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Unique And Modern Indian Baby Girl Names And Meanings 2024

Your baby girl is a dream, a gift and a blessing. And as parents, selecting the perfect name for your little one can be exciting yet challenging. Discovering unique Indian baby girl names and their meaning is essential for parents seeking to embrace their cultural heritage while providing a special identity to their daughters. With diverse languages, traditions, and cultures across India, there exists a vast horizon of beautiful and meaningful names to choose from. Let's read on to know more about the diverse, beautiful Indian baby girl names, along with their meanings here.

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Best Indian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a deeply personal and meaningful decision. Whether drawn to Hindu mythological and Sanskrit names or seeking something modern, here is an especially curated baby name list with the most unique and modern 100 Indian baby girl names with meanings to inspire and assist you in finding the perfect name for your little one.

  1. Baby Girl Names Starting With A

    Aadhira - The Bright Moon

    Aarohi - Musical Notes

    Amara - An Immortal Being

    Anika - Goddess Durga

    Aaradhya - Worshipping something sacred.

    Advika - Unique, One of a kind

    Aadhaya - First power

    Aaheli - Pure and Chaste
    Aanchal - Protective Shelter
    Anusri - Glorious, Famous

    Aabheri - A raaga in Indian music

    Aamaya - The rain showered at night

  2. Baby Girl Names Starting With B

    Bhavika - Cheerful expression

    Bhavya - Grand, splendid

    Bhoomi - Mother Earth

    Bhavitha - Another name for Goddess Durga
    Bipasha - Name of a river

    Bandhavi - A companion

    Banditha - Praised, Thanking, Adored

  3. Baby Girl Names Starting With C

    Chaitali - Born in the month of Chaitra, springtime

    Charvi - Beautiful, charming

    Chitra - Picture, painting

    Chhaaya - The Shadow

    Chakrika - A name of Goddess Lakshmi
    Chahat - A Liking Towards Something/Someone
    Charmika - Beautiful and Charming
    Citrali - A Wonderful Lady

  4. Baby Girl Names Starting With D

    Darshini - The Sight/vision

    Dhriti - Courage, determination

    Dharini - Another name for Earth

    Dakshana - Refers to Sweetness 

    Darpanika - A small mirror

    Debarprita - Render of the God

    Devanya - Goddess Lakshmi

    Dhisana - Immense Knowledge

  5. Baby Girl Names Starting With E

    Ekanta - Devoted to One Aim

    Eisha - Goddess Parvati

    Ekanshi - Single Wish

    Eshani - Goddess Parvati

    Eilin - Champion, Winner

    Ekajata - With A Single Twisted Lock Of Hair

    Eshna - A Desire/Wish

  6. Baby Girl Names Starting With F

    Fiza - Breeze; Nature

    Fanitha - Devoted to God; Spiritual

    Falaq - The Horizon; Sky

    Falguni - The day of the full Moon in the Hindu month of Phaalgun, which falls between February and March

