Here’s What You Missed About the New Bharat Series Number Plate

The Government of India has recently introduced a decades-long change with the introduction of the new BH registration number plates, which will be launched with effect from 15th September 2021. Since inter-state travel has been made extremely smooth due to the road infrastructure and hassle-free car insurance renewal, many Indians have nowadays started cross-state travel with their vehicles. This article highlights how the problem of relocation to another state with an owned vehicle has been solved with the BH Number plate.

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Existing Vehicle Registration Mandate in India for Inter-State Vehicles

As per the existing law, when a vehicle is relocated to another state, getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the state where the vehicle is registered is a must. The vehicle owner also has to apply in the parent state on a pro-rata basis for the refund of road tax. This tax is charged when one registers a vehicle for the whole registered life which is 15 years.

In case a vehicle relocates to another state, the parent state would refund the remaining years of road tax, the remaining period tax will be paid by the vehicle owner in the new state. The refund process from the parent state is lengthy and tiring and also varies from state to state

New Vehicle Registration Mandate in India for Inter-State Vehicles

As discussed, the existing Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that the owner of a vehicle would be required to register their vehicle again, if they drive into another Indian state for more than 12 months.  

Rule 47 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 has now been amended by the government of India. The new mandate states that the vehicles that have a BH number plate registration will no longer be required to be re-registered if they are shifted to a new state for more than 12 months.

Why has the Government of India Introduced the BH number plate?

The Indian government has launched Bharat (BH) series number plates to provide relief to vehicle owners and help them reduce the hassle of transferring registration certificates of vehicles in case the owner is relocating to a new state.  

Who All Are Eligible for the BH Number Plate?

The new BH series number plate has been introduced to private, central, defense, state, government PSUs, and private sector companies. However, for newly introduced BH series number plates, the private sector needs to have offices in four or more states/ UTs.

A government/PSU employee, state, or center is eligible. However, when it comes to the private sector, an employee will be eligible for the BH number only if they have offices in a minimum of four states or union territories. The application process involves:

  • Filling up of Form 60 (Available on the Parivahan web portal)
  • Give valid Employment ID/proof online

The state authorities will then verify the submitted proofs and assign them to the BH registration, where the registration number will be generated by a computer

How Can You Avail the BH Number Plate?

The new BH series number plate can be easily availed by registering your vehicle online without having to go through the standard and complex offline registration processes at RTOs.

How Will the Plate Be Generated?

There is no scope for preference or guesswork in getting the registration number for the BH series vehicle because they are produced arbitrarily or randomly. The numbers will be written in black color on a white background and follow the steps below:

  • The last two digits of the year of registration are to be mentioned in the first 2 letters
  • The next in the series is the two-digit Bharat Series Code is there (XX)
  • The two letters after that are “BH”
  • Then, any random four-digit number from 0001 to 9999
  • Then it is followed by one or two letters A, B, C…. until AA, AB…...AZ, BA, BB, ……. to ZZ.
  • Not both “I” or “O” can be a part of the series, to avoid confusion between 1 and 0 with these letters

Applicable Taxes on the New BH Number Plate

There are some set of taxes applied on the latest number plate, which are listed as follows:

1. Road tax: In vehicles where there is a state-wise registration number plate, the citizens must pay the road tax for 15 years. For other vehicles which are registering under the Bharat (BH) series, road tax must be paid only for 2 years. After the 2 years is over, the vehicle owner is free to move to a different state and then they can pay the road tax as per the respective state’s policy.

2. Motor vehicle tax: Getting the number plate doesn’t give the vehicle owner the liberty to skip RTO or the registration tax/fee. Though, the central government will certainly collect the fees according to the matrix stated below:

  • Electric motors or other electric vehicles will be charged 2% less
  • Diesel vehicles will be charged 2% higher
  • The difference in the charges is also in conjugation to the global warming initiatives taken by the government

The vehicle invoice price also varies on various factors which deduce the taxes as stated below:

  • Below 10 lakh rupees: 8% motor vehicle tax of vehicle invoice price
  • Between 10-20 lakh: 10% motor vehicle tax of vehicle invoice price
  • Above 20 lakhs: 12% motor vehicle tax of vehicle invoice price

An extra charge of 2% is applicable on the diesel vehicles and redemption of 2% on the Electric vehicles


From keeping valid motor insurance to ensuring timely car insurance renewal, owning a vehicle always calls for certain legal formalities. Though traveling to another state in India never calls for any such legal prerequisites, traveling with your own vehicle has still always called for several challenges. Relocation to another state with a vehicle that is registered in another state has been a major trouble for frequent travellers and job seekers.

With the introduction of the BH (Bharat) number plate series, the Government of India has single-handedly solved the big hassle of relocation with owned vehicles from one state to another. Not only will relocation be completely hassle-free for citizens now, but it will also not call for any unwanted trouble on the road. Gradually, this exceptional BH plate series will be available to all Indian citizens making frequent relocation smoother.

Written By: PolicyBazaar - Updated: 06 October 2021
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