ULIP - Unit Linked Insurance Plan

The term ULIP stands for Unit Linked Insurance Plan – a type of insurance offering two-fold benefits. It enables you to invest and achieve your long-term financial goals. In addition, ULIP offers a life cover that ensures financial security for your family in the event of an unfortunate incident.

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Best ULIP Plans
  • Guaranteed Tax Savings

    Guaranteed Tax Savings

    Under sec 80C & 10(10D)
  • savings

    ₹1 Crore

    Invest ₹10k Per Month*
  • Zero LTCG Tax

    Zero LTCG Tax

    Unlike 10% in Mutual Funds

Top performing plans with High Returns*

Invest ₹10K/month & Get ₹1 Crore returns*

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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Top 200 Fund
Fund Size: 1,539 Cr
1,539 Cr
147.97 0.47%
27.49% Highest Returns
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Virtue II
Fund Size: 2,597 Cr
2,597 Cr
66.3 0.03%
23.35% Highest Returns
Get Details
Pure Equity
Fund Size: 2,120 Cr
2,120 Cr
67.21 0.07%
19.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Opportunities Plus Fund
Fund Size: 931 Cr
931 Cr
63.02 0.24%
18.75% Highest Returns
Get Details
Pure Stock Fund
Fund Size: 6,032 Cr
6,032 Cr
135.86 0.53%
17.82% Highest Returns
Get Details
Super Select Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,253 Cr
1,253 Cr
69.41 0.48%
17.56% Highest Returns
Get Details
Large Cap Equity Fund
Fund Size: 2,454 Cr
2,454 Cr
63.67 0.27%
21.15% Highest Returns
Get Details
Grow Money Plus Fund
Fund Size: 411 Cr
411 Cr
59.62 0.29%
17.51% Highest Returns
Get Details
Build India Fund
Fund Size: 38 Cr
38 Cr
53.42 0.28%
16.9% Highest Returns
Get Details
Frontline Equity Fund
Fund Size: 2,742 Cr
2,742 Cr
58.02 0.26%
18.35% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Aggressive Growth Fund
Fund Size: 748 Cr
748 Cr
78.96 0.21%
18.4% Highest Returns
Get Details
Top 50 Fund
Fund Size: 258 Cr
258 Cr
84.33 0.39%
18.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Top 250 Fund
Fund Size: 538 Cr
538 Cr
51.85 0.28%
15.9% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Growth Fund II
Fund Size: 4,767 Cr
4,767 Cr
63.88 0.56%
15.55% Highest Returns
Get Details
Value & Momentum
Fund Size: 680 Cr
680 Cr
43.61 -0.11%
16.82% Highest Returns
Get Details
Accelerator Fund
Fund Size: 221 Cr
221 Cr
41.94 0.18%
18.52% Highest Returns
Get Details
Blue Chip Fund
Fund Size: 8,730 Cr
8,730 Cr
43.91 0.40%
15.28% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Apex Fund
Fund Size: 84 Cr
84 Cr
49.09 0.30%
18.95% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 2,837 Cr
2,837 Cr
59.14 0.40%
15.84% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Super Fund
Fund Size: 13,476 Cr
13,476 Cr
69.93 0.34%
15.16% Highest Returns
Get Details
Enhancer Fund-II
Fund Size: 803 Cr
803 Cr
49.35 0.35%
15.01% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Fund
Fund Size: 61,900 Cr
61,900 Cr
177.3 1.01%