    Foolan - The Process of Flowering 

    Feshikha - A Princess

  7. Baby Girl Names Starting With G

    Girija - Daughter of the mountains; Goddess Parvati

    Geetika - A small song, Melodious

    Gaurika - Beloved daughter; Beautiful and charming

    Greeshma - Warmth; Summer season

    Gayatri - The Chant of Salvation; Mother of Gods

    Gagana - The Limitless Sky

    Gargi - An ancient scholar

    Gauhar - A Timeless Pearl

    Gauryanvi - Who makes proud

  8. Baby Girl Names Starting With H

    Hiya - The Pure Heart

    Hiral - Wealthy and Prosperous

    Hritvi - Mother Earth

    Hanvika - Gold, A Peacock, Light

    Harinakshi - Someone who is Doe-eyed

    Harsika - Laughter/Cheerfulness

    Harnoor - A gift from God

    Hashika - Smiling and Cheerful

    Hasrat - A Desire or Want

    Hemagni - Goddess Saraswati, Golden body

    Hemanti - The Approaching of Early Winter

    Hetal - A very friendly person

    Hithika - A Calm Morning

    Harleena - Thinking of God all the time

  9. Baby Girl Names Starting With I

    Ivaniya - Someone who is confident and bold

    Ishani - Consort of Lord Shiva; Goddess Parvati

    Idika - Another name for Earth

    Ikshana - The powerful vision

    Ilvika - Defending the earth

    Ira - Earth, Muse

    Ishmika - A Beautiful Dream

    Ishya - The Spring Season

    Itishree - The Start of a Process 

    Ivanshika - Grace of God

    Ichchha - Desire/Wish

    Ipshita - Something That You Have Wished

    Ilakshi - Very Beautiful Eyes

  10. Baby Girl Names Starting With J

    Janya - Born; Created

    Jhalak - Glimpse; Sparkle

    Jagvi - Someone/something that is worldly

    Jaipriya - Beloved of victory

    Jaishree - Honour of victory

    Jaitvati - Bearer of victory

    Jaivika - Very Pure in nature

    Jaashwi - Proud of self

    Jashmitha - Someone who is all smiles

    Jayitri - Someone who is victorious

    Jyotsna - Bright as the moonlight

    Jushti - Full of love

  11. Baby Girl Names Starting With K

    Kaira - Very Peaceful

    Kavya - Poetry

    Kysha - Precious, Princess

    Kashvi - Someone/Something Shining

    Kairavi - The Moonlight

    Kalpita - The Imagined

    Kamakhya - Another name for Goddess Durga

    Kanan - An enchanting garden/forest

    Kanchan - Gold/Golden

    Kaneeka - Present in every atom

    Khyath - Someone who is very famous

  12. Baby Girl Names Starting With L

    Lavanya - Beauty, grace

    Lavisha - Someone With Beautiful Clothing

    Lipika - Idea, Imagination

    Lakshetha - Someone who is distinguished

    Lapita - Purely Spoken

    Leesha - Of Noble sort

    Likhitha - Someone who is studious

    Linisha - Someone who is intelligent

    Lumbika - A musical instrument

    Laksheta - Someone who is distinguished

  13. Baby Girl Names Starting With M

    Megha - Cloud

    Myra - Sweet, Admirable

    Mahika - The soft drops of dew

    Maanya - Someone who is honoured

    Mahikaa - Earth, Dew, Mist

    Madhuja - Made of honey

    Mahi - Heaven and Earth conjoined

    Mahua - Intoxicating flower

    Maitra - Friendly

    Manjyot - Light of the mind

    Mayuri - A beautiful Peahen/Female peacock

    Mythilli - Princess of Mithila

    Madhuja - Made of Honey

  14. Baby Girl Names Starting With N

    Niranjana - Flawless; Goddess Durga

    Nishka - Honest; Pure

    Nivritti - Detachment; Renunciation

    Natania - Gift of God

    Nadantika - A river in ancient India

    Naima - Belonging to one

    Naisha - Someone/something very special

    Nakshathra - A bright star

    Namrata - Of a modest nature

    Nidhima - Treasure or Wealth

    Nischala - Steady mind

    Nischita - With Confidence

    Nishanthi - The whole world

    Niyutsa - A Mighty Warrior

    Nyshita - Very dedicated

  15. Baby Girl Names Starting With O

    Oorja - Energy; Power

    Oishi - Someone/something Divine

    Ojal - The Vision

    Ojeeta - Born in the month of Falgun

    Omisha - Goddess of birth & death

    Oorvashi - An Angel

    Oviyamathi - Moon art

    Oorvi - Another name for Earth

    Oorjitha - Someone who is powerful

    Olena - All Ominous; Light

    Omaira - A Bright Star

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  16. Baby Girl Names Starting With P

