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How to Check LIC Policy Status, Details, Statement via Online/SMS/Call


Last year, Mr. Rajiv Verma bought a Child LIC policy to provide financial security for his kid’s future. However, due to time constraints or negligence, he forgot to pay its premium and missed grace period too. When almost after a month he came to LIC policy office to renew his expired policy, he was appalled to know that now he had to pay extra charges along with interest to renew his policy. Had he checked the LIC policy status he would have been saved from wastage of hard-earned money and also unnecessary running around? 

There are various methods to check everything about any type of life insurance policy issue by LIC, including premium due date, bonus, maturity, etc, people forget to check the status of their life insurance policies and pay extra charges. 

Check LIC policy status

How to Check LIC Policy Status  

A myriad of online services is offered by Life Insurance Corporation to equate the transactions and to attend the affairs of its consumers promptly. E-services of LIC bring almost every range of capabilities that were once accessible only via the branches. Keeping a track on LIC statement online and information related to policy is an option offered by the insurer, which intends to keep you updated about the payments made by you and other events. There are various means to check your LIC policy status online. Moving on with the first method, you are required to make a registration by creating a user account and fill in the LIC policy details to view your LIC policy status. How to make registration online and check LIC policy status is described in the subtopics below. 

Check LIC Policy Status Online (For Registered User) :

You can check your LIC policy details including details of the premium payments, accrued bonuses, group schemes etc. by simply logging on to the official website of LIC India with your login credentials. The steps below will explain how to track your LIC policy status if you have registered yourself:

Step 1:You must visit the e-Service Portal of LIC. The screen will show you two options namely, New User and Registered User. Click on the relevant option.

Step 2:You will need to enter the login credentials namely, your User Name and Password.

Step 3:Once you’re logged in your Services Account of LIC, you will see various options related to the account or your policy. Now you have to click on ‘Policy Status’ tab.

Step 4:You will see all your policies that are enrolled to the respective account. If you have more than one policy and it is not listed in the list, then you have an option to add your LIC policies by making use of ‘Enrol Policy’ option in the LIC’s e-Services Tools section.

Step 5:Now, you can track the details of your policy simply by clicking on the policy number in the list. The policy details namely, policy name, policy term, table number, next premium due date, sum assured etc. will be displayed. 

LIC Policy Status Procedure for a New User

You will find the option to register yourself for e-services on the home page of LIC. If you are doing this for the first time, then you have to fill in the online registration form and pick login credentials for yourself. Once you are done with the registration process successfully, you will receive a mail confirming your registration on your entered email address. Next is, you will be required to click on the URL that will be provided in the mail you receive. You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to link or enrol your policy with your user account. You will be required to enter your LIC policy details like policy number date of birth, premium amount etc., and click on submit button. If the information provided by you is not correct, then you will see an error message followed by a reminder mail on your registered email id. 

NOTE: The incorrect LIC policy details will get deleted after 5 days automatically. 

Steps for LIC Registration for a New User

Step 1:The insured requires visiting the official website. On the left side of the Home Page, you will see Online Services tab.

Step 2:After that click on the LIC e-Services link, it’ll redirect you to the next page where you’ll see ‘New User’ Tab.

Step 3:Hit the ‘New User’ button, it will redirect you to a form where you will be required to enter the details of your policy.

Instructions to Check LIC Policy Status

Policy Number: This must be a valid LIC policy in your name

Instalment Premium: This is the paid premiums without any service tax that is required to be entered.

Date of Birth: The DOB must be in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Mobile Number: The insured must enter a valid mobile number to get alerts like premium payment alert, policy maturity alert, and premium due etc.

Email ID: The insured must enter an active email ID.

Step 4:After you enter the required inputs as aforementioned, click to check the radio button and hit the proceed tab.

Step 5:After choosing User ID and password of your preference hit the Submit button. The registration will be successful and you’ll be logged into your account.

How To Enrol Your LIC Policy

If you click the “yes” tab for “Do you have any LIC policy?” you will get an online LIC policy enrolment form, after clicking on the submit button to complete the Registration.

In the form you will have to enter the prerequisite details like the name of the Life Assured (in case of different name from the Proposer like in Children’s Plan), premium and the policy number for every policy.

You can take a print out of the form right after you are finished with the enrolment of your policy or at any other appropriate time simply by logging into your account using the login credentials.

If you do not want to download your policy number immediately after you complete with the Registration process, you can do it any time later. You can key in any number of times simply by logging into your account.

Do not forget, if you are either Life Assured or the Proposer you can enrol these policies.

