Gold Rate in Salem

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17th Dec 2017


Today MCX gold price in rupees per 10 grams.

Today gold price in Salem is 29250 rupees per 10 grams
(10 grams = 1 tola gold)

22 Carat Gold
Rs. 27370
24 Carat Gold
Rs. 29250

22 Carat & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Salem Per Gram (INR)

  22-Carat 24-Carat Change(%)
Yesterday 2737.00 2925.00 0 %
Today 2728.00 2916.00 0 %

Today 24 Carat Gold Price per gram in Salem (INR)

Gram 24 Carat Gold Yesterday24 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 2925.00Rs 2916.00
8 Gram Rs 23400Rs 23328
10 Gram Rs 29250Rs 29160
100 Gram Rs 292500Rs 291600

Today 22 Carat Gold Price per gram in Salem (INR)

Gram 22 Carat Gold Yesterday22 Carat Gold Today Daily Price Change
1 Gram Rs 2737.00Rs 2728.00
8 Gram Rs 21896Rs 21824
10 Gram Rs 27370Rs 27280
100 Gram Rs 273700Rs 272800

Gold Rate in Salem

Gold is purchased in Salem mainly for the purpose of jewelry during weddings and other festivities. The demand for gold is more during festivals like Dhanteras and AkshayaTritiya. Besides jewelry, gold is also used to dodge inflation in Salem.

Salem gold rate varies according to many global factors like oil prices, the price of dollar, gold imports and many others. The Gold rates in Salem reached a 4-year low this year and reached a five-year low in the world this year. Today’s gold rate in Salem is not likely to rise in the near future according to financial experts. The reason behind this is the looming hike in interest rates by the US Fed and Greece’s financial crisis.

The maximum demand for gold in Salem is during the wedding season and that too from the rural areas. Crop failure, bad monsoon and a reduction in the rural purchasing power will hit gold sales in Salem.

22 & 24 Carat Gold Rate in Salem for Last 10 Days

17 December 2017 Rs. 2737.00 Rs. 27370 Rs. 2925.00 Rs. 29250
16 December 2017 Rs. 2728.00 Rs. 27280 Rs. 2916.00 Rs. 29160
15 December 2017 Rs. 2734.00 Rs. 27340 Rs. 2922.00 Rs. 29220
14 December 2017 Rs. 2714.00 Rs. 27140 Rs. 2902.00 Rs. 29020
13 December 2017 Rs. 2719.00 Rs. 27190 Rs. 2907.00 Rs. 29070
12 December 2017 Rs. 2722.00 Rs. 27220 Rs. 2910.00 Rs. 29100
11 December 2017 Rs. 2737.00 Rs. 27370 Rs. 2925.00 Rs. 29250
10 December 2017 Rs. 2737.00 Rs. 27370 Rs. 2925.00 Rs. 29250
09 December 2017 Rs. 2727.00 Rs. 27270 Rs. 2915.00 Rs. 29150
08 December 2017 Rs. 2751.00 Rs. 27510 Rs. 2939.00 Rs. 29390

Comparison of 22 K & 24 K Gold Rates in Salem

Historical Price of Gold Rate in Salem

Gold Rate in Salem

Gold price in Salem depends on international factors like import of gold, dollar strength, global oil price among all other reasons. This year particularly, the rate of gold had witnessed a 4-year low in India and a 5-year low worldwide. The experts in the industry claim that the gold prices are unlikely to go higher due to Greece’s default crisis and the increase in the interest rates by the US Fed. Interestingly, rural India shows almost 60% of the demand for imported gold.

What Affects The Gold Rates In Salem?

Gold sales are directly in line with the rural purchasing power. Disasters like a bad monsoon and crop failure drastically affect the demand. Salem is known for its craftsmanship making traditional jewelry. Like other cities, jewelers in Salem also offer hallmarked jewelry and gold articles which are best for all festive occasions.

In What Ways Can Gold Be Purchased?

Consumers in Salem buy traditional gold jewelry for festivals and weddings. Salem Gold Price fluctuates especially on auspicious occasions like Akshaya Tritiya and Dhanteras. Gold in Salem can be purchased from retail as coins, bullion, and as ornaments. The precious metal is the preferred choice that is traditionally imposed on generations to be a part of all occasions. Gold is also a safe hedge against inflation other than being a physical asset and is viewed as the safest investment option.

What is an ETF?

Gold exchange traded funds (ETFs) are also a smart way to invest in physical gold. ETFs offer more liquidity with ease of storage. Gold ETFs are, however, on the low side due to prices falling in India as well as worldwide. Salem is seeing a fall in gold rates due to a decrease in demand.