Cashless Garages for Commercial Vehicle Insurance

In case of damages to your commercial vehicle due to an accident, after the feeling of anxiety and disbelief, the thing that you should think about is getting your vehicle back into its shape. To do so, you must have to choose a workshop that provides reliable commercial vehicle service at a reasonable rate. One of the best ways to do so is to opt for a network garage of your commercial vehicle insurance provider. At network garage, you get cashless service of your commercial vehicle, and hence they are also known as cashless garages.

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What is a Cashless Garage?

Most commercial vehicle insurance providers today allow you to get the repair service of your vehicle at their authorized garages. These authorized garages are also known as cashless garages or network garages.

The reason for calling them cashless garages is, their provision of cashless repair or service of the commercial vehicle. This means you can get the repair service done at such garages of your insurer without spending money as your insurer settles the claim directly with it.

While the reason for calling them network garages is their authorization from your commercial vehicle insurance provider. So, a network garage is a garage that is authorized by your insurance provider and hence it comes in its list of network garages.

An insurance company includes a garage in its list of network garages according to the following criteria:

  • Its transparency in pricing
  • Honest and fair service
  • Repairs and services according to the agreement with the insurance provider
  • Well-trained staff and who does the work of repair efficiently
  • Quotes for services that align with the initial quotes
  • The simple and fast process to raise a claim.

So, if you have purchased commercial vehicle insurance online, you can also search for its list of cashless garages online or on its webpage.

Cashless Claim Settlement at Cashless Network Garages

With various benefits and features, a commercial vehicle insurance provider also offers the facility of cashless claim settlement.

Under a cashless insurance cover, you get the benefit of getting the repair work or service of your commercial vehicle at a workshop that has tip-up with your insurer. Here, you do not have to pay for the service or repair work upfront to the garage. The insurance company settles the claim with the garage/ workshop once the service is completed or repairs are done.

Most commercial vehicle insurance companies have thousands of garages in their network. These garages are spread across the country. In case of a claim, if you have opted for a cashless facility, you just need to take your commercial vehicle to one of such garages. The list of the network garages is provided in your insurance policy. Moreover, if you have bought commercial vehicle insurance online, you can search for a cashless garage online.

You must follow the below-mentioned process to get cashless service at your insurance provider’s cashless garage:

  • Take your damaged commercial vehicle to the network garage of your insurance provider for repair.
  • The commercial vehicle is then inspected there. After this inspection, approval for the cashless claim settlement is given.
  • The garage then performs all the repair work on your commercial vehicle and forwards the bill with other relevant documents to your insurer. The insurer then performs a thorough evaluation of these bills and documents.
  • After successful evaluation, investigation, and verification, the insurer pays the bill amount to the cashless garage.
  • The insurer does not pay the amount of deductible, depreciation, and a voluntary deductible component of the claim amount. You have to bear these expenses on your own.

If you opt for a network garage, besides a cashless facility, you get many other benefits.

Benefits of Selecting a Cashless Garage

Opting to get the service of your damaged commercial vehicle at the authorized workshop of your insurer has many benefits:

  • The complete process of claim settlement and repair goes without any hassle. The whole process is efficient and quick at such garages.
  • Some of the cashless network garages also provide you the facility of pick and drop of your commercial vehicle. This is suitable when your commercial vehicle is damaged heavily and cannot be driven to the garage.
  • When you report an accident to your insurer, it assigns a surveyor. This person examines the damages and sends the report to the insurer. The insurer approves the claim only after the report of the surveyor. If you get the service at a non-network garage, the surveyor may take a long to report to the insurer as the garage is not on his/her daily rounds.

In addition to this, the network garage also provides a guarantee on its repair work. So, it is always a plus to get the service done here.

The Final Words!

So, this is a small walkthrough of cashless garages for commercial vehicles. You must try to get the cashless service for your commercial vehicle until and unless it is compulsory to get it done at some non-network garage.

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