You will have to take a print out of the form, sign and submit the form to the nearest branch of LIC, where at least one policy is being serviced, that is mentioned in the form. The LIC branch will provide you with an acknowledgement letter on your user id. You can get a print this letter for future use and reference.

The validation of all the policies will be completed after completion of necessary checks with the agenda of your policy.

The enrolment process is necessary to assist authorised access to specific functionalities provided by the LIC like request to change the address.

All policies in ordinary life are based on annual premium payments in advance. However, instalment premiums may be made monthly, quarterly, or halfannually at a slight additional charge.

How to Check the LIC Policy without Registration

Send SMS to Check LIC Policy Status:

You can avail all the LIC policy details simply by sending an SMS to 56767877.

Types of Enquiry


SMS Code

To Know About Instalment Premium

All the policies in life are dependent on advance annual premium payments. But instalment premiums can be half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>PREMIUM and send to 56767877

To Know About Bonus Amount

The sum accumulated out of bonus as of today.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number> BONUS and send to 56767877

To Enquire About Revival Amount

Revival means to bring back to life. If your policy lapses, you can revive your policy any time within a duration of 5 years.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>REVIVAL and sent it to 56767877

To Check the Amount of Loan Available

The sum that you can avail from your policy in the form of loan

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>LOAN and send to 56767877

To Check the Status of Nomination Details

You can know about the details of the nominations

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>NOM and send it to 56767877

Check LIC Pension Policy Status via SMS:

You can check the status of your LIC Pension Policy via SMS.

Types of Enquiry


SMS Code

To Know About IPP Policy Status

IPP Policy Status is the Individual Policy Plan Status.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>STAT and send it to 56767877

To Check the Existence Certificate Due

Existence Certificate is a document that certifies the existence of an individual.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>ECDUE and send to 56767877

To Get to the Last Annuity Release Date

The date when the annuitant releases the payments from an annuity.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>ANNPD and send it to 56767877

To Enquire About the Annuity Amount

Annuity amount is the sum that is paid in series at equal intervals.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>AMOUNT and send to 56767877

To Avail the Cheque Return Information

Cheque return in case of insufficient funds in drawer’s account.

Type ASKLIC<Policy Number>CHQRET and send to 56767877

Check LIC Policy Status for Surrender Value:

You can compute the surrender value of your LIC policy by making use of the simple formula:

Basic Sum Assured (Total number of payable premiums/Number of paid premiums) + Total bonus you receive x Surrender Value Factor.

Let us consider the case of LIC Jeevan Anand Policy in order to understand the guidelines involved in it. In this example, LIC’s surrender value is appropriate after three functioning years of the LIC policy and is equal to 30 percent of all the premiums except the paid premiums for the policy’s first year together with a vested bonus. Accident benefit will not be included in order to compute the surrender value. Bonuses are the additional cash value that is paid at the time of death or the end of the tenure of the policy.

Now let us consider a case that the LIC policy began in the year 2010 with 15 years of policy term. The basic sum assured of this policy is Rs. 4 lakh with an annual premium amount of Rs. 30, 192. The bonuses collected until now will be around Rs. 70, 000. Now, if you have paid just 5 premiums so far, the policy’s surrender value will be 30 percent (5 x 30, 192) + Final Bonus in today’s term.  

LIC Policy Status via Call Centre

The Integrated Voice Response System, i.e. IVRS is made available 24x7, in almost all the cities. Any buyer can get hold of LIC India IVRS by simply dialling UAN, i.e. Universal Access Number 1251. In order to make local calls from a BSNL or MTNL number, you just have to dial 1251 and users making calls using other than MTNL or BSNL numbers can get access to IVRS by calling the IVRS centre number of the respective city followed by 1251.You can also get hold of the regional or zonal offices of LIC to enquire about all kinds of policy. The regional offices are classified into eight zones viz, Northern Zone, Southern Zone, Western Zone, Eastern Zone, Central Zone, North Central Zone, South Central Zone, West Central Zone, East Central Zone and West Central Zone.

You can know about the LIC customer care contact numbers for all the voice support centres that come under the aforementioned LIC zones.

CUSTOMER ZONE – Address & Phone Number (City Wise)



Address: Jeevan Prakash

Sanjay Place, M. G. Road

P. B. No. 1022,Agra-282002

Email: customerzone_agra@licindia[dot]com






Address: Maruti Complex, Subhash Chowk, Gurukul Road, Memnagar,

Ahmedabad- 380052

Email: customerzone_ahmedabad@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 079-27456848


Address: C/O Sainik Bhawan,

Opposite. G.P.O., Court Road,

Amritsar, Punjab

Email: customerzone_amritsar@licindia[dot]com

Phone:  0183-2560673



Address: No.202, 39th A Cross, 9th Main Road, 5th Block,  Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560041               

Email: customerzone_bangalore@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 080-1251/26659230

Phone: 080-22966528/22966553.


