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Unique And Modern Indian Baby Boy Names And Meanings 2024

Your baby boy is a bundle of joy, a precious gift, and a source of endless love. As parents, choosing the ideal name for your little prince is both thrilling and time-consuming. Exploring unique Indian baby boy names and understanding their significance is crucial for parents eager to honour their cultural roots while choosing a special identity for their sons. 

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Let’s discuss the diverse and beautiful Indian baby boy names, each carrying its own unique essence and meaning.

Best Indian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Selecting new baby boy names is a significant and heartfelt choice. Whether you're inclined towards baby boy names, Hindu or Tamil baby boy names or prefer Muslim baby boy names or even Christian baby boy names, we have covered a lot of unique baby boy names. 

  1. Baby Boy Names Starting With A

    Aahan - Dawn / Morning

    Aakesh - Lord of the sky

    Adit - From the beginning

    Aeshan - In Gods grace

    Ailesh - Lord of everything

    Aarav - Very Peaceful

    Avish - King, Earth

    Avyaan - Someone who is perfect

    Abeer - Colours; Something/someone vibrant

    Abhijvala - Someone who is marching forward

    Advik - Unique

    Anay - One who leads himself

    Achintya - Someone inconceivable; Another name of Lord Shiva

    Adhrit - Someome who is unrestrained and free

    Aryaman - The sun; A close companion

    Anshul - The first ray of the sun

    Abhimanyu - Someone with self-respect

  2. Baby Boy Names Starting With B

    Bhaavik - Sentimental; full of emotions

    Bhavin - Someone who is Illustrious; A blessing

    Balaraj - Someone who is strong

    Basistha - A sage/hermit

    Bhadrak - A handsome man

    Bhairav - A form of Lord Shiva

    Bhaskar - The Sun

    Bhaumik - Someone who is attached to the ground

    Bhavesh - The Lord of the world

    Bhadrang - Someone with a beautiful body

  3. Baby Boy Names Starting With C

    Chaitanya - Someone who is very knowledgeable

    Chanakya - Someone very bright; A great scholar

    Chandraj - The planet Mercury

    Chandran - The Moon

    Chinmay - Very blissful

    Chintya - Worthy of thought

    Chirayu - Someone who is immortal

    Chitraksh - Someone with beautiful eyes

    Chittaranjan - Joy of inner mind

    Chirag - A lamp, The bright heir of a family

  4. Baby Boy Names Starting With D

    Debashish - Benediction of God

    Daksh - Someone who is abled and talented 

    Daivya - Someone/something divine

    Daljit - A winner 

    Darpan - A mirror

    Daipayan - Born in a beautiful island

    Darshik - The perceiver

    Devya - Someone with divine power

    Divyank - Flame/Bright/Radiant

  5. Baby Boy Names Starting With E

    Edhaas - Pure happiness

    Ednit - Someone who is evolved

    Ekachakra - Son of Kashyapa

    Ekachith - Sole minded/Focused

    Ekansh - Complete/Whole/One

    Eshan - Another name of the Sun

    Eshav - Someone who has a special gift

    Ehan - An expectation 

    Ekaksha - Another name for Lord Shiva

    Ekagrah - Very focused

    Evyavan - Granting desire on an object; Another name for Lord Vishnu

    Evansh - A part of Eva/Adam

  6. Baby Boy Names Starting With F

    Firdaus - The paradise/heaven

    Farhat - A lot of happiness

    Fravash - The guardian angel

    Falgun - A hindu month

    Faneesh/Fanish - Another name for Lord Shiva

  7. Baby Boy Names Starting With G

    Gaurang - Someone who is fair and beautiful

    Gagan - The vast sky

    Geet - A song

    Gokul - Where Lord Krishna was brought up

    Gunjan - The buzzing of bee

    Gupil - A secret

    Gurmeet - Friend of the guru/teacher

    Gyaan - Knowledge

    Gitarth - Another name for Lord Buddha

    Grihith - Understood/Accepted

    Grahish - Lord of the planets

    Gandheep/Gandhip - Another name for Lord Ganesha

    Gaurish/Gauresh - Another name for Lord Shiva

    Gaurang - Another name for Vishnu/Krishna

    Geetanshu - A part of the Holy Bhagawat Geeta

    Gavisht - An abode of light

    Geetham - Another name for Lord Krishna

  8. Baby Boy Names Starting With H

    Harshad - Someone who is pleasing

    Harshul - Resembling an enchanting deer

    Harshvardhan - Someone who increases joy

    Hemadri - Mountain of Gold

    Hiranya - Wealth

    Hridayesh - King of Heart

    Hardin - Heartfelt

    Harsh - Ample happiness

    Hemendu - Golden moon

    Hemant - Early winter

    Himadri - The Himalayas

    Himaghna - The Sun

    Himanshu - The Moon

    Hiranmay - Golden

    Hridayanshu - Light from the heart

    Hruditya - Joyous/Elated

    Hridaan - Possessing a generous heart

  9. Baby Boy Names Starting With I

    Ikshu - Sweet like sugarcane

    Indrajit/Indrajeet - Conqueror of Indra

    Indraneel - Emarald

    Ishan - The Sun

    Irfan - Very knowledgeable

    Itish - Very Lord-like

    Indratan - As strong as Lord Indra

    Ibhya - Attended by many

    Ishir - Someone powerful and strong; Fire

    Ivaan - God’s glorious gift

    Izhaan - Acceptance and obedience

  10. Baby Boy Names Starting With J

    Jaiyush - Having a long life; Someone victorious

    Jivin - To give life

    Jaidev - God of Victory

    Jasveer - Hero of Fame

    Jayaditya - The victorious sun

    Jayant - Victorious one

    Jishnu - The triumphant one

    Jagatveer - The bravest in the world

    Jairaj - Lord of victory

    Jyotirdhar - Holder of the fire/flame

    Jatan - To nurture for growth

    Jashan - Celebration

    Janith - To be born

    Jaishankar - Victory of Lord Shiva

    Jivitesh - A God

    Jyotichandra - Splendour

  11. Baby Boy Names Starting With K

    Kanav - Compassion and pity

    Krishiv - A combination name made from the names 'Krishna and Shiva'

    Kshitij - The vast horizon

    Kiaan - Grace of God

    Kushagra - Intelligent/Sharp

    Krish - Short form of ‘Krishna’

    Kanan - The dense forest

    Kanak - Gold

    Kabir - A famous Sufi saint

    Kushal - Someone who has potential 

    Kuldeep - The light of the family

    Krishanu - Fire

    Kriday - Another name for Lord Krishna

    Kiranmay - Full of light

    Kinshuk - A flower

    Kaustav - A gem worn by Lord Vishnu

    Kathith - Well-recited

    Karna/Karan - The first born of Kunti (from Mahabharata)