15.04% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Growth Fund
Fund Size: 18,397 Cr
18,397 Cr
46.2 0.28%
14.17% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Equity Fund
Fund Size: 1,039 Cr
1,039 Cr
39.59 0.35%
16.33% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Opportunity Fund
Fund Size: 72 Cr
72 Cr
37.79 0.25%
17.32% Highest Returns
Get Details
Super 20
Fund Size: 1,924 Cr
1,924 Cr
57.22 0.55%
15.19% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity Large Cap Fund
Fund Size: 499 Cr
499 Cr
49.8 0.46%
14.51% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 1,250 Cr
1,250 Cr
109.34 0.62%
14.42% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bluechip Fund
Fund Size: 4,205 Cr
4,205 Cr
40.27 0.35%
14.63% Highest Returns
Get Details
Maximiser Fund V
Fund Size: 53,401 Cr
53,401 Cr
46.59 0.35%
14.94% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Maximize Fund
Fund Size: 90 Cr
90 Cr
48.41 0.25%
15.44% Highest Returns
Get Details
Equity II Fund
Fund Size: 3,029 Cr
3,029 Cr
36.07 0.30%
12.78% Highest Returns
Get Details
Blue-Chip Equity Fund
Fund Size: 989 Cr
989 Cr
31.49 0.31%
12.98% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Plus Fund
Fund Size: 516 Cr
516 Cr
31.93 0.22%
12.61% Highest Returns
Get Details
Growth Fund
Fund Size: 8,755 Cr
8,755 Cr
94.99 0.40%
10.96% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Whole Life Mid Cap Equity Fund
Fund Size: 11,524 Cr
11,524 Cr
124.89 0.38%
23.47% Highest Returns
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Midcap Fund
Fund Size: 1,278 Cr
1,278 Cr
81.53 -0.05%
23.72% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 3,999 Cr
3,999 Cr
85.92 0.03%
21.37% Highest Returns
Get Details
Accelerator Mid-Cap Fund II
Fund Size: 5,754 Cr
5,754 Cr
75.64 -0.03%
20.39% Highest Returns
Get Details
High Growth Fund
Fund Size: 4,690 Cr
4,690 Cr
92.32 -0.22%
26.79% Highest Returns
Get Details
Opportunities Fund
Fund Size: 35,480 Cr
35,480 Cr
65.24 -0.02%
19.81% Highest Returns
Get Details
Classic Opportunities Fund
Fund Size: 12,180 Cr
12,180 Cr
59.42 0.31%
17.02% Highest Returns
Get Details
Flexi Cap
Fund Size: 1,308 Cr
1,308 Cr
47.97 0.11%
17.31% Highest Returns
Get Details
Opportunity Fund
Fund Size: 2,636 Cr
2,636 Cr
49.71 0.31%
16.13% Highest Returns
Get Details
Save N Grow Money Fund
Fund Size: 69 Cr
69 Cr
53.34 0.15%
11.77% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Whole Life Stable Growth Fund
Fund Size: 226 Cr
226 Cr
54.84 0.05%
14.84% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 328 Cr
328 Cr
41.63 0.11%
12.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 528 Cr
528 Cr
90.17 0.32%
11.54% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balancer II
Fund Size: 796 Cr
796 Cr
35.56 0.08%
12.37% Highest Returns
Get Details
Stable Fund
Fund Size: 22 Cr
22 Cr
31.19 0.07%
12.17% Highest Returns
Get Details
Multi Cap Balanced Fund
Fund Size: 2,116 Cr
2,116 Cr
36.93 0.13%
11.21% Highest Returns
Get Details
Managed Fund
Fund Size: 42 Cr
42 Cr