    Pranavi - Goddess Parvati; Namaste

    Pavitra - Purity, Holy

    Palaksi - As Bright As The White Colour

    Pakhi - A Bird

    Pallavi - New Leaves

    Paramita - Of Wisdom And Knowledge

    Parina - Someone Very Smart

    Parimala - Fragment, Fragrance, Beautiful Smell

    Parineeta - Expert, Complete

    Parineeti - Beauty, Fairy

    Parthana - A Prayer

    Patralekha - A name from ancient epics

    Pernitha - Answered prayer

  17. Baby Girl Names Starting With Q

    Qadira - Powerful; Capable

    Qainaat - Universe

    Qismat - Fate

    Qushi - Happy

    Qaima - Bestower

    Qamara - Moon

    Qiya - To flow

    Qahira - Woman who outshines others

  18. Baby Girl Names Starting With R

    Renee - To be Reborn

    Rishita - One who is accomplished

    Rajul - Brilliant

    Raha - Route, Way

    Rakshita - Protector

    Rakti - Pleasing

    Ramya - Delightful

    Riddhima - Full of prosperity/love

    Reneeka - An enchanting song

    Revanthi - Someone Beautiful

    Rhitu - Season

    Rituparna - Leafy season

    Rudhi - With Fame

    Rutuja - Queen Of Seasons

  19. Baby Girl Names Starting With S

    Samaira - Goddess of Beauty

    Shayna - Someone very pretty

    Saachi - Happiness, fortune, good luck

    Saivi - Very prosperous in nature

    Sana - Praise, Prayer

    Sansiddhi - Perfection, Success

    Shreeya - Goddess Lakshmi, Auspicious, Prosperity, Pratham

    Suchi - Pure, Worthy

    Shrestha - Of Utmost Perfection

    Svikrti - Acceptance

    Swarna - Gold

    Swastika - A Holy Symbol In Hindu Scriptures

  20. Baby Girl Names Starting With T

    Tanvi - Goddess of Beauty; Delicate

    Twisha - Brightness; Ray of light

    Tara - Star; Goddess of the star

    Tanisha - Fairy queen, Ambition, Goddess of physique

    Tanvi/Tanvee - Slender

    Tanseem - Salute of paradise

    Teesta - A river

    Tanmayi - Concentration

    Trayi - Intellect

    Treya - Walking in three paths

    Tvisha - Someone Bright

    Trinetra - Goddess Durga

    Triparna - Leaf of sacred Bael

    Taani - Encouragement, Faith

    Takshi - Eyes like a pigeon

  21. Baby Girl Names Starting With U

    Uthara - Superior

    Udita - One who has risen; Elevated

    Utpala - Lotus

    Udipti - Fire

    Urjika - Energy

    Urjita - Powerful

    Urmi - Wave

    Utkarsha - Proud

    Utsaah - Encourage

    Utsavi - Festivities

    Uttama - Best, Excellent

    Udvaha - Daughter

    Umika - Goddess Parvati

    Unnati - Progress

    Urishilla - Excellent

    Urmi - Wave

  22. Baby Girl Names Starting With V

    Vanya - Forest; Gracious Gift of God

    Vrishti - Rain; Showers of Blessings

    Vaneesa - Pure

    Vamakshi - Beautiful eyes

    Vandita - Praised

    Vibhasri - Goddess of Health

    Vibhuti - Great personality

    Vilina - Dedicated

    Vrushika - Love of eye
    Vyusti - The first gem of dawn, Beauty

  23. Baby Girl Names Starting With W

    Wardha - A Rose

    Warhi - Name of God Durga

    Wriddhi - Achievement

    Writu - Season

    Wamika - Goddess Durga

    Waheeda - Unique, Singular, Beautiful

    Warsha - Rain
    Watsala - One who is affectionate and loving

  24. Baby Girl Names Starting With X

    Xiva - A celestial beauty of Hindu mythology

    Xenia - Welcoming 

    Xami - Everything Known

    Xiti - One who is graceful

  25. Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

    Yashita - Fame, Success

    Yuvika - Young woman, Princess

    Yashmita - Success, Prosperity

    Yachna - A Wishful Request

    Yadvi - Queen, One who is vast and powerful

    Yathika - Name of Goddess Durga

    Yami - Twinkling Star

    Yashi - Glory

    Yukthi - Power

    Yahvi - Heaven

  26. Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

    Zarna - Gold, Of value

    Zayna - Grace

    Zahira - Shining, Luminous

    Zaara - In Flower

    Zarna - Small stream of sweet water

    Zeenat - Beauty

    Ziya - Enlightened, Splendour, Light

    Zoha - Morning Light, Sunrise

    Zalak - One with a deep desire in the heart

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