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LIC Samridhi Plus

The LIC Samridhi Plus is one Unit Linked Insurance Plan that ensures a minimum fund value upon maturity even when the market is slightly volatile. The LIC Samridhi Plus policy offers lucrative returns and also promises to protect the returns that have been earned.

The LIC Samridhi Plus plan offers the payment of the fund value towards the end of policy tenure on the premise of the highest Net Value Asset over the initial 100 months of the policy, or even the Net Value Asset is applicable on the maturity date, whatever is high.

Eligibility Criteria of LIC Samridhi Plus

The table below shows the eligibility criteria of LIC Samridhi Plus:



Entry Age

08 years to 65 years

Maturity Age

18 years to 75 years

Policy Term

10 years

Premium Payment Mode

Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly

Minimum Premium

05 years of premium payment policies:

Understanding the Payment of Premiums

The individual can pay the premiums monthly (via ECS mode), quarterly, half-quarterly or yearly intervals over the premium payment term of 05 years. Besides, the single premium can also be paid.

The grace period of thirty days will be permitted for the payment of quarterly, half-yearly or yearly premiums and fifteen days for monthly (via ECS) premiums.

The Instalment Premium



Monthly (ECS only)

Rs 1500


Rs 4000


Rs 8000


Rs 15000

Single Premium: Rs 30,000

For the Basic Plan

  • Minimum Sum Assured: 05-year Premium Payment Policy Term
    • Below 45 years of age: 10 times of the AP
    • 45 years of age: 07 times of the AP


  • Below 45 years of age: 1.25 times of the Single Premium
  • 45 years of age: 1.10 times of the Single Premium
  • Maximum Sum Assured: 05-year Premium Payment Policy Term
    • Below 45 years of age: 20 times of the AP
    • 45 years of age: 10 times of the AP


  • Entry Age up to 55 years: 05 times the Single Premium
  • 55 to 65 years: 1.25 times the Single Premium

The sum assured will be accessible in the multiples of Rs 5000 wherein the sum assured minimum is not in the multiples of Rs 5000 as this will be rounded off to the coming multiple of Rs 5000.

Benefits of the LIC Samridhi Plus Policy

The following are the benefits of LIC Samridhi Plus policy:

Death Benefit

In the case of the life assured passes away within the LIC policy term while the cover is active, the nominee will receive higher of the sum assured within the basic plan and policyholder fund value. In case the partial withdrawal has been made within the last two years from the death date,   the sum assured within the basic plan will be reduced to the extent of the sum of made partial withdrawals. The policyholders' fund on demise will be determined at the existing NAV as on the receipt of the death intimation date.

Maturity Benefit

When the policyholder survives the maturity date then an amount equal to the fund value of the policyholder is payable. Towards the end of the policy, the policyholders' fund will be on the premise of the highest NAV over the initial 100 months of the policy or Net Asset Value as applicable in maturity date whichever might be higher.

Accident Benefit Option

When the individual is between 18 years and 60 years of age, then they can opt for the accident benefit option that is equivalent to the amount of life cover, which is subject to the minimum of Rs 25000 and goes up to Rs 50 lakh. In the case of demise due to an accident, the extra sum equal to the accident benefit sum assured will be payable.

Guaranteed NAV

The guarantee implies towards the end of the policy tenure, the payment will be based on the Net Asset Value, which was over the starting 100 months from the beginning of the policy. The Net Asset Value is applicable on the date of maturity. This guarantee will be applicable for the units, which are available towards the policy term-end.

Surrender Benefit

The total NAV on the date of the request for surrender or as on the time of discontinuance of the plan (in case of total withdrawal of the plan), whichever might be the case, multiplied by the total number of units in the assured individual's Fund Value as on that period would be the monetary sum.

Partial Withdrawals

One could encash the fund units partially after the 5th plan anniversary, conditioned all the due premiums have already been paid and the LIC Samridhi Plus Policy status is active, which subjected to the plan terms and conditions.

