Silver Rate in Hyderabad

20th May 2024


Today MCX silver price in rupees per 1 kg.

Today silver price in india is 60,700.00 rupees per Kg

Per Gram Silver Price Today in Hyderabad
Rs. 60.70
1 Kg Silver Price Today in Hyderabad
Rs. 60,700.00

Silver Rate in Hyderabad Per Gram (INR)

  1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram 1 Kg Change(%)
Yesterday 60.70 607 6070 60700.00 0 %
Today 61.50 615 6150 61500.00 0 %

Silver Rate in Hyderabad

Today silver rate in Hyderabad follows the pattern of international rates of the white metal. Silver price in Hyderabad is extremely prone to fluctuation owing to the dynamic global economic situations. The current silver rate in Hyderabad is directly proportionate to the movement of the metal in different countries, inflation factors, liquidity state, supply and demand of the metal, etc.

An option is open for individuals, who do not wish to lock their funds in this metal due to the volatile silver price in Hyderabad. It is investing in exchanges like NCDEX and MCX. They peddle silver on future contracts and are available for six months yearly.

Silver in Hyderabad is channelled as an investment in the following forms: -

  1. Bullion
  2. Coins
  3. Ornaments
  4. Commodity Exchange

There are highly traditional and sentimental practices attached to precious metals like silver and others, particularly in a historic southern city like Hyderabad. Although this is believed, silver in our country has fairly high industrial applications. A small percentage of the populace, i.e. mainly the middle-class section use silver in Hyderabad on auspicious occasions like weddings, baby showers, festivals, etc.

Silver Rate in Hyderabad for Last 10 Days

SILVER (in Gm)
SILVER (in Kg)
1 Kg 10 Kg
No record found.

Comparison for 1 Gram Silver Rates for Hyderabad (In Rupees/Gram)

Historical Price of Silver Rate in Hyderabad

Historical Silver Price in Hyderabad

Being one of the top cities down South, Hyderabad is home to a large and mobile middle-class population. Hyderabad has few of the best historic sites in the country and is a preferred location for tourists. Silver price in Hyderabad is affected by the trend of international silver rates along with a few local factors.

Silver is an important part of the Hyderabadi culture. The city takes pride in having a substantial silver reserve which is mainly held by private dealers.

Silver Price Movements in Hyderabad

The Silver price movement in Hyderabad saw a soaring movement at the start this year in the market. In the previous month, the silver price movement in Hyderabad saw a slight drop on the cumulative side.

For the current week, the silver rate in Hyderabad is seeing marginal day to day increase which is an indication that silver is coming back to the market in a healthy manner.

In the current week also silver prices in Hyderabad saw a steady but minimal rise in the silver market.

How to Buy Silver in Hyderabad?

Silver is the easiest piece of investment in Hyderabad. One can buy silver in kgs for investment and consumption purposes. Another way to invest in the safe avenue of Silver is to buy bullion. A popular way to invest in silver is to buy silver jewelry. It is a popular method of storage and investment. Another major advantage of owning silver is that it can be traded under national indexes to gain more money.

Silver as an Investment in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, silver is quite a popular form of investment. A large part of the population owns silver in various forms as it is considered to be a hedge against inflation. Silver metal has been used as coins, jewelry, idols, artifacts etc. The investment options preferred by the residents of Hyderabad are mentioned below.

  1. Jewelry- Among the people of Hyderabad, jewelry the most popular commodity. Silver is the backbone of the precious metal business of the city. There’re a plenty of shops & outlets to fulfill the silver needs of buyers. Also, silverware & other gifting items are commonly purchased by the people of Hyderabad.
  2. Coins-Thanks to its liquidity and easy availability, silver coins are immensely popular in Hyderabad. Silver coins are traded by private dealers as well as banks. The coins can be purchased in different quantity as well as purities of silver.
  3. Bullions- Generally, the bullions are sold in larger quantities i.e. over 1 kilogram of silver apiece. Bullions come in a wide range of purities. Silver bullions are the cheapest option among physical silver variants. Also, buyers must ensure that they approach reputed dealers only, as a lot of money is involved in buying and selling of this metal. Reliability plays an important role in ensuring that you are getting a fair deal.
  4. Commodity Exchange-Silver is available in exchanges like NCDEX & MCX as a tradable commodity. These exchanges trade silver as futures contracts and are operational for six months in a year. Generally, the base quantity is locked at 1 kilogram of silver. Commodity exchanges give the liberty to its clients to trade silver electronically.

