How to Become a Crorepati by Investing Right

Is it possible to become a Crorepati in India, if you’re a common man? Honestly speaking, the answer is ‘NO’!
But, there’s a way out!

Many of us dream of becoming a Crorepati. However, only few of us would plan for it and achieve it. Although, you will find many considerable investment options such as Bank FD schemes, Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs), company FD Schemes, all these options are either high-risk options or come with a lower return.

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However, ULIPs, on the other hand, can help you grow your small investment into Lakhs and Crores.

Did you know that an investment of Rs. 12, 000 per month, can make you Crorepati?

Yes! You read it right.

You DON’T need to invest a lakhs of rupees to become a Crorepati.

There are a lot of investors who struggle while seeking investment options. A few invest in the stock market and burn their fingers.

A few of these investors make investments in company FD schemes and grumble about not getting returns by these companies.

End of the story is that they lose money.

Being an investor, you can plan well and make the right investment where you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day fluctuations in the market. One of the most sought-after options to become a Crorepati is investing in Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP).

What are ULIPs?

A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan or a ULIP offers an amalgamation of life cover and investment. As per the financial goal of the investor, risk tolerance, and time horizon, he can pick from a wide variety of fund options made available under the ULIPs of different insurance companies.

ULIPs are, particularly, the premiums’ invested portion, after the subtraction of all the premium and charges for your life coverage. The ULIP funds option is basically selected by the insured under all the unit-linked plans.


As ULIPs are investment-cum-insurance plans, they are one of the most productive options to pick for your investment. In the ULIP plan, the money is invested across the stock markets to produce abundant returns and offer you the coverage for a risk until the maturity of the policy.

Benefits of the ULIPs:

Benefits of ULIPs

Good Returns:

A Unit-Linked Insurance Plan can generate good returns based on the fund invested by you. If you invest the fund heavily in the capital markets, then if the stock markets work well, then the funds will also work well.

Good Insurance Cover:

Since ULIP offers a death cover, it works as a protection if the insured faces an unforeseen demise as the beneficiaries can file a claim for the sum assured.


ULIP offers you the option of swapping between the investments funds, to meet your changing needs and goals. You are also offered the flexibility of the movement of stocks’ prices and can swap between options such as cash, debt, or equity. You can also choose to program switches each month, where you can switch a fixed amount at a certain date.

Better Long-term Investments:

ULIP is an ideal option of investment for the individuals, who wish to invest funds for the long-term. The reason behind this is, that the fluctuations in the market tend to offer lower returns in the short-run. However, the long-term investments tend to produce very attractive returns.

Tax-free Returns:

A ULIP plan offers tax-free returns along with tax benefits. You can avail tax deduction under the Section 80C of the IT Act, 1961, for the paid premiums towards ULIPs. Moreover, the death benefits paid under the ULIP plan are also tax-free. The insured also has the value of the investment made against the fund or assured benefit – whichever is higher and the returns so obtained are not taxable either.

Partial Withdrawal:

The insured is also offered partial withdrawal on after the lock-in period offered that they are less than 20% of the policy’s fund value. The partial withdrawals are also tax-free.


An investor can also make investment of excess money via period top-ups offered by ULIPs. These top-ups also qualify for tax-deductions along with tax exemptions if the premium does not go beyond 10% of the sum assured.

How to Select a ULIP?

While selecting a ULIP, you must keep in mind the points that are mentioned below so that you can get the maximum returns depending on your risk handling capacity:

Depending on the goals of your personal investment:

Many investors choose ULIP plans to accommodate their personal investment goals like funding their children’s education, building the corpus of funds for themselves, retirement planning, etc. Based on your goals for investment, you must choose the type of plan.

Make Comparison of ULIP offerings:

Once you are done selecting your investment goal and the kind of ULIP scheme that will meet it, you must make compare the ULIP offers in the market. Keep a sharp vigil on your expenses, performance of the ULIP and premium payments. Keep a track of the mix of equities, shares and bonds the ULIP invests in to have a clear picture of the returns and security possible from the selected scheme.

Flexibility of Policy Term:

While selecting a ULIP, check if the chosen policy is offering flexibility in the terms of the benefits. Based on the tenure of the investment policy, look for long, medium and short-term ULIP schemes.

Investment Flexibility:

You must select those ULIP plans that permit you to make investments across classes, from stocks to bonds to equities. This will give you higher returns and allow high-risk investments at the time of inflation even if the initial investments were low-risk.

Exemplification of the Power of Compounding Calculator:

The above info graphic illustrates the power of compounding. Below is the table showing the details of the growth of the investment.

ULIP Calculator


Year Amount Invested Interest earned @15% Actual Value of Investment
2016 Rs. 1, 80, 000 Rs. 15, 317 Rs. 1, 95, 317
2021 Rs. 11, 70, 656 Rs. 1, 74, 569 Rs. 13, 45, 225
2026 Rs. 36, 12, 717 Rs. 5, 67, 717 Rs. 41, 79, 859
2031 Rs. 8758584 Rs. 13, 94, 362 Rs. 1, 01, 52, 946

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer. Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws. *Standard T&C Apply

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