ULIP Plan for NRI

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan for Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a ULIP plan for NRI is an investment option that offers a unique combination of investment and insurance. It allows NRIs to grow their wealth while ensuring financial protection. Additionally, ULIPs offer tax benefits, making them a tax-efficient investment avenue.

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Best ULIP Plans
  • Guaranteed Tax Savings

    Guaranteed Tax Savings^

    Under sec 80C & 10(10D)
  • savings

    ₹1 Crore

    Invest ₹10k Per Month*
  • Zero LTCG Tax

    Zero LTCG Tax^

    Unlike 10% in Mutual Funds
In-built life cover

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Invest ₹10K/month & Get ₹1 Crore returns*

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Fund Size
5 Year
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Top 200 Fund
Fund Size: 1,772 Cr
1,772 Cr
157.01 -2.62%
27.3% Highest Returns
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Virtue II
Fund Size: 2,984 Cr
2,984 Cr
69.78 -1.71%
23.76% Highest Returns
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Pure Equity
Fund Size: 2,475 Cr
2,475 Cr
69.85 -1.31%
19.17% Highest Returns
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Super Select Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,271 Cr
1,271 Cr
74.11 -1.36%
18.29% Highest Returns
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Growth Opportunities Plus Fund
Fund Size: 980 Cr
980 Cr
67.98 -0.77%
18.97% Highest Returns
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Pure Stock Fund
Fund Size: 6,541 Cr
6,541 Cr
143.91 -1.46%
18.39% Highest Returns
Get Details
Large Cap Equity Fund
Fund Size: 2,593 Cr
2,593 Cr
66.31 -0.50%
20.36% Highest Returns
Get Details
Frontline Equity Fund
Fund Size: 3,438 Cr
3,438 Cr
62.47 -0.98%
18.48% Highest Returns
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Grow Money Plus Fund
Fund Size: 433 Cr
433 Cr
64.11 -0.73%
17.68% Highest Returns
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Whole Life Aggressive Growth Fund
Fund Size: 773 Cr
773 Cr
80.68 -1.00%
17.42% Highest Returns
Get Details
Build India Fund
Fund Size: 40 Cr
40 Cr
57.38 -0.62%
16.51% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Top 250 Fund
Fund Size: 565 Cr
565 Cr
55.97 -0.73%
16.28% Highest Returns
Get Details
Accelerator Fund
Fund Size: 231 Cr
231 Cr
44.77 -0.77%
18.71% Highest Returns
Get Details
Top 50 Fund
Fund Size: 281 Cr
281 Cr
86.86 -0.74%
17.48% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Growth Fund II
Fund Size: 4,823 Cr
4,823 Cr
67.62 -0.55%
15.24% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Apex Fund
Fund Size: 89 Cr
89 Cr
51.27 -0.89%
17.76% Highest Returns
Get Details
Blue Chip Fund
Fund Size: 8,793 Cr
8,793 Cr
47.03 -0.47%
14.83% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Super Fund
Fund Size: 13,855 Cr
13,855 Cr
74.81 -0.87%
15.26% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 2,938 Cr
2,938 Cr
62.59 -0.70%
15.52% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Growth Fund
Fund Size: 19,262 Cr
19,262 Cr
49.68 -0.51%
13.98% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Fund
Fund Size: 67,910 Cr
67,910 Cr
187.79 -1.74%
14.91% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Large Cap Fund
Fund Size: 496 Cr
496 Cr
52.44 -0.44%
13.91% Highest Returns
Get Details
Enhancer Fund-II
Fund Size: 935 Cr
935 Cr
51.97 -0.49%
14.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,072 Cr
1,072 Cr
41.71 -0.32%
16.35% Highest Returns
Get Details
Super 20
Fund Size: 1,972 Cr
1,972 Cr
59.84 -0.52%
14.62% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Opportunity Fund
Fund Size: 72 Cr
72 Cr
39.44 -0.66%
16.32% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Fund
Fund Size: 4,457 Cr
4,457 Cr
42.5 -0.32%
14.16% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 1,275 Cr
1,275 Cr
114.67 -1.19%
13.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Maximiser Fund V
Fund Size: 56,434 Cr
56,434 Cr
49.98 -0.42%
14.86% Highest Returns
Get Details
Value & Momentum
Fund Size: 671 Cr
671 Cr
45.19 -0.99%
16.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Maximize Fund
Fund Size: 92 Cr
92 Cr
50.2 -0.68%
