Drinking Less Can Pay You more, Invest Well

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Do we ever think about how much a drink of scotch costs us? 

Sadly, we do not! 

We happily spend a chunk of our earnings on expensive liquor and refrain from investing a portion of it towards ensuring a stable future. We usually have a mindset that we are still young to invest and for now it is the time to enjoy. While as a matter of fact, it is imperative to invest regardless of one's age and earnings. 

Let's take you through some interesting calculations to help you understand the idea better:

a.   12 bottles of Rum = Health Policy for your family

Investing the money you'd spend in buying 12 bottles of rum, which is Rs. 600 per bottle, towards the annual premium of a family floater health plan can cover you, your spouse and your child against all the medical contingencies and provide a sum insured of nearly Rs. 2 lac.


How hard is it to sacrifice a bottle of rum every month for your family's medical security?

b.   1 bottle of Scotch  = A Term Plan worth Rs. 1 Crore

Paying the cost of a bottle of scotch (approximately Rs. 7,000) towards a term plan per annum can keep you covered for a term of 35 years and guarantee a sum assured of Rs. 1 crore. 


Isn't a bottle of scotch too less a cost for your family's financial security in your absence?

c.   36 bottles of Wine = A good retirement plan 

How about giving up on 3 bottles of  wine a month and getting a pension of about Rs. 45,000 per month post retirement?

 A bottle of wine costs about Rs. 1,300, while investing Rs. 3,900 per month towards a pension plan can ensure peace and financial stability during the golden years of your life.

d.   24 bottles of Beer = A health top up plan

Drinking 2 bottles of beer less in a month can enable you to buy a top-up plan for your health insurance policy and offer an enhanced cover and added benefits for you and your family. By giving up on just 24 beer bottles in a year you can save approximately Rs. 4,500. You can invest this money in a health top-up plan which can ensure good coverage for your family.




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