UTI Mutual Fund

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UTI Mutual Fund (UTIMF) aspires to be able to consistently deliver stable returns to its investors who have invested in its medium to long-term investment plans. As compared to its competitors, it has a lesser rate of volatility and fund returns. UTIMF offers a well-diversified and balanced portfolio on the basis of rigorous research.

On January 14, 2003, UTI Mutual Fund began to walk its path, following the footsteps of the UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd. (UTIAMC). UTI Trustee Co. Ltd. appointed it for managing the mutual fund schemes of the UTI, including the schemes that were migrated from the Unit Trust of India.

UTI Mutual Fund enjoys the track record of management of various investment schemes keeping in mind the needs of every class of investor. The company’s nationwide network comprises of 150 UTI International offices and UTI Financial Centers (UFCs) in London, Dubai, and Singapore. Their investment philosophy revolves around delivering stable and consistent returns on investment. It strongly believes in maintaining a diversified and well-balanced portfolio of all their funds. It is committed to maintaining effective fund management practices for its investment management.

The Key Features of UTI Mutual Fund

UTI mutual fund provides myriad benefits to its investors, including the following:

  1. Tax-Benefits

It provides tax benefits by offering funds for tax planning. It includes UTI Equity Tax Savings Plan, UTI Long Term Advantage Series-II, UTI Long Term Advantage Series-I, and Master Equity Plan Unit Scheme. The objective of investment of these particular schemes is enabling long-term capital appreciation and income tax deductions.

  1. Stable and Consistent Returns

UTIMF provides stable and consistent returns on your long as well as short-term funds.

  1. Periodical Income

It provides cash flow to the investors. Investment plans like UTI- Retirement Benefit Pension Fund Investment let investors enjoy periodic cash flow or income.

  1. Accessibility

UTIMF enables you to access your account anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is access UTI’s website to know your latest investment status. 

Different Types of Funds by UTI Mutual Fund

In order to spoil their investors with choices, UTI mutual fund offers the following various funds:

  1. Equity Fund

This variant of the mutual fund makes investment majorly in stocks, which are called equity fund. Under the equity fund category, UTI mutual fund offers Sector Funds, Diversified Funds, Theme Based/Specialty Funds, Arbitrage Funds, Tax Saving Funds, ELSS, Pure Index Funds, and Exchange Index Fund. 

  1. Debt Fund

Debt funds make investments in the fixed income instruments, including securitized products, short-term bonds, long-term bonds etc. UTIMF offers Liquid Funds, Close-Ended Funds, and Segment Focused Funds. 

  1. Balanced Fund

The balanced funds are the amalgamation of the bond and stock components in a solo investment portfolio. This range of funds offered by UTI mutual fund includes Segment Focused Funds, Monthly Income Schemes, and Pure Balanced Funds. 

  1. Specialty Fund

 A specialty mutual fund makes investment mainly in the securities of a specific geographical location or industry. Under this mutual fund category, UTIMF offers one scheme only, i.e. UTI Gold Exchange Traded Fund. 

Why Select UTI Mutual Fund?

UTI mutual fund has a professional and well-qualified fund management that effectively and efficiently manages the funds keeping only one thing in the mind - shareholders’ profit. The fund managers are aided by the in-house research department.

The company has enhanced the transparency standards. Its branches, registrar offices, and UFCs are well-connected with the help of the tech-savvy IT network, which makes sure that quick, efficient, and cost-effective services are provided to their valued investors. This tech advancement has positioned UTIMF as a responsive, dynamic, transparent, efficient, restructured fund house that sticks by the SEBI regulations.

The following factors make UTIMF a preferred mutual fund company: 

  1. It is a highly trusted brand looked up by investment holders.
  2. It is the most efficient and largest wealth manager having its presence across the globe.
  3. It provides the best customer assistance.
  4. It is the highly preferred employer.
  5. It is the best innovative wealth creator.
  6. It is a socially responsible fund house, well-known for its best corporate governance.
  7. It ensures investor interests with the help of a risk management department. 

Their product portfolio is handled by dedicated management teams that create well-balanced results.