Why Tractor Driven Cultivator Is Important for Ploughing

Farming is work that requires a lot of manual labour and hard work day & night. The process includes working on the field, planting seeds, growing crops and vegetables for consumption, and so on. The most challenging part for farmers is to loosen the soil. To make the task easier they use a cultivator. 

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There are two types of cultivators one is, manual cultivators and two is, industrial cultivators popularly known as tractor-driven cultivators. Also, to protect the newly bought cultivator from any uncertain damage you can buy tractor insurance online. It will provide coverage to you in case the insured tractor gets damaged.

Importance of Cultivation

The cultivation is required for ploughing to loosen the soil. It helps to remove unwanted plants from the soil's surface. The process helps to equally distribute the fertilizers on the ground.

Cultivation plays a vital role in improving the soil quality before the seeding process. The enhanced quality of the soil means fertility of the soil and healthy production of the crops.

Methods of Cultivation

Farmers mainly use two methods of cultivation which are explained below:

1. Intensive Method: In this method, farmers use capital, labour, and advanced technologies to increase productivity. Hence, with this method, the output is always huge.

2. Extensive Method: This method is slightly opposite of the intensive method. Farmers use a large portion of the land and cultivate with less amount of capital and labour. Hence, the output produced per hectare is less in comparison with intensive cultivation.

Benefits of Industrial Cultivator

1. Soil Inflate

The cultivator plays a vital role in inflating the soil. The hard metal tines of the cultivator break the hard lumps on the soil's surface. The process makes the soil healthy and by loosening the surface and distributing equally it leads to better production as the proper distribution of the fertilizers contributes to the healthy functioning of the soil.

2. Fertilization

Tractor-driven cultivation helps to equally distribute the organic compost and synthetic fertilizers on the surface of the soil. This provides the right nutrients to the plant's roots. The cultivator spreads and mixes the fertilizers which leads to healthier and faster growth of the crops. Also, it prevents the wastage of fertilizer as it proportionately spreads it on the field, whereas manual cultivation spreads it un-proportionately which is a wastage of fertilizers and compost.

3. Controls Weed

There is a weeding process wherein the farmer removes the unwanted plants from the ground of useful crops' fields. tractor-driven cultivators make the job easier for the farmer.

4. Better Output Production

A tractor-driven cultivator inflates the soil and saves so much time. The farmer can use this time in another production process. The cultivator helps to increase the productivity of the soil. This eventually leads to an increase in the value of the land.

This is the ultimate reason why farmers use tractor-driven cultivators for ploughing nowadays.

5. Reduce Manpower

This is easy to understand, if the machine will save time then the farmer can produce more. There is a rise in the quantity of production since the time farmers have rejected the traditional ways of ploughing and accepted the modern tractor-driven cultivators for the same. This also leads to healthier production, more profits, and less manpower in the fields.

Top 3 Cultivators in India

Following is the list of the top 3 cultivators available in the Indian market for the farmer:

1. Mahindra Cultivator

  • It has 35-65 HP implement power as it is designed to break the hard lumps on the surface of the soil.
  • It is strong, robust, and efficient in handling farming applications.
  • It is simple to operate. A farmer can easily adjust its settings and operations.
  • It saves time.
  • Mahindra cultivators have three models namely, Rigid 9 tyne tiller, Rigid 11 tyne tiller, and Rigid 13 tyne tiller with a loading capacity of 65 70 and 70 kgs respectively.

2. Universal Heavy Duty Rigid Cultivator

  • It is a heavy-duty rigid cultivator model efficient in handling heavy cultivation operations.
  • It has 30-55 implement power which consists of strong 3 models namely, BEHDRC-7, BEHDRC-9, and BEHDRC-11.
  • All the models have tyne spacing of 228mm (9")
  • Its reliability, durability, and versatility attract many farmers.
  • The tynes are sharps that handle all the hard lumps of the soil very easily and help to increase the quality of the field.

3. Universal Bharat Spring Loaded Cultivator

  • It is considered the most powerful cultivator available in the Indian market.
  • The robust model works perfectly on the hard surface of the soil.
  • It has 20-25 HP implement power. This is what makes it strong and potent for the cultivation application.
  • The company has 4 models namely, 5 TYNE, 7TYNE, 9TYNE, and 11 TYNE.
  • Its reliability, durability, versatility, efficiency, and power attract many farmers.
  • It has M 12*35 mm frame bolt.
  • The cultivator is economical for farmers and suitable for both small and large lands.

The Final Word

Farmers are using tractor-driven cultivators for ploughing nowadays because it saves time and reduces manpower. It is advisable to compare the features of the machines before buying one. Also, you can buy tractor insurance online to safeguard your insured tractor against any uncertain damage.

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