Address: No. 817, Girija Complex, 1st Floor, 8th Block (Opposite Police Station), 80 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bangalore-560095

Email : customerzone_banglr2@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 080 -1251

Phone: 080-22966836/896


Address: Aditya Arcade, Opposite Hotel Ramdev,

Nehru Nagar, Belgaum-590010

Email: customerzone_belgaum@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0831-1251

Phone: 0831-2438856/2438857.


Address: Mani Complex, Gautam Budha Colony, Jail Road, Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur-812001

Email: customerzone_bhagalpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0641-2610024

Phone: 0641-2610011/2610033/2610099



Address: Plot No-654,Cuttack- Puri Road, Bomikhal,

Bhubaneswar -751006.

Email:  : customerzone_bhubaneswar@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0674-1251/2573996

Phone: 0674-2573910/2573911



Address: MF- 19 &20,  ,Mansarovar Complex, Block B,

Mezzanine Floor, Bhopal-462016

Email: customerzone_bhopal@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0755-2550242



Address: S.C.O 107, Sector 47-C Chandigarh-160047

Email: customerzone_chandigarh@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251 or 0172-2678107



Address: DO-1,LIC Building,No.153, Anna Salai,


Email: customerzone_chennai@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 044 -1251/28884300

Phone: 044-28611912/28611642




Address: Oriental Insurance Building,47, Armenian Street


Email: customerzone_ch-2@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 044-25331915

M-CZEE: 044-25331914



Address: Red Rose Chambers, 1437, Trichy Road;


Email: customerzone_cbe@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0422-2300300



Address: H/O-Mr Sidhartha Das,

At-Kanika Chhak,Tulsipur,

(Upper floor of State Bank of Hyderabad),

Cuttack -753008

Email: customerzone_cuttack@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0671-1251/2307085

Phone: 0671-2307883/2307889





Address: LIC Customer Care Zone Delhi, H-39, New Asiatic BLDG,

Connaught Place, New Delhi -


Email: customerzone_delhi@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/011-23762681



Address: G-2/B-15,LSC,Mayur Vihar Phase-2, Delhi-110091

Email: customerzone_delhido2@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 011-22785930



Address: 1st Floor, Sri Ram City, Saraidhela, Dhanbad-828127

Email: customerzone_dhanbad@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0326-2222725,

Phone: 0326-2225344/2225345



Address: First Floor, Sudeep Plaza, Plot No-3, Sector-11, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075

Email:  customerzone_dwarka@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 011-28042585






Address: 28/295, SA Road,

Panampilly Nagar, Ernakulam -682036

Email: customerzone_ernakulam@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0484-2383883






Address: Shop No: 104 & 105,Hotel Haveli Arcade - 1st Floor, Sector-11, Gandhi Nagar

Email: customerzone_gandhinagar@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 079-23240083/23240383


Address: Innam Complex Shop No- 1,2,3; Opposite - Don Bosco School

Panaji, Goa-403 001.

Email: customerzone_goa@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0832-2490100



Address: No. 3-218/219, Rukmini Chambers,

Behind Super Market, Ghazipur,

Gulbarga - 585101

Email: customerzone_gulbarga@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 08472-1251/243035

Phone: 08472-233030,



Address: D.NO.12-21-58, Upstairs of SBI, Gouri Shankar Theatre Road, Kothapet,


Email: customerzone_guntur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0863-1251/2222772,

Phone: 0863-2211476/2211562



Address: Triveni Complex, Bhangagarh, G.S. Road, Guwahati,


Email: customerzone_guwahati@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0361-2450389



Address: Madan Tower,

Sanatan Dharm Mandir road,

Inderganj, Gwalior

Email: customerzone_gwalior@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0751-2630272



Address: SCO 60, First Floor,  District Centre, Near More Outlet, Sector-56, Gurgaon -122011

Email: customerzone_gurgaon@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0124-2576060,2578060,2570060





Address: DR.bekinalkar Complex, Opp. Samyukta, Karnataka Press, Koppikar Road, Hubli-580020

E-mail: customerzone_hubli@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0836-1251/2255073

Phone: 0836-2264333/2264233



Address: 6/5, G.T.Road (South), Near Howrah -711101.

Email:  customerzone_howrah@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 033-2637-4387



Address: D.No. 6-3-1090/C/4, Hosanna Towers 1st Floor,

Rajbhavan Road, Somajiguda (Above Andhra Bank)

Hyderabad - 500082.

