Best Three-wheeler Range by YC Electric in India

The Indian electric three-wheeler segment has shown vigorous growth over the past few years. They are the highest potential in the electric vehicle market as India has marked a record of 45% share in total EV sales in the fiscal year 2022. Electric three-wheeler vehicle manufacturers like YC electric are already topping the race. Read on to know more about YC Electric 3-wheeler and e-rickshaw insurance.

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About YC Electrics

YC Electrics offers e-rickshaws with robust built, durable, and affordable pricing.

Are you looking to expand your fleet or an individual who wants a durable and affordable vehicle that can fulfill all your demands? Find out the best of YC Electrics e-rickshaws to cater to all your demands-

  1. YC Electric Yatri Super

    Yatri Super is one of the popular e-rickshaw models and comes with a GVW of 693 KG. It generates 1505 Watts of power with a range of 90 km. This model of e-rickshaw is a cabin variant and a fully-body built. It starts with an affordable price range of Rs 1.69 lakh. The height of the e-rickshaw is 1755 mm and the width of 995 mm. It can accommodate four passengers and a driver.

    Before jumping to the specifications of the YC Electric Yatri Super, it is recommended you to obtain e-rickshaw insurance for it and protect it from unanticipated risks.

    Specifications of YC Electric Yatri Super

    • Type of Engine- BLDC Motor
    • Maximum Speed- 25 KMPH
    • Number of Tyre- 3
    • GVW- 693 KG
    • Kerb Weight- 313 KG
  2. YC Electric Yatri Deluxe

    The next on the list is YC Electric Yatri Deluxe which has 706 KG of GVW. The model is powered with a 1400 Watts battery to deliver 90 km of range. This model also has a full-body built cabin and starts from an affordable price range of Rs 1.35 lakh. It has a height of 1720 mm, a width of 990 mm, and a length of 2760 mm. The overall capacity of this e-rickshaw is four passengers and a driver.

    As a fleet owner, you must get it insured with affordable commercial vehicle insurance and protect it from unpredicted risks like fire, accidents, theft, and disasters.

    Specifications of YC Electric Yatri Deluxe

    • Type of Engine- BLDC Motor
    • Maximum Speed- 25 KMPH
    • Number of Tyre- 3
    • GVW- 706 KG
    • Kerb Weight- 326 KG
  3. YC Electric E Loader

    YC Electric E Loader is an entry-level e-rickshaw. It comes with 742 KG of GVW and can cover 90 KM of range with 1505 Watts of power. It starts with a price range of Rs 1.35 lakh and is a deck body variant.

    If you are planning to buy this variant from YC Electric, obtain a Yatri e-rickshaw insurance with it. This will give your vehicle extensive protection against several associated road risks, including accidents.

    Specifications of YC Electric E Loader

    • Type of Engine- BLDC Motor
    • Maximum Speed- 25 KMPH
    • Number of Tyre- 3
    • GVW- 742 KG
    • Kerb Weight- 344 KG
  4. YC Electric Yatri Cart

    The last is the YC Electric Yatri Cart. This one is the most demanded model as starts at an affordable price range from Rs 1.60 lakh. This e-rickshaw can perform a variety of applications from delivering goods to intra-city communication. This cargo delivery vehicle comes with a GVW of 742 KG and can perform with 1400 Watt for 90 KM of range. This one also has a cabin and deck body.

    If you are willing to buy this model, make sure you have at least third-party commercial vehicle insurance.

    Specifications of YC Electric Yatri Cart

    • Type of Engine- BLDC Motor
    • Maximum Speed- 25 KMPH
    • Number of Tyre- 3
    • GVW- 742 KG
    • Kerb Weight- 344 KG

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Final Words

All the above-mentioned YC Electric e-rickshaws serve the last mile connectivity in all the metro cities. All these models are equipped with a BLDC motor for powerful performance and superb mileage. Moreover, it is recommended for your to buy Yatri e-rickshaw insurance for these models and get extensive coverage from road emergencies.

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