34.08 0.06%
10.57% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Plus Fund
Fund Size: 2,090 Cr
2,090 Cr
28.81 0.13%
10.51% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Balance Fund
Fund Size: 71 Cr
71 Cr
35.65 0.12%
10.84% Highest Returns
Get Details
Balanced Fund-II
Fund Size: 150 Cr
150 Cr
32.34 0.08%
9.97% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 6,091 Cr
6,091 Cr
96.29 0.20%
9.28% Highest Returns
Get Details
Cautious Asset Allocator Fund
Fund Size: 39 Cr
39 Cr
31.18 0.03%
7.79% Highest Returns
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Fund Details
Fund Size
5 Year
7 Year
10 Year
Pure Fund
Fund Size: 478 Cr
478 Cr
45.73 0.19%
17.53% Highest Returns
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Fund Size: 247 Cr
247 Cr
83.25 0.11%
9.45% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Income Fund
Fund Size: 776 Cr
776 Cr
35.99 -0.01%
8.4% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 294 Cr
294 Cr
60.21 0.04%
8.28% Highest Returns
Get Details
Debt Fund
Fund Size: 446 Cr
446 Cr
34.25 0.00%
8.21% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Gilt Fund
Fund Size: 205 Cr
205 Cr
42.54 0.00%
8.19% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Advantage
Fund Size: 814 Cr
814 Cr
37.44 0.00%
8.04% Highest Returns
Get Details
Steady Money Fund
Fund Size: 66 Cr
66 Cr
36.29 -0.01%
7.95% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Bond Fund
Fund Size: 1,479 Cr
1,479 Cr
45.9 -0.01%
7.92% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund
Fund Size: 23,375 Cr
23,375 Cr
44.34 -0.01%
7.73% Highest Returns
Get Details
Income Fund
Fund Size: 9,165 Cr
9,165 Cr
28.88 -0.02%
7.72% Highest Returns
Get Details
Secure Fund
Fund Size: 1,006 Cr
1,006 Cr
41.42 0.00%
7.64% Highest Returns
Get Details
Preserver II
Fund Size: 78 Cr
78 Cr
26.26 0.01%
7.3% Highest Returns
Get Details
Future Income Fund
Fund Size: 84 Cr
84 Cr
33.48 0.00%
7.15% Highest Returns
Get Details
Protector II
Fund Size: 761 Cr
761 Cr
26.75 -0.01%
7.1% Highest Returns
Get Details
Fund Size: 278 Cr
278 Cr
41.83 -0.01%
7.08% Highest Returns
Get Details
Whole Life Short-Term Fixed Income Fund
Fund Size: 229 Cr
229 Cr
31.7 0.01%
6.82% Highest Returns
Get Details
Money Market Fund
Fund Size: 395 Cr
395 Cr
31.92 0.00%
6.38% Highest Returns
Get Details
Bond Fund-II
Fund Size: 72 Cr
72 Cr
25.04 -0.01%
6.32% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Plus
Fund Size: 245 Cr
245 Cr
21.08 -0.01%
6.18% Highest Returns
Get Details
Dynamic Floating Rate Fund
Fund Size: 21 Cr
21 Cr
34.82 0.00%
6.16% Highest Returns
Get Details
Liquid Fund
Fund Size: 72 Cr
72 Cr
72.74 -0.01%
5.59% Highest Returns
Get Details
Safe Money Fund
Fund Size: 63 Cr
63 Cr
22.79 -0.01%
5.29% Highest Returns
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Best ULIP Funds - Consider the best performing ULIP funds to invest in 2023 with Policybazaar. Find the list of best ULIP funds in India on the basis of Returns, Latest Nav, Fund Size and Categories