Email: customerzone_hyderabad@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 040-1251/23437997

Phone: 040-23420730/23420740/23420761




Address: 15/2, Race Course Road, LG -5, Darshan Mall, Opp. IDA BLDG.

Indore - 452003,

Email: customerzone_indore@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0731-1251

Phone: 0731-2533523,






Address: Badshah Plaza,

1187, Pandit Bhawani Prasad Tiwari Ward, Opp. Old G.S. College, Wright Town,

Jabalpur- 482002

Email: customerzone_jabalpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0761-2407283



Address: 303-304,

Trimurty Krishna Enclave,

SB-52,Tonk Road,

Bapu Nagar Jaipur- 302015

Email: customerzone_jaipur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0141-2702845



Address: S.CO.No. 3,Chhoti Baradari, Crystal Plaza,

Garha Road, Jalandhar -


Email: customerzone_jalandhar@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0181-1251/2480918

Phone: 0181-2480967


Address: Ganpati Complex , Near Ram Lila Maidan, Kashidih Sakchi,


Email: customerzone_jamshedpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0657-1251/2320600,

Phone: 0657-2443228/2443229,



Address: Plot No 62, Sector No. 8,

Trikuta Nagar,


Email: customerzone_jammu@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0191 -1251/2479717,

Phone: 0191-2479791



Address: Ummaid Hospital Road, Shanicharji ka than,




IVRS: 0291-1251/2620079,

Phone: 0291-2657117/2635076,




Address: Jeevan Vikas, 16/98,

M.G.Marg, Mall Road,


Email: customerzone_kanpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0512-2307443


Address: Near Petrol pump, Sector 12, Karnal

Email: customerzone_karnal@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0184-2266024/2208400



Address: Ground Floor, Hindusthan BLDG, 4, CR Ave.


Email: customerzone_kolkata@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 033-1251/22545454,

Phone: 033-22124172/22124176,



Address: KSDO,Jeevan Prabha, DD-5, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700064

Email: customerzone_kolkata-sub@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 033-23370642


Address: 166B, S.P. Mukherjee Road, Merlin Link, 1st Floor,


Email: customerzone_kolkata-do2@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 033-24198476.



Address: 1st floor, Kannampurath BLDG. Opp. BSNL Bhavan, M C ROAD, Kottayam-686001

Email: customerzone_ktm@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0481-2307422

Help Desk: 0481 2307411, C


Address: 1st floor, Mas Arcade, Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer Road, Kozhikkode-673001

E-mail: customerzone_kkd@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0495-2725581





Address: Shop Nos. 9 &10, Jeevan Bhavan -1, (Ground Floor) 43- Hazaratganj, Lucknow - 226001

Email: customerzone_lucknow@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0522-2614782



Address: 801/21,Loomba Street,

Civil Lines, Nr Dandi Swami Mandir, Ludhiana - 141001

Email: customerzone_ludhiana@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0161-2424074





Address: 79 TPK Road,

Ramalinga Complex,

Andalpuram, Madurai-625003

LIC Customer Care Email: customerzone_madurai@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0452-2370361



Address: Ideal Tower, 1sr Floor,

Opposite Sharavu Temple, G.T.Road, Mangalore - 575001 ,

Email: customerzone_mangalore@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0824-1251/2411655

Phone: 0824-2426255,



Address: M/s Mayfair Housing Pvt. Ltd., 9,Mayfair Meridian, Near St. Blaise Church, Caesar Road, Andheri(W), Mumbai-400058

Email: customerzone_mumbai@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 022-1251/26766221.

Phone: 022-26788943/26781224



Address: Division Office -2,

Shop No123, Om Sai Dutta,

Plot No-32/A, Sector - 20,

Opposite Nerul Rly Station,

Nerul West, Navi Mumbai-400706

Email: customerzone_mumbai2@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 022-27725968/27723592



Address: Mumbai Division Office -3, First Floor ,Jeevan Bima Shopping Center, Borivli (W)

Mumbai - 400103

Email: customerzone_mumbai-do3@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 022-28912605/28913760



Address: Division Office -4,

Madhuram, Opp. to Satellite Br 923, Harishankar Road, Dahisar- East, Mumbai 400 068.