14.47% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Plus Fund
Fund Size: 558 Cr
558 Cr
33.81 -0.33%
12.27% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity II Fund
Fund Size: 3,467 Cr
3,467 Cr
38.45 -0.37%
12.53% Highest Returns
Get Details
Blue-Chip Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,113 Cr
1,113 Cr
32.66 -0.26%
12.2% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Fund
Fund Size: 8,660 Cr
8,660 Cr
100 -0.41%
11.1% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Whole Life Stable Growth Fund
Fund Size: 247 Cr
247 Cr
55.68 -0.44%
13.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 352 Cr
352 Cr
44.11 -0.43%
12.56% Highest Returns
Get Details
Save N Grow Money Fund
Fund Size: 68 Cr
68 Cr
55.42 -0.32%
10.61% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 526 Cr
526 Cr
93.97 -0.61%
10.72% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balancer II
Fund Size: 837 Cr
837 Cr
36.59 -0.38%
11.81% Highest Returns
Get Details
Stable Fund
Fund Size: 22 Cr
22 Cr
32.87 -0.26%
11.89% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 2,114 Cr
2,114 Cr
38.85 -0.25%
10.71% Highest Returns
Get Details
Managed Fund
Fund Size: 39 Cr
39 Cr
35.34 -0.16%
9.96% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Plus Fund
Fund Size: 2,117 Cr
2,117 Cr
30.1 -0.20%
10.04% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund-II
Fund Size: 144 Cr
144 Cr
33.46 -0.18%
9.57% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Balance Fund
Fund Size: 70 Cr
70 Cr
36.77 -0.36%
10.11% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 5,953 Cr
5,953 Cr
99.52 -0.39%
8.54% Highest Returns
Get Details
Cautious Asset Allocator Fund
Fund Size: 33 Cr
33 Cr
31.88 -0.07%
7.21% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Pure Fund
Fund Size: 494 Cr
494 Cr
48.34 -0.81%
17.28% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 242 Cr
242 Cr
85.73 -0.29%
8.81% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Income Fund
Fund Size: 786 Cr
786 Cr
36.83 -0.04%
8.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 302 Cr
302 Cr
61.74 -0.17%
7.79% Highest Returns
Get Details
Debt Fund
Fund Size: 465 Cr
465 Cr
34.91 -0.06%
7.78% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Gilt Fund
Fund Size: 198 Cr
198 Cr
43.4 -0.08%
7.77% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Advantage
Fund Size: 825 Cr
825 Cr
38.25 -0.08%
7.76% Highest Returns
Get Details
Conservative Fund
Fund Size: 239 Cr
239 Cr
52.82 -0.12%
7.73% Highest Returns
Get Details
Secure Plus Fund
Fund Size: 337 Cr
337 Cr
30.55 -0.04%
7.69% Highest Returns
Get Details
Steady Money Fund
Fund Size: 76 Cr
76 Cr
37.12 -0.05%
7.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Bond Fund
Fund Size: 1,407 Cr
1,407 Cr
46.88 -0.07%
7.55% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund
Fund Size: 111 Cr
111 Cr
26.64 -0.03%
7.5% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Fund
Fund Size: 8,794 Cr
8,794 Cr
29.47 -0.04%
7.42% Highest Returns
Get Details
Secure Fund
Fund Size: 1,016 Cr
1,016 Cr
42.42 -0.06%
7.36% Highest Returns
Get Details
Preserver II
Fund Size: 78 Cr
78 Cr
26.82 -0.04%
6.97% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 276 Cr
276 Cr
42.65 -0.04%
6.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Protector II
Fund Size: 762 Cr
762 Cr
27.32 -0.04%
6.76% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Short-Term Fixed Income Fund
Fund Size: 230 Cr
230 Cr
32.4 -0.02%
6.71% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Income Fund
Fund Size: 81 Cr
81 Cr
34.1 -0.05%
6.66% Highest Returns
Get Details
Money Market Fund
Fund Size: 390 Cr
390 Cr
32.63 -0.01%
6.33% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Plus
Fund Size: 267 Cr
267 Cr
21.54 0.00%
6.12% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Floating Rate Fund
Fund Size: 20 Cr
20 Cr
35.6 -0.01%
5.99% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund-II
Fund Size: 68 Cr
68 Cr
25.49 -0.03%
5.99% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Fund
Fund Size: 74 Cr
74 Cr
74.2 -0.01%
5.5% Highest Returns
Get Details
Safe Money Fund
Fund Size: 61 Cr
61 Cr
23.21 -0.01%
5.22% Highest Returns
Get Details
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What is a ULIP Plan for NRI?