How Can You Make Silver Investments in Hyderabad

The biggest perk of investing in silver is its affordability. As compared to gold, silver rate in Hyderabad is less. Small silver coins can be purchased for a few hundred rupees. The point to be noted is that each investment instrument in silver & related commodities has a fair share of pros as well cons. The traditional way of investing in the silver metal is purchasing silver jewelry, coins & silver household items. Most commonly, silver can be bought in the form of coins, jewelry, and bars.

Here are some ways of investing in silver:

Silver Jewelry and Household Objects

If you want to purchase silver in the form of jewelry or prayer lamps, you would have to pay the making charge from your pocket. The more elaborated the design is, the more the silver jewelry would cost. It makes silver even more expensive. Silver ornaments attract a melting charge of 15 percent (or more) at the time of resale. It lowers the potential returns in case you intend to sell silver ornaments later on. Thus, you’d have to give up some of the invested money owing to wastage in the form of melting charges and making charges.

Things to Remember Before Buying Silver Jewellery in Hyderabad

Before purchasing silver, there are a few points that you should keep in mind. It’s important to pay attention to silver price movements. Check today silver rate in Hyderabad and only then make any investment-related decision. There is a wide range of investment instruments available in the silver market, and purchasing silver is a viable investment tool.

Purchasing silver in any form comes with storage problems as the volume of silver at one price is more than the volume of gold bought at the same price. In case you’re purchasing silver solely for investment purposes, you might have to pay storage charges to avail storage facilities, such as a bank locker, to ensure the safety of your silver.

Factor-in the points mentioned below before purchasing silver.

  1. Monitor Silver Prices - Silver rates are relatively stable, yet regular monitoring is required if you are purchasing silver for investment purposes. Investment experts recommend observing silver market trends and the latest silver price movements. This will be helpful in making an informed investment decision.
  2. In Which Form you Plan to Buy Silver - Just like gold, silver comes in a variety of forms such as coins, jewelry, and bars. Each form comes with unique set of advantages & disadvantages. If you have plans to sell the metal later in life, then silver jewelry isn’t the perfect option. You could look for other kinds of investment tools such as silver coins, bars etc. Figure out the form of silver that is good from an investment point of view and analyze its pros & cons.
  3. Certification - In Hyderabad, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) introduced silver hallmark in 2005.

    While 9999 is the highest purity, there are certain other grades of purity. Silver has five markings as mentioned below.
  1. Purity
  2. BIS mark
  3. Identification mark of Assay center
  4. Marking Year
  5. Jeweler/ manufacturer’s mark of identification
  1. Online Buying - Today, a number of sellers sell online silver. It is easy to purchase silver, but you should be very careful while purchasing silver online. Buy only from certified sellers since there is the wide scope of silver adulteration and cheating.

Factors that Influence Silver Prices in Hyderabad

Silver rates fluctuate on the basis of the demand and supply along with other factors. The rate of silver hiked between 2008 and 2012. Fortunately, the price has stabilized since then.

Some factors that influence the price of silver in Hyderabad are mentioned below.

  1. Industrial Demand - Industrial demands constitute a majority of the rising demand of silver across the globe. Silver is widely used in gadgets such as cell phones, televisions, solar panels, RIFD chips etc., and for keeping a track of parcels and shipments across the globe. Also, it is used in nuclear reactors where no other metal can replace its usage. The healthcare industry also demands silver in huge quantities.
  2. Investment Demand - Gold rate is influenced by its demand for investment. In the case of silver, many investors consider it as a long-term investment. It is because of increasing demand & diminishing natural resources. As a result, silver is considered as an attractive tool for investment, and investors prefer to buy silver in large quantities.
  3. Import Expenses - Hyderabad doesn’t have a substantial natural reserve of this metal. The huge demand is fulfilled through imports. It means that the rate of import will affect the silver prices across the nation. Since silver is traded in US dollars, the stronger the dollar is, the more expensive silver is in Hyderabad.

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