Silver Rate in Delhi

11th Dec 2017


Today MCX silver price in rupees per 1 kg.

Today silver price in india is 39,319.00 rupees per Kg

Per Gram Silver Price Today in Delhi
Rs. 39.32
1 Kg Silver Price Today in Delhi
Rs. 39,319.00

Silver Rate in Delhi Per Gram (INR)

  1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram 1 Kg Change(%)
Yesterday 39.32 393.2 3932 39319.00 0 %
Today 39.32 393.2 3932 39319.00 0 %

Silver Rate In Delhi

The national capital, with its vast population, can well be called a driver of silver prices in the country. The ever increasing middle- income families invests heavily in this metal, and the lower strata of society are also not far behind. The Silver rate in Delhi has, more of less, declined since the start of the year.

The mechanisms of global demand and supply led to a slight increase of 6.49% in prices in January, but since then, the price of silver in Delhi has moved downwards. February and March recorded an overall decline in prices, with April witnessing a significant drop of 5.61%.The current silver rate in Delhi is in continuation of this trend.

The fall in silver price in Delhi is being attributed to a weak overseas trend. However, given the current demand for the metal in the industrial sector, it would not come as a shock if prices accelerate in the near future. We have given today’s silver rate in Delhi for those who wish to buy the precious metal.

Silver Rate in Delhi for Last 10 Days

SILVER (in Gm)
SILVER (in Kg)
1 Kg 10 Kg
11 December 2017 Rs. 39.32 Rs. 393.2 Rs. 39319.00 Rs. 393190
10 December 2017 Rs. 39.32 Rs. 393.2 Rs. 39319.00 Rs. 393190
09 December 2017 Rs. 39.34 Rs. 393.4 Rs. 39336.00 Rs. 393360
08 December 2017 Rs. 39.73 Rs. 397.3 Rs. 39726.00 Rs. 397260
07 December 2017 Rs. 40.24 Rs. 402.4 Rs. 40236.00 Rs. 402360
06 December 2017 Rs. 40.54 Rs. 405.4 Rs. 40542.00 Rs. 405420
05 December 2017 Rs. 40.63 Rs. 406.3 Rs. 40631.00 Rs. 406310
04 December 2017 Rs. 40.81 Rs. 408.1 Rs. 40812.00 Rs. 408120
03 December 2017 Rs. 40.81 Rs. 408.1 Rs. 40812.00 Rs. 408120

Comparison for 1 Gram Silver Rates for Delhi (In Rupees/Gram)

Historical Price of Silver Rate in Delhi

The Silver Story Saga in the Capital Making a Mark of Its Own

So just when you thought it was gold that stood the test of times as a most sought after commodity, you will be mistaken. Considering a place like Delhi, it is the silver metal that always had a steady demand, and it still does.

What Makes the Demand for Silver in Delhi?

Delhi is teeming with its own population, and quite surprisingly enough, it is the silver price in Delhi that seems to set the benchmark for the price of the metal in the rest of the country. The Delhi silver rate is influenced by every class of people in the society, right from the middle class to that of the lower income groups.

It is the aftermath of inflation that more and more people began to take up buying silver as a form of investment. The rate of silver in Delhi got the boost mostly because of such reasons.

The metal has found customers in typically its physical form. So while negotiating for price of silver in Delhi one will come across the metal in varied forms of coins, jewelry, silverware and so on. At times the silver metal also undergoes trading in the form of exchanges with authorised bodies.