ULIP stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plan. A ULIP Plan for NRI is an investment plan that combines life insurance benefits with the best investment options. 

NRIs can invest in ULIP plans in India to receive life coverage while also participating in the financial markets. You can invest in market-linked funds such as equity, debt, or a mix of both. 

The best ULIP plans allow NRIs to switch between funds based on their risk appetite and financial goals. 

The ULIP plan in India also offers tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Features of Best ULIP Plans in India in 2024 for NRI

The key features of best ULIP plans in India are as follows:

  • Dual Benefits: A combination of both investment and life insurance in one plan. It provides financial protection for your loved ones in case of unforeseen events.

  • Flexible Investment Funds: The NRI can choose between equity, debt, or a mix based on your risk tolerance and changing financial goals.

  • Tax Efficiency: An NRI can enjoy tax advantages of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs p.a. on investment under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax-free maturity amount under Section 10(10D) when premium payment is below Rs. 2.5 lakhs annually.

  • Wealth Creation: ULIP plan offers higher returns in the long term through the power of compounding.

  • Transparent Charges: An NRI can understand all charges, including premium allocation and fund management fees.

  • Lock-in Period: Lock-in period of 5 years allows you to build wealth through a long-term investment horizon.

  • Partial Withdrawal Facility: The ULIP plans for NRI provide flexibility through partial withdrawals after the 5-year lock-in period.

  • Professional Fund Management: ULIP plans are managed by experienced and reputable fund managers.

Why NRIs Should Invest in Best ULIP Plans in India in 2024?

Following are some of the benefits of investing in a ULIP plan in India for an NRI:

  1. Flexibility to Switch Funds:

    • You can easily switch between investment funds based on financial goals.

    • It allows an NRI to adapt investment strategy to changing market conditions.

  2. Lock-in Period:

    • Enjoy long-term compounding benefits with a 5-year lock-in period.

    • This will help to benefit from the compounding effect of investing small in the long term.

  3. Tax Benefits:

    • Avail tax advantages on premium payment as per Section 80C. 

    • Tax benefits on maturity amount under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

  4. Rider Options:

    • NRIs can customize their insurance plans with additional riders for enhanced coverage.

    • You can tailor your policies to specific needs with rider options.

  5. High Returns:

    • NRIs can explore various investment opportunities with the potential for attractive returns.

    • ULIP allows an NRI to balance risk and reward for optimal wealth accumulation.

  6. 150+ Funds:

    • NRIs can diversify their investment portfolio with a wide range of over 150 funds.

    • You can select funds aligning with risk tolerance and financial objectives.

  7. Life Cover:

    • You can secure your financial future with life cover integrated into investment plans.

    • The NRI can provide protection to their loved ones while building wealth.

  8. Currency Advantages:

    • Investing in Indian plans helps mitigate the risks associated with fluctuating exchange rates.

    • Allows NRIs to benefit from potential currency appreciation by maximizing returns when converted to their home currency.

Types of ULIP Plans in India for NRI

ULIPs are classified based on their purpose and death benefit. Let us learn about them in detail.

  1. Goal-Based ULIP Plans:

    • Child Education Plans:

      • Helps NRIs to secure funds for the education of their child.

      • NRIs can avail tax benefits on the premiums paid and the maturity amount under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act.

      • Can be tailored to suit specific needs, providing flexibility in terms of premium payments and coverage.

      • Offers life coverage for the parent to ensure financial protection for the child in case of unforeseen events.

      • Accumulates loyalty additions over the policy term which enhances the overall value of the investment.

      • Provides financial support at key educational milestones.

    • Pension Plans:

      • NRIs can avail of tax benefits on premiums paid and the maturity amount under Section 80C and 10(10D), respectively of the Income Tax Act, 1961. 

