NRIs Based Out Of United Arab Emirates May Raise Their Investment into India after Polls

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NRIs are keen towards increasing wealth and securing their financial future by investing into India

Post the general elections, UAE-based NRIs will increase their investments inflows into India.

As per the survey titled 'The NRIs' Investment Inflows into India - A Pulse Study', two-thirds of the NRI respondents have agreed that a new government will make way for a favorable environment that promotes investor-friendly retirement planning in India.

It has been a common belief of a majority of respondents that any new Indian leadership would bring about positive regulatory changes which would bring in more foreign investments, financial services reforms, better infrastructure and finally greater economic growth.
Such situations are unlikely in other markets as capital flows sometimes drop as investors wait for the outcome that policy changes would bring. They also wait for the plans individuals make for long term saving and changes regarding tax remittance.
In anticipation of the polls results, the UAE's Indian community (majority) can be seen making inward investments into India as it is every investor's natural tendency to invest and plan for retirement in their home country.

Like all expatriates, NRIs too are keen towards increasing wealth and securing their financial future.
The survey also recorded that NRI investments were present across an extensive range of asset classes, including formal savings schemes (45%), long-term investments plans (30%), formally known as retirement plans (26%) and government-backed infrastructure funds (15%).

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