Why Choose Best Monthly Income Scheme in India 2020?

Today with a plethora of options available in India, it becomes a tough choice to choose the best investment options. Investing is one of the best options for individuals as it helps you create an enormous wealth corpus.

Many of the retired individuals also look at various investment avenues to enjoy the golden phase of their life with a regular source of income.

Let us take a look below and understand the best monthly income scheme in India that should be considered to invest and make the most from it.

Why Should I Invest in the Best Monthly Income Scheme?        

The monthly income scheme essentially is an investment avenue, which parks enough cash in lower-risk securities. It is specifically designed to cater to those pensioners and investors who are risk-averse conservatively.

The monthly income plans provide a regular source of income for anyone who wishes to create a regular flow of income every month alternatively. Besides, the income, which is generated via the best monthly income scheme is in the form of dividend and interest.

This does not imply that the monthly income scheme offers revenue that is fixed. Like any other investment options that are market dependent and the returns are likewise governed by the generated profit.

What Do You Understand by Monthly Income Plan?

Today investment is an integral part of life and simply earning money is just not enough specifically in today’s times. It takes a lot of efforts, hard work, sincerity and time to earn money. To lead a comfortable lifestyle with no stress it is prudent to have enough money to easily manage the day to day expenses. Investments also help to achieve and fulfil various goals and dream. Therefore, you need to be smart with the investment option and make the money work harder. To put it simply, money lying idle in any bank account is a lost opportunity. So, invest the money smartly and avail good returns. There are a lot of investment options, some could be the traditional options and some are relatively new options that have become opulent in recent years. Do not take the investment decision in a rush, take your time and then make the decision.

The monthly income scheme approach is debt-oriented primarily as 70 per cent to 80 per cent of the fund moves into the debt funds whereas the stock options get the remainder.

The intent of doing so is to earn returns that are steady and capitalise upon the investment that too when it is possible via equity exposure.

What are the Types of Monthly Income Scheme?

When it comes to investing in the best monthly income scheme the investment options herein are of two types, which provides the opportunity to earn dividends and likewise helps in accelerating wealth.

Let us understand the following two types of monthly income plans:

Growth Oriented

Within this monthly income plan, the earnings, which are accrued upon the capital is added to the amount of investment that facilitates the creation of wealth alongside the corpus to grow.

Dividend Oriented

Within this monthly, the earnings are generated in the form of dividends. Moreover, there is the tax levied upon the individuals for the dividend paid. These dividends are paid from the surplus distributable and are paid when the fund can earn the profit from a market.

What are the Advantages of Monthly Income Plans?

The best monthly income scheme is one of the most feasible options. Listed below are the key advantages of the monthly income plans:

Lower Risk

When it comes to the best monthly income scheme, it mostly has a low-risk component. This happens because the money is invested in securities, which are low risk such as fixed-income tools, dividend stocks, preferred shares, and so forth.

Better Returns

The monthly income plans help to generate better earnings in comparison to any other posit office monthly income plan or a conventional fixed deposit.

Income Guarantee

Anyone who invests in the monthly income plan will earn assured returns every month, which mean guaranteed income. This quantum of the sum differing on the premise of the financial market does not affect it.

Open-ended Alternative

The best monthly income scheme is always open-ended. No processing charges need to be paid by any individual, which is the entry load when entering such a scheme. Moreover, it comes with an exit-load, which is less than one per cent of the complete sum assured.

No Upper Limit

An individual to invest in the plan as per the requirement and the capability. This best monthly income scheme does not come with an upper limit on the amount that is invested, which makes it flexible.

Fund Management

The monthly income plan is managed by expert fund managers who have an in-depth understanding of the investment market. The professional experts also observe when it comes to switching funds to equities and debts.


When compared to any other scheme the monthly income plan is more liquid. It has no lock-in period that is applicable upon the investment. The investors can easily withdraw the funds and meet any of the unexpected emergencies.

When Should I Invest in the Monthly Income Plan?

The best monthly income scheme is the perfect amalgamation of risk and reward. It is one of the most feasible investment alternatives specifically for the retirees who already have a source of income that is limited.

A monthly income plan also helps the retirees to plan against any unexpected expenses and provide them with a regular source of earning every month. Moreover, the investors are averse to perils and have an outlook that is conservative towards investment and helps one to park the money in the best monthly income scheme.

Anyone who belongs to a high tax bracket should also invest in the monthly income plan because it has higher tax-efficiency. Moreover, any individual who has a low tax bracket and further looking forward to improving the earnings scope should consider the growth-oriented alternative. This will enable them to earn high returns and also facilitates to reduce the burden of a tax associated with it.

The Bottom Line

As there are many monthly income plans available these days therefore individuals need to be extra careful while choosing a particular type of scheme. Moreover, before you choose the best monthly income scheme, assess the requirements and needs as an investor.

Or if you are struggling with a job and there is nothing palatable or worthy coming your way, then you should not worry or take the stress. There are plenty of ways that ensures a regular and steady flow of income every month. There could be a possibility that your business is not doing that great and you require more funds. Financial stability is something we all look forward at a certain point in time. Therefore, investing in the best monthly income scheme is the ideal option and should be chosen accordingly.

Comprehensive research over the monthly income plan is of no harm and it will help you to understand the offerings, scope and the performance as well. Likewise, this will also make you understand how you can make the most from the monthly income plan and put the finances in place.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 21 September 2020
Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.
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