Gold Rate in Nagpur

15th Jan 2019


Today MCX gold price in rupees per 10 grams.

Today gold price in Nagpur is 32760 rupees per 10 grams
(10 grams = 1 tola gold)

22 Carat Gold
Rs. 30880
24 Carat Gold
Rs. 32760

22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Nagpur Per Gram (INR)

  22-Carat 24-Carat Change(%)
Yesterday 3088.00 3276.00 0 %
Today 3069.00 3257.00 0 %

Today 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Nagpur (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Yesterday24 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 3276.00Rs 3257.00
8 Gram Rs 26208Rs 26056
10 Gram Rs 32760Rs 32570
100 Gram Rs 327600Rs 325700

Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Nagpur (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Yesterday22 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 3088.00Rs 3069.00
8 Gram Rs 24704Rs 24552
10 Gram Rs 30880Rs 30690
100 Gram Rs 308800Rs 306900

Today Gold Rate in Nagpur

Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra. In the earlier times, people only thought of gold at jewelry in Nagpur. With the increasing awareness and education, people have started seeing gold as a high-valued investment. Gold has become a tradable commodity in India in the recent years, and Nagpur gold rate changes every day. The gold rate in Nagpur depends on the international currency movement, demand and supply of this yellow metal, strength of the US dollar, etc.

People from Nagpur Invest in Gold in Three Ways:

Gold Coins - Today’s gold rate in Nagpur depend on the weight of the gold. The gold coins rate depends on their demand. If you buy gold coins from banks, you cannot sell it back to them. If you purchase gold coins from jewelers, you can always sell it back to them. 

Gold bullion - This is a very good way of investing in gold because gold tablets, gold bars, etc. can be traded in the international market. 

Jewelry and Ornaments - This is the most common way of investing in gold.  However, this might affect the purity of gold.

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Nagpur for Last 10 Days

15 January 2019 Rs. 3088.00 Rs. 30880 Rs. 3276.00 Rs. 32760
14 January 2019 Rs. 3069.00 Rs. 30690 Rs. 3257.00 Rs. 32570
13 January 2019 Rs. 3069.00 Rs. 30690 Rs. 3257.00 Rs. 32570
12 January 2019 Rs. 3069.00 Rs. 30690 Rs. 3257.00 Rs. 32570
11 January 2019 Rs. 3051.00 Rs. 30510 Rs. 3239.00 Rs. 32390
10 January 2019 Rs. 3051.00 Rs. 30510 Rs. 3239.00 Rs. 32390
09 January 2019 Rs. 3037.00 Rs. 30370 Rs. 3225.00 Rs. 32250
08 January 2019 Rs. 3045.00 Rs. 30450 Rs. 3232.00 Rs. 32320
07 January 2019 Rs. 3032.00 Rs. 30320 Rs. 3220.00 Rs. 32200

Comparison of 22 K & 24 K Gold Rates in Nagpur

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Nagpur

Gold Price in Nagpur

The hot city of Nagpur is the third largest among the other cities in Maharashtra. It is also famous for its propensity to churn out the largest number of oranges. Another piece of information is that RBI has its gold stocking facility in this city for safeguarding in the heart of the city.

Gold Price in Nagpur for the Previous Year

In the historical gold prices in Nagpur, gold saw a slow crawl in prices. Compared to the other cities in Maharashtra, Nagpur’s gold prices did fairly enough to keep its investors afloat.

Gold Price in the Previous Month

The gold price in the previous month saw a steady trend in gold. This is a good mark for investors

Current Gold Price Trend

Like the previous trend in the market, gold prices in Nagpur are showing signs of stability in the standard gold category and in the pure gold category.

How to Buy Gold?

Certain gold jewelers often take their customers for a ride. For this reason, gold should be bought through certified jewelers only. When buying gold, it is vital to check the weight and the purity of gold. Request for a certificate of purity when seeking to buy gold.

Overall, the Nagpur gold price is looking steady for investment if one is interested in buying or selling gold at this point in time.