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What is ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan)?

ULIP provides both insurance and investment benefits. In this, one part of the money goes towards life insurance, and the rest gets invested in long-term savings instruments such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

ULIPs are popular because they offer flexibility to policyholders for choosing investment options and allocating funds according to their risk appetite and financial goals. Additionally, ULIPs provide tax benefits under the Income Tax Act of 1961.

How to Choose Best ULIP Plans in India?

Choosing a ULIP plan can be tedious, especially given the magnitude of options available in India. Here we discuss some points that can help all investors choose their best-suited ULIP plan.

  • Analyze Personal Investment Goals

    Before investing in any ULIP plan, every investor must analyze their long-term financial goals. Choose the one that is in sync with your preferred investment tenure and future goals. They may vary from education of children to post-retirement needs. Prioritize investment goals to see which funds under a particular ULIP plan suit your future requirement.

  • Compare ULIPs

    Comparing ULIP plans to understand different features and advantages offered within a policy is essential. You can do so through our portal. Comparing different ULIPs will help you invest in the best investment plan.

  • Flexibility

    Here are two things that an investor must take into account to compare ULIP plans on the parameters of flexibility:

    • Policy Tenure 

      ULIPs provide policyholders with a range of policy tenure options, typically ranging from 5 to 30 years. This flexibility allows investors to choose a policy tenure that best suits their financial goals and requirements. 

    • Investment Range

      ULIPs offer investors a range of investment options to choose from, depending on their risk appetite and financial goals. Policyholders can choose to invest their premiums in equity, debt, or balanced funds, depending on their investment preference.

  • Evaluate Risk Profile and Financial Stability

    Before selecting a ULIP plan, it is crucial to evaluate your personal risk tolerance and financial situation. Young investors who have a higher willingness to take risks may consider plans that have a greater focus on equity, even up to 100% allocation. For those prioritizing financial stability, it is wise to opt for a debt plan.

  • Explore ULIP Plan Features

    Each ULIP plan has distinct features and benefits. Having a proper understanding of the pros and cons of each plan can help choose best-suited unit-linked insurance plan. 

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Advantages of ULIPs

Financial Goals:
Get Returns as high as 17%
Fund Control:
Free switching to manage market risk
SIPs with 150+ fund options
Diverse Portfolio:
Diverse portfolio through market-linked plan
Financial Security:
Life cover for family
Withdrawal option after 5 years
Benefits Of Market Linked Investment Plans
Get Return as high as 17%
Free Fund Switching
150+ Funds
ZERO risk through CG plan
Life cover
Withdrawable after 5 Years

Besides basic policy features, ULIP plans offer additional advantages to its policyholders. Some of the important ones are explained below:

  • Dual benefits

    ULIPs offer the combined benefits of investment and insurance in a single product. As a policyholder, you can invest your money in various market-linked funds and get life coverage.

  • Flexibility

    ULIPs offer a high degree of flexibility to investors. You can choose the amount of premium you want to pay, payment frequency, and fund options you want to invest in.

  • Transparency

    ULIPs offer transparency of charges and fund performance. The costs for ULIPs are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI), and insurers must disclose all charges upfront.

  • Tax benefits

    ULIPs offer tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The premium paid towards the policy is deductible from the taxable income up to a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum.

  • Long-term wealth creation

    ULIPs are long-term investment products as they have the potential for wealth creation over a longer period. You can choose to stay invested in the product for a longer duration to reap the benefits of compounding.

  • Flexibility to switch funds

    ULIPs offer the flexibility to switch between funds per your investment goals and risk appetite. This allows the investors to customize their investment portfolio and maximize returns.

  • Lock-in Period

    ULIP plans come with a lock-in period of 5 years that helps develop a disciplined investment habits among investors. Investors are bound to invest for a long duration to create a financial cushion for a long-term and gain maximum return on investment.

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Why Should You Invest in ULIP Schemes?

All ULIP investments are transparent and hence a good option to put the money in.
Multiple options to choose from
From high to low risk and from equity to debt funds, there are multiple fund options in ULIP to choose from.
ULIPs offer partial withdrawal of money to meet unpredictable events and emergencies.
Higher returns
12-15% returns in just 10 years due to the availability of multiple investment options.
Low Surrender Charges
ULIPs offer reasonable surrender charges compared to traditional plans, making it a good investment option.

Who Should Invest in ULIP?

The following classes of investors must consider ULIPs for long-term wealth creation:

  1. People with Medium to Long Term Investment Horizon

    ULIPs are designed for investors with a medium to long-term investment horizon. Since ULIPs have a lock-in period of 5 years, investors can stay invested for a longer duration to yield higher returns.

  2. People with Varying Risk Appetites

    ULIPs offer a range of funds that cater to investors with varying risk appetites. For instance, equity-based ULIPs are ideal for investors willing to take higher risks in exchange for potentially higher returns. On the other hand, debt-based ULIPs are suitable for investors who prefer a lower risk investment option.

