How to Change Nominee in LIC Online

Are you confused about how to change the nominee in LIC online? If yes, then this article is for you. You are required to declare a nominee every time you buy an insurance policy. However, there can be some unavoidable reasons after policy purchase wherein you are required to change your nominee. In such a case, you need to take proper steps to make sure your new nominee will receive the policy benefits. So, how do you do that? What are the documents required? Find all the information in this article.

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How to Change nominee in LIC Online: Full Process:

Changing the nominee in LIC policy is straightforward. Also, you can make this change multiple times during your policy term. All policies that have a sum insured below Rupees 755,000 are eligible for free cancellations or changes of nomination. From the second time, however, there is a charge involved.

Here is what you need to do to change the nominee in your LIC policy:

  • You need to notify the Life Insurance Corporation of India by filing form 3750. 
  • You must endorse the nomination. 

Documents required for nominee change:

The below-mentioned documents are a must when changing the nominee in a LIC policy:

  • Form 3750
  • The relationship proof between the policyholder and the person being nominated.
  • Policy contract (for endorsement).
  • The LIC policy photocopy

Note: Policies that have a sum assured of Rupees 75,000 or more come with a charge of Rupees 50 for change of nomination, cancellation, or first nomination. This charge applies to all electronic policies. For non-electronically availed policy, this charge is Rupees 100. 

Is It Possible to Change the Nominee in LIC Policy Online?

With LIC's e-services, you can now go through your policy details online. Through the portal, you can view your claim status and policy status. You can even pay your premiums online. However, the option to change the nominee in LIC policy online is not yet available. 

It is advisable to make changes to your nominee declarations or changes in person in front of the agent. So, we would advise visiting your nearest branch for the same. 

Nominee Change Reasons

From personal to situational, there can be several reasons why you may be required to change the nominee in your LIC policy. Mentioned below are some of the common ones:

  1. Personal Reasons:

    • The unfortunate demise of your nominee.
    • Family quarrel where the nominee is no longer a part of your family, and you do not want to be associated with him/her. 
    • You made the decision quickly, and you think someone else should be the nominee. 
    • You have met someone special and want to nominate them in place of the former nominee. 
  2. Other reasons:

    • The nominee's name is incorrect, and you want to change it. 
    • You may have missed filling in the correct relationship details with the nominee, and now you want to correct it. 
    • The nominee's birth date/month/year is incorrect and needs to be changed. 

What to Remember When Changing Nominee in LIC Policy

Changing the nominee in LIC policy must be done with utmost care. You need to keep in mind the below-mentioned things:

  • Make sure you have provided the full name of the nominee as mentioned in the official documents like driving license and passport. Also, make sure that the age and address are correctly mentioned. You also need to specify the relationship between the policyholder and the nominee correctly. 
  • For a minor nominee, you need to make sure that the appointee details are also specified. This is because the minor cannot get the claim and needs someone above 18 years of age to do so. Appointee details like full name, address, age, relationship with the nominee, gender, and required documents must be submitted. 
  • Once the application to change the nomination has been filed, the policyholder must receive a written acknowledgment from the insurance company.
  • You can also add Successive/Alternate nominations for the single or joint-life of the minor. 

Note Down These Things While Doing the Nominee Change

Before changing the nominee, do not forget these things:

  • The policyholder's lifetime does not give the nominee any right to modify the policy or take control of it.
  • If the nominee declared by the policyholder dies after the policyholder's death, but before the amount paid by the insurer, the said amount will be paid to the legal representatives of the nominee.

Final Word

Changing the nominee in LIC policy may not be possible yet, but that does not mean you should take the process. Make sure you read and understand form 3750 because that is where you will provide all the necessary details regarding the nominee change. Also, make sure you are clear about your relationship with the new nominee; otherwise, you may have to face the trouble of changing the details again.

Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.

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