      • Offers a reliable source of income post-retirement, which ensures financial stability during the later stages of life.

      • NRIs can enhance coverage with optional riders like disability, critical illness, or income benefits.

      • You can nominate beneficiaries to ensure a seamless transfer of benefits in case of an unfortunate event.

    • Capital Guarantee Plans:

      • Capital Guarantee Plans offer a secure investment option for NRIs in India.

      • The capital invested is protected, ensuring a minimum guaranteed return.

      • NRIs can safeguard their investments from market volatility and economic uncertainties.

      • Ideal for NRIs looking to preserve wealth over the long term with minimal risk.

      • Capital Guarantee Plans offer tax benefits on maturity amount and invested capital.

      • Adds diversification to NRI investment portfolios.

    • Money-Back Plans:

      • Offers a blend of insurance and investment with periodic payouts, which ensures liquidity for NRIs.

      • Assured returns and additional bonuses at predefined intervals for NRIs.

      • Offer tax benefits to NRIs on invested premiums and maturity amount.

      • Also provides life insurance coverage which ensures financial protection for loved ones.

  2. Death Benefit Based ULIP Plans

    ULIP plans in India can be categorised as Type 1 ULIP Plan and Type 2 ULIP Plan, based on their death benefits. Let us learn the key difference between them, from the following table: 

    Feature Type 1 ULIP Type 2 ULIP
    Lock-in Period 5 years 5 years
    Premium Allocation Higher premium allocation towards insurance Lower premium allocation towards insurance
    Death Benefit Payout Higher of sum assured or fund value Sum assured + Fund value
    Example of Death Benefit
    • If Fund Value = Rs. 40 lakhs
    • Sum Assured = Rs. 50 lakhs
    • Death Benefit to Nominee: Rs. 50 lakhs of Sum Assured 
    • If Fund Value = Rs. 40 lakhs
    • Sum Assured = Rs. 50 lakhs
    • Death Benefit to Nominee: Rs. 75 lakhs (Sum Assured + Fund Value)
    Sum-at-Risk Decreases over time as fund value grows Remains constant, potentially higher premiums
    Returns Potentially lower returns Potentially higher returns

Illustration of a ULIP Plan for NRI

Consider the following conditions for investing in a ULIP Plan-

  • Your age = 30 years

  • Policy Term (PT) = 20 years

  • Premium Amount (annual) = Rs. 50,000

  • Premium Payment Term (PPT) = 10 years

  1. Policy Details:

    • Initial Sum Assured = Rs. 5,00,000 (yearly premium x 10)

    • Annual Administration and other charges = Rs. 2,500

    • Total Annual Investment = Rs. 47,500

    • Initial NAV Value = Rs. 10

    • Units purchased = (47500/10) = 4,750

  2. Final ULIP Returns:

    Death Benefits Maturity Benefits
    Payment made to the nominee if you die within the policy term = Rs. 5,00,000 (Sum Assured) OR
    = Fund Value (whichever is higher)
    Payment made at the time of maturity if you are alive = Total Fund Value

Who Should Invest in a ULIP Plan?

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is best for the following category of NRI investors: 

  • NRIs seeking investment and insurance in a single plan

  • For long-term financial goals

  • NRIs comfortable with market-related risks

  • NRIs aiming to optimize tax liabilities

  • For flexibility in investment choices

  • NRIs seeking disciplined saving and investment

Steps to Buy a ULIP Plan for NRI from Policybazaar

Let’s take a look at the steps to purchase the best ULIP plans online:

Step 1: Go to the Policybazaar website to explore and compare ULIP plans suitable for NRIs.

Step 2: Fill in your personal details, including name, contact information, and address, to create an account.

Step 3: Browse through the available ULIP plans and select the one that aligns with your financial goals and risk appetite.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to invest in the chosen ULIP plan.

Step 5: Fulfil the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements by submitting the necessary documents, such as identity proof, address proof, and passport.

Step 6: Specify the nominee for the ULIP plan, ensuring smooth claim settlement in case of unforeseen events.

Step 7: Decide on the premium payment frequency, whether monthly, quarterly, or annually, and make the payment through the available online options.

Step 8: Carefully review all the details provided, including the terms and conditions, before confirming your ULIP purchase.