Email: customerzone_mumbai-do4@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 022- 28482907,



Address: Nilu Complex, Near Pani Tanki Chawk, Club Road, Ramna, Muzaffarpur -  842002

Email: customerzone_muzaffarpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0621-2271083

Phone: 0621-2281023



Address: P.G.Krupa ,NO.2910, Ground Floor , 3rd Cross,

Kantharaj Urs Road, Saraswathipuram, Mysore - 570009

Email: customerzone_mysore@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0821-1251/2346900

Phone: 0821-2341096/2341099




Address: Andhra Insurance Building, Besides Sule High School, Near Mehadia Square, Dhantoli, Nagpur 440012

Email: customerzone_nagpur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0712-2454820,

Phone: 0712-2450083/2450080


Address: Shop No 1,2,3,20; Om Sai Dutta, Plot No 32/A Sector 20, Nerul(W), Navi Mumbai

LIC Customer Care Email: customerzone_mumbai2@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 27725968



Address: B1A/14,Sector-51

Gautam Budh Nagar, Noida-201301

Email: customerzone_noida@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0120-2444026/1251




Address: BSFC Building,1st Floor, Near All India Radio,

Fraser Road, Patna -800001

E-mail: customerzone_patna@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0612-1251/2201795,

Phone: 0612-2332033


Address: Ground Floor, Jeevan Prakash, University Road, Shivajinagar, Pune-411005,

Email: customerzone_pune@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 020-1251/25514248,

Phone: 020-25539790




Address: Guru Ghasidas Plaza Complex, Shop No.110 & 111,

1st Floor, Amapara, G E Road

Raipur- 492001

Email: customerzone_raipur@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0771-2210010



Address: Akshar Complex, Ground floor, Opp. Patel Kanya Chhatralaya,

G. K. Dholakiya school Road,

Near panchayat Chowk, Uni Road,


Email: customerzone_rajkot@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0281-1251/2570871,

Phone: 0281-2581318/2581319/2483210




Address: No 5/315,Junction Main Road, Devi Chit Funds Complex, Five Roads, Salem-636004

Email: customerzone_salem@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 0427- 2440588



Address: 12-8-422/3, Mettuguda, Main Road, Secunderabad-17,

Email: customerzone_secunderabad@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 040-27820146/27820136



Address: Diamond Plaza, 1st Floor, (Near Bhaktinagar Check-Post), Sevoke Road,


Email: customerzone_Siliguri@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0353-1251

Phone: 0353-2545739


Address: Aditya Complex,

Opposite Prime Arcade,

Anand Mahal Road Adajan,


Email: customerzone_surat@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0261-1251

Phone: 0261-2801833/2770227





Address: Pinak Galaxy, 1st floor, B wing, Kapur Bawdi , Opp Mc Donald, Majiwada, Thane-400607

Email: customerzone_thane@licindia[dot]com

Phone: 022-25423226/25421474


Address: Tiruchandur road, I Floor, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli

Email: customerzone_tvl@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0462-2577070


Address: D-72, Ist Floor, Kanchana Enclave, 7th Cross, NEE, Thillai Nagar, Trichy-620018



Phone: 0431-2741000


Address: Upper Ground Floor

Trans Towers, Vazhuthacaud


LIC Customer Care Email: customerzone_tvm@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0471-2335222





Address: Prem Complex, B-23/2,

Chandua Satti, Opposite Bharat Mata Mandir, Sigra ,Varanasi- 221002,

Email: customerzone_vns@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0542-1251/2222412

Phone: 0542-2220457




Email: customerzone_vlr@licindia[dot]com

IVRS/Phone: 1251/0416-2252202



Address: 1st Flr, D.No.59-14-2 ,

Upstairs of Lakshmi Vilas Bank,

Opp Mata Towers, Gayathrinagar, Benz Circle, Vijaywada - 520008,

Email: customerzone_vijaywada@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0866-1251/2484803,

Phone: 0866-2499595/596/597


Address: 47-14-3, Potluri Classic, 1st Floor, Main Road, Dwarakanagar, Vishakhapatnam- 530016

Email: customerzone_vizag@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0891-1251/2523473

Phone: 0891-2558254/2513404





Address: Ist Floor, Opp Arts & Science College, Warangal-506001.

Email:  customerzone_warangal@licindia[dot]com

IVRS: 0870-2544460

Phone: 0870-2574034



Why Timely Check of LIC Policy Status is Recommended?

People often forget to check their Life Insurance Corporation policy status. An LIC policy is a shield against contingencies, but it is paramount to keep a regular tab on the status of your policy in order to ensure that it provides optimum returns.  After all, a lapsed policy is futile. If you haven’t checked yours lately, find some time and do it today.  

Now you can check your LIC statement online by sitting in your drawing room. It means there is no need to go to an LIC office and stand in a queue. Moreover, when you regularly check your policy, you also stay updated about the interim bonus and other important details. At the time of checking the policy online, you can also find the ‘Feedback’ link, which can be used to send queries and valuable suggestions.   

It is pivotal to get a complete understanding of different methods through which you can check your LIC policy status.

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