of the premium payment term. 

Age  35 years 
Policy Term  20 years 
Premium Payment Term  15 years 
Installment Premium  Rs. 78770
Premium Payment Mode  Annually 
Rate of GST in 1st year 4.5%
Rate of GST from 2nd year 2.25%
Sum Assured (in Rs.) 10 lacs 
Guaranteed additions / thousand per year  50

Policy year  Annual Premium  Guaranteed Benefits
Survival benefits  Guaranteed Benefits  Maturity Benefit  Death Benefit Guaranteed Surrender Benefit (Minimum)
1 78770 0 50000 0 1300000 0
2 157540 0 100000 0 1350000 47262
3 236310 0 150000 0 1400000 107039
4 315080 0 200000 0 1450000 190700
5 393850 0 250000 0 1500000 239500
6 472620 0 300000 0 1550000 289050
7 551390 0 350000 0 1600000 337225
8 630160 0 400000 0 1650000 401474
9 708930 0 450000 0 1700000 470237
10 787700 0 500000 0 1750000 543728
11 866470 0 550000 0 1800000 622182
12 945240 0 600000 0 1850000 705855
13 1024010 0 650000 0 1900000 795152
14 1102780 0 700000 0 1950000 890327
15 1181550 0 750000 0 2000000 992010
16 1181550 0 800000 0 2050000 1043664
17 1181550 0 850000 0 2100000 1099088
18 1181550 0 900000 0 2150000 1159241
19 1181550 0 950000 0 2200000 1348395
20 1181550 0 1000000 2000000 2250000 1413395

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C apply.


The main importance of the LIC Bima Jyoti premium chart is that the buyer can know the features of the product and the flow of the benefits. This illustration is valid for the standard life and wherein rider is not opted for. In any situation, the death benefit (total) at any time shall not be lower than 105 percent of the total paid premium, excluding the additional premium, GST, and rider premium (if any). 

Annual premiums exclude the underwriting additional premium, frequency premium loading, the premium amount paid for the riders. 

Factors Affecting the LIC Bima Jyoti Premium Chart 

LIC Bima Jyoti premium rates are dependent on several parameters. Most of them are conditions or situations that are in your control that might help you ensure your term plan premium remains low. Read on to know more about the parameters affecting the LIC Bima Jyoti premium rates: 

  • Gender: When a woman buys a term insurance policy, the premium or quotes are likely to be lower as compared to a man of the same age because as per the reports women have a greater life expectancy compared to men.

  • Age: Age is the important factor for determining LIC Bima Jyoti premium rates as age signifies your life expectancy and health. Younger people are expected to live longer and healthier, so their premium rates are lower as compared to older individuals. It is better to buy insurance at an early age. 

  • Lifestyle: Lifestyle habits such as drinking and smoking will increase your premium rates significantly as regular drinking and smoking have been found to reduce the life expectancy of people through illnesses, that might result in death. The premium rates for smokers and drinkers are high as compared to non-drinkers and non-tobacco users. 

  • Occupation: People who work in risky areas, will generally have to pay higher premium rates as compared to people who are at jobs with low-stress levels. 

Wrapping It Up!

LIC Bima Jyoti provides various benefits, however, you need to understand the premium details that fit in your budget and to recognize the factors that make your premium rates higher, so that you can make an informed decision of protecting you and your loved one’s objectives. We have also discussed the LIC Bima Jyoti Premium chart for your smooth understanding.

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