LIC occupies the largest share of the market in the insurance space in India. Driving this enormous business is its strong sales force comprising of over 13.5 Lakhs sales agents. The excellence of the top sales agents in the insurance sales domain gets recognized on a global level at the million-dollar round table (MDRT). LIC has been driven to create more MDRT agents that bring international reputation to the corporation.

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What is MDRT?

MDRT stands for million-dollar round table. It was founded in 1927 as a globally recognized, standalone association of the world’s top-selling insurance agents and financial services professionals. It started as a meet between professionals who had made Rs.10 Lakhs worth of life insurance sales in their countries. Individuals are recognized from over 500 organizations across 70 nations globally for their contribution towards exemplary customer service while maintaining the highest ethical standards.  

MDRT fosters the talents shown by the best-performing life insurance agents and dedicates itself to building a network of members that use high-standard, professional approaches to insurance sales. MDRT currently accounts for over 50,000 of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services sales professionals.


In the last year, LIC engaged over 3.5 Lakh new insurance sales agents taking their total salesforce to around 13.5 Lakhs. LIC has undertaken initiatives to introduce several reforms and professional development schemes for its life insurance sales agents. As such, the productivity of their agents is witnessing an increasing trend. Notably, LIC has surpassed its previously recorded First Year Premium Income to achieve the highest ever of Rs.56, 406 Crores in FY 2020-21 under its Individual Assurance Business. 

The impressive performance by LIC despite the challenging times surrounding COVID-19 can be attributed to leading performances by its best-selling life insurance agents. LIC rewards its best performers through commissions and recognitions at global platforms. 

Qualifying LIC life insurance agents who have demonstrated exceptional work ethic and client service are recognized as members of the MDRT or the million-dollar round table. These professionals can learn from the expertise of esteemed leaders in the MDRT board membership and hone their skills. It is noteworthy that in FY 2020-21, LIC created a pool of nearly 16,564 MDRT qualifiers; this is the highest ever recorded in the history of the corporation. Further, LIC has been consistently recording a high number of MDRT qualifying life insurance sales agents every year. 

LIC agents can further qualify for two different levels, viz. court of the table (COT) and top of the Table (TOT). These levels require LIC life insurance agents to earn commissions higher than that required to qualify for MDRT.

Perks of Becoming an MDRT Agent in LIC

Here’s why life insurance agents at LIC strive to be a member of the MDRT. 

  • It opens up several avenues for future growth in terms of income and job prospects. 

  • It comes with opportunities to attend exclusive events held globally. 

  • Member can interact and network with leading finance professionals across the world and learn from their expertise. 

  • The opportunity to be a member acts as a motivating factor that subsequently leads to increased sales and higher commissions. 

  • Membership at the MDRT could potentially mean access to high net worth individuals that can lead to bigger opportunities with better pay. 

  • It offers permits for international training and professional development programs. 

Eligibility Conditions for LIC Agents to Qualify for MDRT 

If you are a life insurance sales agent at LIC and if you are looking to qualify for the MDRT membership, you shall have to meet certain criteria. The latest ones are:

MDRT Qualification Requirements

  • First Year Commission - Rs.7,34,200

  • First Year Premium - Rs.29,36,800

  • Annual Income - Rs.12,71,600

Court of Table (COT) Qualification Requirements

  • First Year Commission - Rs.22,02,600

  • First Year Premium - Rs.88,10,400

  • Annual Income - Rs.38,14,800

Top of Table (TOT) Qualification Requirements

  • First Year Commission - Rs.44,05,200

  • First Year Premium - Rs.1,76,20,800

  • Annual Income - Rs.76,29,600

Please note that the qualification requirements are subject to changes as per the discretion of the MDRT Board of Leadership. Further, you only need to meet these criteria if you are leveling up, say from MDRT to COT/TOT or from COT to TOT. If you are applying for the same level for which you have met the previous year’s requirements, you do not have to meet updated requirements again.

How to Apply for Membership to the MDRT?

  • Visit the official website of MDRT.

  • Click on ‘Join.’

  • Under ‘View membership requirements for’, select India. 

  • Go through the production requirements. 

  • Download the relevant forms.

  • Submit the following documents:

    • Official letter from LIC that verifies your reported production 

    • Commission and premium certifying forms

    • Income from

  • Click on ‘Apply for Membership.’

  • Pay the requisite membership fee as per the level that you are applying to. It can range from USD 550 to USD 1,100. 

Summing it Up

MDRT is an excellent way to promote a sense of meaning to the jobs of these agents and drive them to perform better. Moreover, by introducing such initiatives,life insurance space in India can take a step to control the attritions.Every life insurance agent is advised to work towards being a member of MDRT, given the wide-ranging career development opportunities it offers.


  • How is MDRT different from COT and TOT?

    Ans. COT and TOT are leveled up from MDRT. The production requirements increase with each level, the lowest being for MDRT and the highest for TOT. TOT is considered the most elite level with only the finest life insurance sales advisors. 
  • How does one qualify for MDRT?

    Ans. You will have to submit proof of production equal to or greater than the minimum criteria set forth by the organization. You may be asked to submit a letter from your employer justifying the production reported by you. 
  • What is the deadline to apply for MDRT membership?

    Ans. The deadline is the 1st of March of the membership year that you are applying for. You will have to pay an additional fine of USD 200 to submit your application post-March one. Note that the organization does not accept applications after 31st December. 
  • How long does the MDRT membership last?

    Ans. Membership lasts for one year only and needs to be renewed every year.
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