    Kapish - Another name for Lord Hanuman

  12. Baby Boy Names Starting With L

    Lakshay/Laksh - The Target

    Lauhit - Lord Shiva’s trident

    Lakshit - Something that is targeted

    Lokajit - Conqueror of the world

    Lohitaksha - Another name for Lord Vishnu

    Lakshin - Having an auspicious mark

    Lokavya - One who is blessed with heaven

    Luhit - Name of a river

  13. Baby Boy Names Starting With M

    Maahir - Skilled

    Maharshi - A great saint/sage/hermit

    Mahin - The earth

    Mahish - A great king

    Mahith - Someone who is honoured

    Mainak - A Himalayan peak

    Makul - The bud of a flower

    Malhar - A raga used in Indian music

    Manjith/Manjeet - One who has conquered the mind

    Madhup - A honeybee

    Manasyu - Wishing/Desiring

    Maksharth - Mother’s beloved

    Manishith - Desired

    Mannath - Vow to a Deity

    Maanvik - Someone who is conscious

    Mayank - The Moon

    Mihit - Another name for Lord Surya

    Mitansh - A Companion

    Mithilesh - The King of Mithila/Sita’s Father

    Mohin - Very fascinating

    Mohnish - Another name for Lord Krishna

    Moulik - Valuable 

    Mrigesh - A brave lion

    Mrinmoy - Someone born of Earth

  14. Baby Boy Names Starting With N

    Nabarun - The morning sun

    Nairit - The south-west direction 

    Naman - Salutation

    Narun - A Leader

    Nayan - An Eye

    Nayath - Always Leading

    Neeladri - The Nilgiris

    Neeraf - A river

    Nidhish - The Lord of treasure

    Nikunja - A grove of trees

    Nimish - Split-second

    Nabhas - The vast sky

    Naitik - Very ethical 

    Neelotpal - Blue Lotus

    Nirmalya/Nirmal - Very pure

    Nirvin - Happiness/Blissfulness

    Navneet - Taking pleasure in new joys

    Nishkaanth - The Moon

  15. Baby Boy Names Starting With O

    Oorjit - Very powerful

    Omkar - Sound of the sacred syllable

    Ohas - To praise

    Ojal - The vision

    Ojasin - Strong/Powerful

    Ojayit - Very Courageous

    Omanand - Joy of Om

  16. Baby Boy Names Starting With P

    Padm - Baby Lotus

    Pranay - Affection, Love

    Padvaya - Leader/Guide

    Panav - A Prince

    Prajwal - Very Bright

    Panshul - Another name for Lord Shiva

    Parakram - With great strength 

    Parijat - A celestial flower 

    Parikshit - An ancient king’s name

    Partha/Parth - Arjuna; King

    Parthiv - Royal

    Praveer - An excellent warrior

    Pinank - Another name for Lord Shiva

    Piyush - Nectar

    Poojit - Someone who is worshipped

    Pradyut - Begin to Shine

    Prajval - A flame; Light

    Prayan - One who is supremely intelligent

  17. Baby Boy Names Starting With Q

    Qutub - Tall

    Qaisar - King/Emperor

    Qadar - Divine Destiny

    Qadim - Ancient/Antique/Old

  18. Baby Boy Names Starting With R

    Rachit - To Create

    Rahas - Secret

    Rajak - Illuminating

    Rajarshi/Rajrishi - The king's sage

    Ragish - Someone who sings sweet ragas

    Rajat - Someone who is courageous

    Rakshit - Someone who is guarded

    Ramith - Someone who is loved

    Rashmil - Silken

    Rathik - Someone who rides a chariot

    Rigved - One of the Vedas

    Ripunjya - To win over the enemy

    Ritvaan - The Lord

    Rohak - Raising

    Rutajit - The conquerer of truth

    Rwiju - A Straight Line/Figure

    Rutvij - Teacher/Guru

  19. Baby Boy Names Starting With S

    Saaras - A Swan

    Saatvik - Very Pious

