LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has been catering to the needs of its customers for nearly 65 years. The company aims at providing a diverse range of insurance plans to satisfy its customers' life stage financial goals. There are various products under LIC Insurance Plans, and one of the most beneficial plans is New Endowment Plan.

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LIC Endowment Policy offers an admirable combination of savings and protection features. This plan provides financial coverage to the family and fulfils any financial requirements during unfortunate circumstances. This plan is beneficial as it offers a lump sum amount during the period of maturity and also looks after the family's liquidity needs through loan options. The plan offers other additional benefits which the policyholders can avail themselves of at their convenience.

What is the LIC Calculator?

LIC has introduced a tech-abled and user-friendly tool for its customers to evaluate the premium charges to be paid, and the insurer's maturity value is assured to pay. Before purchasing a particular policy, it is crucial to have an insight into the maturity sum assured and the premium charges of the plan. The official insurers make the LIC calculator accessible to the policy seekers in order to get an overview of the product list. Usually, the LIC calculator asks for the required credentials to evaluate the maturity sum and premium charges accordingly. Those details are as follows:

  • Plan’s Name
  • Age of the policy seeker
  • Sum Assured
  • Premium Paying Term
  • Policy Term
  • Additional Benefits (dependable)

This tool is an easy and time-saving form of evaluating the premium charges and maturity sum, which aids the customers in future planning and committing to a specific plan. After filling in all the required details, the calculator will show a rough value based on which customers can review and compare plans they desire to purchase. The evaluated charges are rounded to an approximate value, and this value can change when the insurer goes into details about an individual's background.

LIC Endowment Plan Maturity Benefit

The Endowment Plan of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) provides a bunch of benefits for the customers. These benefits describe the plan's credibility and maximize the policyholder's money for the future requirements of their family.

The maturity benefit of the LIC Endowment Plan states that if the policyholder or the life assured survives the policy term, which is given in the product details. On surviving the official policy tenure, the policyholder will get a sum assured by the insurer on maturity, which includes vested reversionary bonuses and additional bonuses, if any applicable. This Maturity Sum Assured is equal to Basic Sum Assured in LIC Endowment Plan.

How is the Maturity Calculated in the LIC Endowment Plan?

The sum, which is guaranteed at the time of maturity, is categorized under the Paid-Up Value of the LIC Endowment Plan. The sum assured during term maturity is reduced to a sum called Maturity Paid-Up Sum Assured. Under the paid-up policy, this amount will be equal to the basic sum guaranteed at the time of maturity multiplied by the ratio of the total frequency premium charges which have been already paid to the maximum tenure for which premium charges are originally payable. 

For instance, 

Basic Sum Assured= X

Periods Premiums have been paid= a

Original Tenure of Premium Payments= b

Maturity Paid-Up Sum Assured= X (a : b)

The insurer will pay the Maturity Paid-Up Sum Assured along with simple reversionary bonuses and final additional bonuses (if any) at the time of maturity. That means:

Total Maturity Amount = Maturity Paid-Up Sum Assured + Simple reversionary bonuses + Final Additional Bonuses (if any)

This considerable lump sum of money assured by the insurer is lucrative for the customers to invest in this specific plan. This sum of money helps the policyholders in other financial crises and maximizes the money as per their convenience.

LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator

LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator is an online and user-friendly tool that evaluates an approximate amount of maturity value of the policy. The tool helps the customers get an overview of the maturity value assured by the insurer to get an inclusive insight about the product details and reliability of the plan. The LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator asks for specific credentials required for the evaluation of the maturity sum assured. These credentials are:

  • Sum Assured in the Plan: Minimum Sum assured in the LIC Endowment Policy is Rs. 10 lakhs, and the Maximum Sum has no limits.
  • Premium Payment Term:Minimum premium paying term is 12 years, and the maximum paying term is 35 years.
  • Date of Purchase:This asks for the customers' date of purchasing the plan to evaluate the date of maturity. The maximum maturity age of the plan is when the customers reach 75 years of age or nearer their birthday.

After filling the credentials, the LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator will evaluate the reasonably approximate amount of the maturity amount that the customer will receive at the time of maturity. The LIC Endowment Plan Return amounts are free of tax charges.

Benefits of LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator

LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator helps the policy seekers and the policyholders in many ways of calculating the maturity amount, determining the suitability of the plan, affordability, and credibility. This tool is helpful for LIC customers and especially for policyholders of the LIC Endowment Plan. The benefits of the LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator that shall be mentioned are:

  • Easy and Quick Evaluation: The LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator helps the clients evaluate the maturity amount without manual labour and in a quick way.
  • Efficiency: The calculator provides a fairly approximate maturity amount, which helps the customers with further planning.
  • Easier Analysis: The LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator helps in analysing the policy details and benefits.
  • Error-free: The possible mistakes in manual evaluation become negligible with using the LIC Endowment Maturity Policy Calculator.
  • Comparison: With the help of the calculator, the policy seekers can easily contrast and compare their desires and benefits of different policies under LIC Life Insurance Plans.

How to use LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator?

The premium charges and maturity amount of the Endowment Policy will differ from one individual to another. This change usually depends on the sum assured and the policy tenure. The LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator will evaluate the maturity amount according to the data the customers feed it. The steps which a customer needs to follow for using the calculator:

Step 1: Visit the official LIC portal. (

Step 2: Click on the "Customer Services" section

Step 3: Search for LIC Calculator

Step 4: Fill in the required credentials like plan’s name, sum assured, policy term, starting date.

Step 5: Click “Submit”.

Step 6: The maturity value and the premium charged will be shown accordingly.

Step 7: The calculator will show the sum assured amount, total bonus amount, and maturity date under the maturity value section.

Over to you

The LIC Endowment Policy Maturity Calculator will help the customers in planning their maturity amount accordingly, and the clients will find whether the plan is appropriate to their requirements or not. This online tool will evaluate the amount that the customers can easily spend on their financial liquidities. Such a lump sum of money at the time of maturity is lucrative to an already beneficial plan.

LIC has been serving reliable services to its customers for years now. These easy-to-use and helpful tools which the insurer introduces increases the credibility of the company. This kind of tool makes the customers recheck assured amounts or charges, and they don't need to rely on some external sources to get the knowledge of the products.


Disclaimer: Policybazaar does not endorse, rate, or recommend any insurer or insurance product offered by an insurer.


*The investment risk in the investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder.

**All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Standard T&C applies.

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