Bajaj Auto to Launch its E-Rickshaw this June 2022

Bajaj Auto is all set to expand its offerings in the electric vehicle segment. This June 2022, the company is adding new three-wheeler products in the public transportation segments. These three-wheelers will have telematics which will let the fleet owner control it. If you are planning to get this environment-friendly ride, read the below article and make sure to secure it with a three-wheeler insurance.

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What's New in the Market?

With this electric three-wheeler debut, Bajaj Auto will launch other variants in this passenger carrier segment which is commonly known as auto rickshaw.

According to the statement of the Executive Director of Bajaj Auto, Rakesh Sharma, they have a comprehensive range of public transportation and will be using the current brand name. Bajaj electric auto rickshaws will leverage the market so that every driver, mechanic, and fleet owner can enjoy the benefits of this.

About the New Bajaj Electric Auto Rickshaw

Just like there Chetak e-scooter, the launch of the new Bajaj e-rickshaw is expected to launch in Pune and Bangalore first.

The Baja RE EV three-wheeler auto-rickshaw is a fully electric passenger vehicle in which the first seat is designed for the driver, and the three seats behind are for passengers.

The dimensions of the rickshaw include a length of 2,714 MM, a height of 1,772 MM, and 1,350 MM in width. It has a wheelbase of 2,010 MM, and the GVM is 732 KG. It gets the power from the electric motor of 4.3 Kilowatt that generates power of 5.85 PS. The rickshaw can maintain a maximum speed of 42 KM/HR for 30 minutes. The Bajaj RE EV is equipped with a Bosch Pricol battery, IP69K power controller, an IP20B traction motor, and a 1.2 Kw battery charger.

Specifications of Bajaj RE EV

  • Battery range- 120 KM
  • Battery type- 48-Volt lithium
  • Power- 3 Kilowatt

Indian Electric Three-wheeler Market

As per the report of IMARC Group 2021, the electric three-wheeler market of India reached a value of US$ 754.5.

These e-rickshaws have emerged as an environment-friendly and convenient mode of public transport for the Indians. These vehicles use battery-based electric motors that are eco-friendly and reduce the cost related to fuel consumption. Moreover, the electric three-wheeler market is expected to reach US$ 1,874.9 million by the year 2027.

Generally, these e-rickshaws are classified into load carriers and passenger carriers. The rising prices of several fuels, including petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG, etc., have led to a shift in the demand for electric three-wheelers.

Moreover, the Indian government is also working effortlessly to reduce GHG emissions from fuel-powered vehicles, introducing subsidies & financial help to increase the sale of e-vehicles.

Furthermore, they have invested in upgrading public battery charging infrastructures so that people can demand these electric three-wheelers in the country. Even many Indian three-wheeler manufacturing companies like Bajaj Auto are working efficiently to deliver noise-free and eco-friendly rides to their customers.

With technological advancements, now three-wheelers are equipped with remote sensors, GPS-enabled navigation, anti-theft locking system, etc. Thus, all these factors will push to drive a positive electric three-wheeler market growth in the coming years.

Significance of Three-wheeler Insurance

As the run time of e-rickshaw is more and hence, they are subjected to a higher risk of getting into any road mishaps. As an e-rickshaw owner, you must have commercial vehicle insurance. Three-wheeler insurance provides financial protection against the several unpredicted damages that might create a hole in your pocket.

An insured e-rickshaw ensures that you don't have to face any downtime or losses during any road emergency. Various factors affect the premium of your commercial vehicle insurance plans, such as the cubic capacity of your e-rickshaw, the driving history, the usage of the vehicle, the locality you reside in, and the type of coverage you have opted for.

If you are planning the all-new Bajaj RE EV, do not forget to opt for the best commercial vehicle insurance plan to protect your e-rickshaw from the losses caused due to road accidents, natural calamities & man-made disasters, fires, theft, and any other unforeseen circumstance.

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Final Thoughts

Due to the rising fuel prices, automobile manufacturing companies like Bajaj Autos is set to launch their e-rickshaw this June 2022. Moreover, it is expected that the electric Bajaj RE will look more stylish with a distinctive design and a digital instrument cluster enabled.

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