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Group Health Insurance TPA

TPA is a common term that you get to hear when you purchase a group health insurance plan. It is also necessary that you learn about it so that you make the right decision while raising before raising the claim. Also, it is important to know how it works before getting into other things. So, let us begin by telling you about what is TPA?

What is TPA?

TPA stands for Third-party administrator. The third-party administrator is the one that is not directly involved under the health insurance contract. TPA is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

The health insurance scope is wider than the rest of the general insurance policies. Because of this wide scope, health insurance comes with many terminologies. This makes it difficult for the buyer to understand the health plans due to their complexities. But if you focus a little bit on one thing instead of everything at once, you can understand it very easily.

Since we are talking about TPA here, so health insurance tpa is a third-party organization in the health insurance agreement that looks after the aspect of claim settlement between the insurer and policyholder.

Why Third-Party Administrator is Required?

There are several intermediaries in the insurance industry. A third-party administrator is one of them and IRDAI license these administrators. TPA has its role in the health insurance segment. Here are some of the reasons why TPA is required?

  • It is a link between the insured and the insurance company during the claim settlement after the hospitalization.
  • The health insurance provider chose the third-party administrator.
  • A third-party administrator issues the ID cards to the insured that the insured will have to show in the hospital to get a cashless claim settlement.
  • Before raising the claim, the insured has to inform the TPA. Then they will assist the insured and direct him to the hospital that is tied up with them.
  • The policyholder can choose another hospital as per their convenience but then they will not get a cashless claim and the expenses get reimbursed.
  • TPA sends an authorization letter to the hospital to help them track the case and once the insured gets discharged the bills are sent to the TPA.
  • TPA takes care of the documentation and settles the hospital bills.
  • Insurance company associates with a third-party administrator to carry out smooth claim settlements.
  • Single TPA can work with several insurance companies.

How To Choose Best Health Insurance TPA?

Before 2019, the health insurance companies used to provide TPA to the policyholders. The health insurance companies consumed a lot of time in settling the claim. As an initiative to make the claim settlement quick and easy for the customers, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has allowed policyholders to choose a third-party administrator of their choice while purchasing or renewing the insurance policy.

Under the amendment made by IRDAI in 2019, IRDAI asked the health insurance companies to provide a list of Third-party administrators to their customers while selling the policy. Then the buyer has the right to chose the TPA as per their choice. The insurance companies were not allowed to change the third-party administrator at the time of renewal. However, the insurance company can limit the list of TPAs as per the insurance policy coverage and the policyholder’s location.

Here are the changes that IRDAI made in favour of the policyholders to choose a TPA of their choice.

  • The insured can pick one TPA that is registered with the insurance company.
  • The customer can choose a TPA at the time of buying or renewing the insurance policy.
  • If the policyholder does not choose a TPA then the insurance company has the right to choose one TPA for the insured.
  • The policyholder cannot dispense the services provided by the TPA and ask the insurer to render the services directly.
  • If the chosen TPA gets terminated during the policy tenure then the insurance company will have to provide alternative options to the insured to choose from.
  • If the insurance company is registered with one TPA then the insured will have no choice.

Health Insurance TPA In India

Name of TPA

Registration Number

CoR-Valid upto

United Health Care Parekh Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 002


Medi Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 003


MD India Health Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 005


Paramount Health Services & Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 006


Heritage Health Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 008


Family Health Plan Insurance TPA Limited

No. 013


Raksha Health Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 015


Vidal Health Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 016


Anyuta Insurance TPA In Health Care Private Limited

No. 017


East West Assist Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 018


Medsave Health Insurance TPA Limited

No. 019


Genins India Insurance TPA Limited

No. 020


Alankit Insurance TPA Limited

No. 021


Health India Insurance TPA Services Private Limited

No. 022


Good Health Insurance TPA Limited

No. 023


Vipul Medcorp Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 024


Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 025


Safeway Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 026


Anmol Medicare Insurance TPA Limited

No. 027


Grand Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 030


Rothshield Insurance TPA Limited

No. 030


Ericson Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 035


Health Insurance TPA of India Limited

No. 036


Vision Digital Insurance TPA Private Limited

No. 037


Happy Insurance TPA Services Pvt. Ltd

No. 034


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurance company, third-party administrator, product, or service offered by any insurer or third-party administrator.

Is TPA Mandatory For Health Insurance?

A third-party administrator is a body/organization that is provided by the insurance company to ease your claim settlement process. When you raise a claim the third-party administrator works as a mediator between you and the insurer to settle your raised claim for the expenses incurred during the hospitalization. The TPA provides an ID card that you use to get a cashless claim, also you have the right to choose the third-party administrator of your choice while purchasing or renewing the insurance policy.

Health Insurance TPA FAQs

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