How To File Claim for Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance Online?

Damage caused by any commercial auto-rickshaw in case of an accident or unforeseen situation adversely affects the third party and leads the rickshaw owner to major financial losses. However, having the right auto rickshaw insurance online policy can help you in dealing with unforeseen financial loss. All you need to do is raise a claim for the damages on time.

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Types of Claims Raised Under Your Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance Online Policy

Under your Bajaj auto rickshaw insurance online, you can generally raise three types of claims.

1. Third-party Claim 

The third-party claim refers to those claims that are raised to seek coverage for the third person/party liabilities. For instance, if your auto rickshaw has caused any damage to third-party life or vehicle, then the first thing you need is to file a complaint to your nearest police station.

Then you must contact your insurer and explain to them the whole incident. In case you are the victim, collect all the information about the vehicle that has caused damage to your auto-rickshaw. Also, do not forget to intimate your insurer and the police about the accident.

2. Own-damage Claim 

An own-damage claim is a self-explanatory term, which means you will raise the claim when your own auto-rickshaw is damaged in an accident. In such cases, you must inform the police first and then your insurer about the incident as early as possible. Do not try to move your vehicle from that place rather take pictures of the accident for the proof. It will help you further at the time of the claim settlement process. 

Once your insurer is aware of the situation, they will send a surveyor to check the damages caused to your auto-rickshaw. In case you have opted for a cashless facility, they will tow the vehicle to the nearest network garage and pay the repair cost directly to the garage. If not, then you have a reimbursement claim facility, where you have to submit the documents required for the claim process to your insurance provider. 

3. Theft Claim 

Theft claim refers to those claims when your auto-rickshaw gets stolen. In such a situation, do not panic and inform the incident to the police immediately, then RTO & your insurer. Keep all the required documents for the auto-rickshaw claim process ready. Also, if your insurer asks for the keys of the insured auto-rickshaw then submit it to them. 

Process of Raising a Bajaj Auto Rickshaw Insurance Claim Online 

Having a third-party auto rickshaw insurance is mandated by law in India. The third-party auto rickshaw insurance cost is minimum, and you can buy it from any insurer. The claim settlement process of auto-rickshaw online insurance is rather simple. Just follow the below steps- 

1. Intimate Your Insurer 

The first step is to intimate your insurer about your mishap. Also, provide the information in detail, and be transparent with your issues. Any fabricated story can lead to claim rejection. 

2. Register an FIR at the Police Station 

The next step is to file a First Information Report (FIR) at your nearest police station.  In the case of theft, third-party loss, own damage, or fire explosion, report it early. 

3. Take the Photographs of Your Damaged Vehicle 

Do not forget to take pictures of your damaged auto-rickshaw and the place of the incident. Also, share them with your insurer as proof for a faster claim settlement.

4. Assessment of the Damages & Losses 

After receiving all the proofs from your side, your insurer will assign a surveyor to assess and evaluate the damages to the insured auto rickshaw. Once the inspection is completed, they will send an assessment report to your insurance company. On that basis, your insurer will settle the claims. 

5. Submission of Documents to the Insurance Company 

Your insurer will ask for a list of documents to complete the auto-rickshaw claim settlement. The list includes your policy documents, the FIR, DL of the driver, RC of the auto-rickshaw, and the claim form duly filled & signed by the policyholder. 

6. Repairing of Auto Rickshaw 

In case of the cashless claim process, your insurer will tow the insured vehicle to the nearest network garage and get it fixed. At last, you can take the auto-rickshaw to your home without paying the bill for the repairs as it will be settled by your insurer. 

On the other hand, if you have chosen a reimbursement claim, you will have to pay the bill after repair and send the receipt to your insurer. Once the claim is approved by your insurer, you will be reimbursed for your expenses in your bank account.

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Things to Keep in Mind at the Time of Claim Settlement 

You must inform your insurer as early as possible after the incident. In case your policy is expiring soon, make sure to go for auto rickshaw insurance renewal on time. When your insurer asks for information like policy number, details of the incident, date & time of the incident, location of the incident, and other details, be transparent with them. 


The claim settlement process for auto rickshaw insurance is simple and hassle-free. Remember your insurer will cross-check all the details related to the mishap before approving the claim, so make sure you are transparent. Also, do not forget to take enough pieces of evidence like pictures of the damages and the place of the accident. For a quick and seamless experience, be cooperative with your insurer and surveyor.

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