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Types of ULIP Plans

ULIPs are best classified based on their purpose and death benefits.

  1. Classification by Purpose

    ULIPs based on their purpose are classified as follows:

    • ULIP for Retirement

    • ULIPs for Wealth Collection

    • ULIP for Child Education

    • ULIPs for Health Benefits

  2. Classification by Death Benefits

    Unit linked insurance plans can also be categorised on different criteria or norms. ULIPs are classified into two categories depending on the death benefit – Type 1 and Type 2.

    Parameter Type 1 ULIPs Type 2 ULIPs
    Lock-in period 5 years 5 years
    Investment options Equity, debt, or a mix of both Equity
    Charges Lower charges Higher charges
    Transparency More transparent Less transparent
    Returns Market-linked returns Returns depend on the market performance
    Risk Higher risk High risk
    Switching between funds Unlimited and free Limited and chargeable
    Sum assured At least 10 times the annual premium At least 10 times the annual premium
    Surrender value Available after 5 years Available after 5 years
    Tax benefits Tax benefits on premium paid and maturity amount Tax benefits on premium paid and maturity amount

How to Buy a ULIP Plan through Policybazaar?

Like other life insurance products, ULIP plans can be purchased online hassle-free. Consider these steps to buy ULIP plans online:

  • Go to Policybazaar's official website (www.policybazaar.com).

  • Navigate to the insurance section and select the "ULIP" category from the available options.

  • You will be asked to fill in essential details such as your age, coverage amount, policy term, and other relevant information. Provide accurate information to get the most suitable quotes.

  • Policybazaar will provide you with a list of ULIP plans from various insurance providers. Compare the features, benefits, premiums, and other factors to make an informed decision.

  • After analyzing the available options, select the ULIP plan that best aligns with your financial goals and risk appetite.

  • You will need to fill out a proposal form online, providing detailed personal and medical information.

  • Depending on the insurer's policies and the sum assured, you may need to undergo a medical examination. This is a standard procedure to assess your health condition.

  • Pay the premium for the selected ULIP plan through the available payment options on the website. Policybazaar usually offers multiple payment methods, including debit/credit cards, net banking, and digital wallets.

  • Once the payment is processed successfully, the insurance company will review your application. If everything is in order, they will issue the ULIP policy. You will receive the policy document via email or physical mail, depending on your preference.

Carefully review the plan document to ensure all the details are accurate and match your expectations. If there are any discrepancies or questions, contact Policybazaar or the insurance provider for clarification.

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ULIPs vs Mutual Funds 

Mutual funds and ULIPs are often seen locking horns with each other. But which is better among them - ULIPs or Mutual Funds? The answer primarily depends on three factors:

  • Risk appetite

  • Investment goals

  • Existing financial health

For a better understanding of our readers, here we have briefly compared these investment options one by one.

ULIPs Vs Mutual Fund: Comparison in Detail

Aspect ULIPs Mutual Fund
Investment Objective Provides both insurance and investment benefits Only focuses on investment objectives
Costs Higher expenses, including administration and management fees Lower expenses, mainly in the form of management fees and transaction costs
Taxation Tax-free on maturity and partial withdrawal, subject to certain conditions Taxable on capital gains and dividends as per the income tax slab rate
Transparency Higher transparency regarding fund allocation  Higher transparency regarding fund allocation
Insurance benefits Provides life insurance coverage No insurance benefits provided
Returns Returns may vary depending on market performance and other factors Returns may vary depending on market performance and other factors

ULIP Charges

ULIPs do have certain charges associated with them that are divided into multiple categories. The following are the ones you must know:

  • Premium allocation charge: The fee charged by the insurance company for allocating the premium amount to various investment funds.

  • Fund management charge: The fee charged by the fund manager for managing the investment portfolio of the ULIP.