Step 9: Once the payment is processed and documentation is verified, Policybazaar will issue your ULIP policy.

Step 10: Regularly monitor your ULIP investment and utilize online platforms provided by Policybazaar to manage your policy effectively.

Estimate Your Returns with ULIP Plan Calculator

NRIs can estimate their ULIP returns quickly, easily, and hassle-free with a ULIP Calculator. The calculator includes the following factors:

  • Amount to invest (monthly/yearly/one-time)

  • Policy tenure (investment duration)

  • Periodic investment period (premium payment frequency)

  • Expected rate of return

The ULIP plan calculator will provide you the following results:

  • Total Invested Amount

  • Total Returns Earned

Charges Levied on a ULIP Plan for NRI

The following charges are subject to the guidelines set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) to ensure they do not exceed the acquisition cost incurred by the insurer:

Charge Type Description
Premium Allocation Charge Fee for allocating the principal to different investment funds by the insurance company.
Fund Management Charge Fee charged by the fund manager for managing the investment portfolio of the ULIP.
Mortality Charge Fee charged by the insurance company to provide life cover under the ULIP.
Policy Administration Charge Fee charged by the insurance company for maintaining policy records and providing services.
Switching Charge Fee charged for switching between different investment funds within the ULIP.
Partial Withdrawal Charge Fee charged for making partial withdrawals from the investment corpus of the ULIP.
Discontinuance or Surrender Charges Charges applied if the ULIP is terminated before 4 years. No surrender charges after the 5th year.
Discontinuance Charge Amount Ranges from ₹1,000 to ₹4,000, calculated as a percentage of the fund's value and premium, depending on the policy.

Summing It Up

The ULIP Plan for NRIs offers a dynamic and flexible investment-cum-insurance solution. The plan aims to meet the unique financial goals of NRIs, by combining the benefits of market-linked returns with life insurance coverage. With the potential for wealth creation and protection, the ULIP for NRIs serves as a comprehensive financial tool, empowering them to achieve long-term financial security and growth.


  • Is ULIP a good investment?

    ULIPs can be a good investment in the following cases:
    • You need both life insurance and investment for long-term goals.

    • You have a moderate risk appetite and understand the charges involved.

    • You compare different plans and choose one with competitive features and low charges.

  • Is ULIP better than FD?

    Deciding whether a ULIP is a better investment than an FD depends on your specific goals and risk tolerance.
    • Choose ULIP if:

      • You have a long-term investment horizon (5+ years) and moderate risk tolerance.

      • You need both life insurance cover and the potential for higher returns.

      • You understand the charges and lock-in periods involved.

    • Choose FD if:

      • You prioritize safety and guaranteed returns.

      • You have a short-term investment goal.

      • You have a low risk tolerance or prefer minimal investment complexity.

  • What is the return of ULIP in 10 years?

    The expected return for 10-year ULIP plan is between 10% to 12% annually.
  • What are the rules of the ULIP plan?

    Some of the general rules and key points to remember for ULIP plans are as follows:
    • ULIPs combine life insurance coverage with market-linked investments.

    • A portion of your premium goes towards life insurance, and the remaining gets invested in funds of your choice.

    • There is usually a minimum amount you need to pay as premium each year and a minimum sum assured (life cover) provided by the plan.

    • Most ULIPs offer a range of equity, debt, and balanced funds with varying risk profiles.

    • You can usually switch between funds within your policy, providing flexibility to adjust your investment strategy over time.

    • ULIPs have various charges like policy fees, fund management fees, and surrender charges for early withdrawals.

    • Most ULIPs have a lock-in period (typically 5 years) for tax benefits in India.

    • ULIPs usually have minimum and maximum age limits for policyholders.

    • Some plans may offer additional riders like critical illness cover or accidental death benefit.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:- http://bit.ly/3J20bXZ
^The tax benefits under Section 80C allow a deduction of up to ₹1.5 lakhs from the taxable income per year and 10(10D) tax benefits are for investments made up to ?2.5 Lakhs/ year for policies bought after 1 Feb 2021. Tax benefits and savings are subject to changes in tax laws.
^^The information relating to mutual funds presented in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant for sale. Investment is subject to market risks and the risk is borne by the investor. Please consult your financial advisor before planning your investments.


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