Investment of Funds

During the term when the product is for sale, the received premiums will be invested in the money market instruments from the sale date and up to the closure date of the plans respectively. Upon the closure date of the respective plan, the following investment plan is to be followed:

Type of Fund

Investment in Government/ Corporate Debt/ Government Guaranteed Securities

Short-term Investment

Investment in Listed Equity Shares

Aim of the Fund for Return/Risk

Samridhi Plus Fund

0 to 100%

0 to 100%

0 to 100%

Medium Risk

Tax Benefits

The benefits under the plan are subject to the prevailing tax laws and other financial conditions as applicable from time to time.

Note: Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws

Premiums for LIC Samridhi Plus

Any Premium paid after the allocation charge would purchase the units of the Fund. The Unit Fund would be subjected to certain charges, and the value of the units might change from time to time; i.e., increase or decrease. It also depends on the existing NAV. Any Units would be allotted based on the prevailing Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund, as at the time of the allotment. There would be no Bid-Offer spread (Bid price and the Offer price of the units would both be equal to Net Asset Value).

The NAV would be computed daily and would be based on the investment performance, the Fund Management Charge, Assured Charge, and whether the fund is expanding or contracting within each type of fund and should be calculated likewise. Suppose one fails to pay the premium under the plan within the grace period. In that case, a notice should be sent to the assured life within a time of 15 days from the date of expiry of the grace period to exercise only one of the given options within a time of 30 days of the request of such notice:

  • The revival of the plan, or
  • The complete withdrawal of the plan

Documents Required to Buy LIC Samridhi Plus Policy

 One is advised to keep the mentioned documents arranged to buy LIC Samridhi Plus policy:

  • Voter ID card, Birth certificate, driving license, Passport, Ration card, Aadhar Card, etc., for identification purpose.
  • The above-mentioned documents, maintenance bill, gas bill, electricity bill, etc., for address verification.
  • IT statement, Credit score, Bank Statement, photographs, might also be required.

LIC Samridhi Plus - FAQs

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LIC Samridhi Plus Reviews & Ratings

4.2 / 5 (Based on 12 Reviews)
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Lakhimpur, April 12, 2021
I feel safe and secured for my family when I will be not around. The Lic India ULIP plan will give the better returns and maturity benefits. And will be quite helpful for my family to sustain their future.
Mota Chiloda, April 09, 2021
Great plan
I am happy with this plan and have recommended many people for the same. I bought the Lic India ulip plan 2 years back and It is a best kind of investment.
Krishna, April 07, 2021
Dual benefit plan
I have recently bought a lic India ulip plan which is a dual benefit plan which provides with insurance and also investment. I like it and bought it. I have got various features under the same.
Aushgram, March 23, 2021
Great plans
I have founded my type of investment plan and its name is LIC Ulips plans. I really like this plan and have been secured for a longer period of time. It is a product which works on market trend and is one of the best type of investment.
Lakhawati, March 22, 2021
Premium easy to pay
One of the best feature I like about LIC ULIP plan is that you can make the premium payment online. I bought this plan for the growth of me and my family. It will give a best result and outcome. I am happy that I bought this plan. Even the premium rates are reasonable.
Bangalore, March 16, 2021
Less risky
I always wanted to invest in some or the other best investment plan and thought of getting it of LIC of India ULIP plan. It is easy to buy online and do not have to go anywhere. I just checked few plans online Bought it. It is less risky and provides great benefits.
Banarpal, March 02, 2021
Renew it online
It is easy to renew the LIC India Ulip plan from the online portal. I took this plan 3 years back and I renew it on timely basis. I can make the payment of the premium very easily. That’s the best part. And would get best returns.
Abu Road, February 22, 2021
Buy online
It is easy to buy a lic India Ulip plan from the online portal. I bought it online by comparing various plans and policies into the website. It is really easy and quick.
Dasarathpur, February 16, 2021
Good plans
I have bought a lic India Ulip plans and It is an investment plan for my and my family’s future needs and securities. I am happy to tell this thing because this plan is perfect for me and my wants. I have been into a great investment plan.
Banarpal, March 19, 2019
Dual benefits plan
I am a business man and with LIC Ulip Plan I am enjoying dual benefits of premium paid and insurance protection. Good Service.
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