  • Mortality charge: The fee charged by the insurance company for providing the life cover under the ULIP.

  • Policy administration charge: The fee charged by the insurance company for maintaining the policy record and providing services.

  • Surrender charge: The fee charged by the insurance company if the policyholder decides to surrender the policy before the end of the lock-in period.

  • Switching charge: The fee charged for switching between different investment funds.

  • Partial withdrawal charge: The fee charged for making partial withdrawals from the investment corpus.

  • Discontinuance Charges: On premature discontinuation of a plan within the lock-in period, the insurer deducts a small fee. Since these charges are preset by IRDA, they are the same for almost all policies.

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Let Us Guide You!

Our goal at Policybazaar is to offer valuable support to investors seeking information on ULIP plans, making it easier for them to find the most suitable option. To simplify the process of comparing ULIP plans in India, our intelligent system has a built-in ULIP calculator that helps compute returns for various plans. Now is the time to secure a strong future by taking advantage of this opportunity and comparing ULIP plans on Policybazaar.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I surrender my ULIP policy before the maturity period?

    Yes, you can surrender your ULIP policy before the maturity period. If you surrender your policy before the completion of the lock-in period, you have to pay a discontinuance fee. However, the policyholder will receive the money only after five years of tenure
  • What are some myths about Investing in a ULIP Plan?

    Common myths of a ULIP plan are:

    Myth 1: ULIPs are costly due to multiple inherent charges

    Myth 2: ULIPs are risky financial instruments

    Myth 3: ULIPs do not allow investment of surplus funds

    Myth 4: ULIPs allow continuation

    Myth 5: Market volatility reduces life cover

    Myth 6: Health and accident cover is not provided in ULIPs

    Myth 7: ULIPs offer low returns

  • What is ULIP NAV?

    ULIP NAV refers to the Net Asset Value of a Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP). It is a measure of the value of a single unit of the ULIP fund. The NAV of a ULIP is calculated by dividing the total value of the assets held in the fund by the total number of units issued.
  • How to determine the future value of your ULIP investment?

    Insurance companies offer a ULIP calculator that assists you in determining the necessary coverage or benefits. The ULIP calculator aids in estimating the future value of an investment. 

    The investors can enter the following information to determine the most suitable policy:

    • Amount you wish to invest (monthly/yearly/one-time)

    • Policy tenure (for which you wish to stay invested)

    • Periodic investment period (for which you wish to pay premiums)

    • Expected rate of return

    By entering these specifics, the investors can analyze projected investment growth to choose a preferred plan.

  • What is the Difference between ULIP vs Traditional Plan?

    Feature ULIPs Traditional Plan
    Investment & Insurance components Combines investment and insurance into a single product Separates investment and insurance into different products
    Investment options Offers a range of investment options such as equity, debt, or balanced funds Usually limited to fixed or guaranteed return options
    Flexibility and Control Allows policyholders to switch between different investment options or make partial withdrawals Offers limited flexibility and control
    Risk and Returns Offers higher potential returns but comes with higher risk due to investment component Offers lower potential returns but comes with lower risk
    Tax Benefits Offers tax benefits on both the investment and insurance components Provides tax benefits only on the insurance component
  • What Type of Funds Do ULIP Plans Include?

    Common types of funds available with their risk characteristics are:
    • Cash (Liquid) Funds: A type of mutual fund that invests in short-term debt instruments.
    • Debt Funds: Mutual funds invest primarily in fixed income securities.
    • Equity Funds: Mutual funds that invest primarily in stocks or equities.
    • Balanced or Hybrid Funds: Mutual funds that invest in a combination of debt and equity.

*All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C Apply
Tax benefit is subject to changes in tax laws
~Source - Google Review Rating available on:- http://bit.ly/3J20bXZ
^^The information relating to mutual funds presented in this article is for educational purpose only and is not meant for sale. Investment is subject to market risks and the risk is borne by the investor. Please consult your financial advisor before planning your investments.


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