    Sabrang - A Rainbow

    Sachetan - Animated

    Sadeepan - Glowing/Lighted up

    Sadhiman - Someone who is full of intelligence

    Sadyant - Complete/Entire

    Saharsh - Joyful/Glad

    Sahasrayu - Someone who is living a 1000 years

    Samarth - Someone who has the potential, or is powerful

    Samiran - A Cool Breeze

    Samvath - Someone who is prosperous

    Sanchay - Collection

    Sarthak - Well-equipped; Capable, Something well done

  20. Baby Boy Names Starting With T

    Tanay - The loved son

    Tanmay - Engrossed

    Tapomay - Full of moral virtue

    Tarang - The waves

    Tarik/Tariq - Someoe who crosses the river of life; The Morning Star

    Teerth - A holy place/Sacred water

    Toshan - Satisfaction

    Trailokva - The three worlds

    Trivikram - Another name for Lord Vishnu

    Turanyu - Very Swift

    Tarpan - Very refreshing

    Thrish - Someone who is very noble

    Tirtha - A holy pilgrimage

    Tridib - Heaven

    Trivid - Someone who is well-versed in all the vedas

  21. Baby Boy Names Starting With U

    Ucchreya - Very High

    Uchit - The Right/Appropriate

    Udarath - Another name for Lord Vishnu

    Udayavir - Emerging as a hero

    Udbhav - Existence

    Uddhav - Lord Krishna's friend

    Uddip - Emitting light

    Udgat - Someone who has risen

    Udyam - An Effort

    Ujithra - Light

    Uktav - The spoken speech

    Ullahas - Joy/Happiness

    Unma- Very Joyous

    Upajit - To aquire by winning or victory

    Urooj - Ascension

    Utkarsh - Advancement

    Utpalaksh - Another name for Lord Vishnu

  22. Baby Boy Names Starting With V

    Vaidat - To Know

    Varnit - Narrated

    Vasant - Spring season

    Vasujit - The conqueror of wealth

    Vedarth - The meaning and essence of the Vedas

    Vibhore - Of Pleasure

    Vidit - To Understand/Know

    Vidhur - Extremely wise

    Vihanga - A Bird

    Vihaan - Early dawn/Just before sunrise

    Virat - A charming boy

  23. Baby Boy Names Starting With W

    Wilan - Friendship

    Wasan - An Idol

    Wali - The Protector

    Wedant - Knower of all the Vedas

  24. Baby Boy Names Starting With X

    Xankar - Another spelling for Shankar (meaning Shiva)

    Xama - Another spelling for Kshama (meaning forgiveness)

    Xitij - The point where the earth meets the sky

    Xuhas - Another spelling for Suhas (meaning ever-smiling)

  25. Baby Boy Names Starting With Y

    Yadav - Lord Krishna, descedent of the Yadu clan

    Yaashva - Very Brave

    Yadnyesh - The Lord

    Yaduvir - Another name for Lord Krishna

    Yajaka - Someone who is liberal

    Yajnarup - Another name for Lord Krishna

    Yaksh - Representative of God

    Yansh - The holy name of a God

    Yashas - Fame

    Yashveer - Glorious/Brave

    Yatin - God of Yoga

    Yog - Lord Buddha

    Yoshit - Someone/something very young

    Yudhajit - The victor in a war

    Yugith - Another name for God Kuber

    Yugma - Zodiac sign of Gemini

    Yukta - Attentive/Skillful

    Yunay - Another name for Lord Ganesh

    Yushan - Mountain

    Yuvaan - Youthful/Another name for Lord Shiva

    Yuval - Brook

    Yuvan - Young/Strong

  26. Baby Boy Names Starting With Z

    Zevesh - Strong/Powerful

    Zayb - Adornment

    Zeehan - Someone with glory and pride

    Ziyaan - Someone who is stylish

    Zaid - The master of traits

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